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    Anonymous.... Its sad that your channel got deleted by you, but you re right.... Very right. There no point of hacking it if some don't understand, Kefir fixes it update by update, or some are just psychopaths like you said, they are just waiting for you to make mod, update script and in most situation, they cant do it. For me, most of your hacks worked well, infinite objects is a big success and i dont think it will be patched fast, its your first hack that gets done automatically and its great, now i am more ready for gameplay like normal person would. I hope you will update script if most of these will be patched... You don't have to update everything, i don't even think you should. For me, all you can update sometimes is unlimited objects, gas tank, gas fork, chopper wheels, one kind of food, water, heat sensor and thats all. Who needs more? Eventually, some crates can find place like explorer pack. Thanks for being with us for long time and helping.... Happily, i remember how to hack and there are other youtubers that uses your methods, so i am fine in there. Stay determined and be cool mate. I believe in you. Oh, and actually, i think replying to those who don't know how to hack with lua script, its not needed anymore, there no such a option how to. Cya
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    I wish I can help you find value colors in your chipset. Value colors in chipset 400-425 is 589831, type dword, memory range bad (B). Try your luck find that value in training ground. Maybe it is same. After find some results value of 589831, edit the value, increase and decrease, example edit to 589832. Value colors same as wh value, you need 2 value to make it works perfect fullbody colors. If value colors is same, I will help you in the next steps.
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    bro error dawnload link pubg 0.7
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    Here it is Link-http://www.mediafire.com/file/98ubellvpzk9uhq/PUBG+MOBILE_V0.7.0.apk
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    Learn lua and programming, and then decode the script using knowledge and the brain. There is no special type of encryption.
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    Doesn't work just causes game to crash. None of the functions work and bullet tracking just crashes.
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    Nevermind I see the issue
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    I get game dead everytime i load the script then turn on wifi ps i use forcr close fix still game dead .. help pls
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    What if you don't get 1st place on the first race will that break the function?. Will it still work if you get 1st on the second or third race? Cause my racing skills are bad like really bad
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    hey could you please update the script.
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    The new zone hack is a cool feature but I think it's getting unsafe for a ban possibly.
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    I made my own new update and bypassed the cheat detect plugin, go look for your own mod apk ?
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    Every wanna be is uploading the old 9345 build as a new 9347 build, check the download site with virus total to know the apk version, and please no scamm we are not fools.
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    7 accounts have been banded jus in 1 hour today... all scripts are Expired and i think pubg mod have to be update.. last night manytimes pubg crashed and this morning i got band 7 times.. if you cannot creat good script then dont make yourself like an idiot...
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    Wh not yet stable, no recoil is works with new code and new method. Hs is pretty works. Aimbot not yet found.
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    I have sumsung j7-duo Wall hack not working I think Wallhack working on snapdragon process only _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later I have sumsung j7-duo Wall hack not working I think Wallhack working on snapdragon process only
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    Will try. Well congratulations on your first script.
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    just take my free script so everyone knows that your youtube channel is trash, I subscribe to your channel You made a video about how to find hacking. but you are leecher? so you hacks finder or leechers , lmao
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    Lmao Nice Leech From Chikri (Me)
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    high view kill not working ....
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    Sometime enemy no die, if i shoot it
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    Lol, did you write all of those 13789 lines manually or by copying&pasting blocks of code? I am asking, because you could achieve same result using loops, amount of code would be reduced tremendously in this case.
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    Hi Egor, thanks for the contribution man, any way you can upload that APK on another site?
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    Try to use this version: script.lua @Enyby can you please replace "cleaned" version of the script from my post above to this one? I have not considered that author (whoever he is) developed some very strange non-working "main loop". I refactored it to some working one. Also did a quick test, all menus were accessible. UPD: fixed some obvious mistakes, removed even more redundant parts. script_final.lua Found one funny "proof" of how good is coding skill of those "pubg script writers" (check the call to gg.editAll function).
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    Hence why I'm not touching this game. It's just an invitation to get everyone banned. All set.
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    Yep, its logged in shadow log ?
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    No grass or bullet tracking detected
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    the infinite object script works great in 1.8.2...the bad news? anonymous' youtube channel is gone/deactivated/deleted etc., etc. ? EDIT: the good thing is that downloaded most of his vids...so it can be a reference point...and, no i won't post them
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    all the hacks of 1.7.12 are working very well I would say that perfect, recently I made the hack in 3 accounts for some friends and none is failing. activate slow camera and very good observation and they will be successful. ?
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    changing the pointer of the atv for that of a chest. it requires time the hack the best is to relax and do not worry about that. with the correct update maybe it is repaired alone.
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    how did you found weather changer...
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    no work. . . 1. Open the game 2. Go Hero section (Zilong) 3. Execute the script 4. Chose Zilong hero 5. Exit. Check atribute , there is not any change to atribute... hmmmmm.
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