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    for _=1, #Menu - 0.5 do if _ % 2 == 1 then -- ... end end is identical to for _ = 1, #Menu - 0.5, 2 do -- ... end but second option is more effective and clear.
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    Watch on YouTube: 73.0: Formula calculator - GameGuardian
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    Have you tried it at least? I highly doubt that searching for 500 consecutive addresses and editing all of them to one value can noticeably slow down your script. So are you sure that it does not suffice because of performance reasons? As pointed out above, editing values one-by-one in a loop is very inefficient. This approach should be used instead, if simple one with fuzzy search does not suffice: Example of implementing it: local startAddress = 0x12340000 local count = 500 local editValue = '555444' local values = {} for i = 1, count do values[i] = {address = startAddress; flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD; value = editValue} startAddress = startAddress + 4 end gg.setValues(values)
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    Name of Game: The OutlivedPlay Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.herogame.gplay.theoutlived&hl=enVersion: 1.0.11What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: AnythingHave you tried cheating this game? No
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: How to speed up search - GameGuardian
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    With hide toolbar: Is this height enough for you, or would you like to see more? For example, by hiding the tab bar. Something like this draft: Vote.
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    i search the hp goto up in rditor change the level vaslue ,the stats go up freese the level and be god lol, you need freese the value if not freese not go, and be careful not put high value we will be banned , i been baned i not know what but with this values low not be until now,
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    Thank you very much SIR! I have modified the 10 Gold in daily rewards. However, it's only visual and I edited the value itself. I think it should have been "add to value, do not replace", but I'm not sure. It still gave me 10 gold after editing value and claimed it. No luck. Anyway, thanks in advance! I'll be waiting for the hack!
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    Version 1.0.1


    im so sorry for my previews I apologize for the previous version, but in the future I will fix it again

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