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  1. Can't change encrypted value for money in Star Nomad 2 (#8cdh1lmf)
  2. Double any value you want to search and edit (Dword). If price is 250. Search 500. Basically set prices to negative. Then search and edit value to sell it back. Edit: So when buying something. Click the item. If price is 61, search dword. 32;122::9 Then 122. Edit with increment edit of 2. Then move the slider and back to 1. You'll see price for one, double that value is the value in your gg list. Uncheck it and revert and delete the rest. Edit to something like -2000000000. Move slider, you won't see a price. Buy, profit. Do the same exact process for selling. Except you edit to positive 2000000000 and sell.
  3. NoFear


    Fairly certain this game is well protected. I would trigger errors to modifying time on interactions.
  4. I am not good with unrandomizer.... But can check it this game. What you trying to edit?
  5. Flawless. Interesting encryption, possible hex related. Curious, exceeding certain value break the save? Or breaking proper Encryption?
  6. Happy Halloween everyone. Enjoy
  7. 12,337;3,158,065;12,337;3,158,065::25 If 0 results, close and open game again. This is for shop. When you goto address (if string rep is enable) you'll see what it is. Enjoy. (45byte is - )
  8. Value x100 or x1000? Tried that?
  9. @Dj-jom2x You are an example of exactly why I tell anyone that asks how to encrypt script or why I don't encrypt my scripts. I'm not saying it to be mean, it's just proving my point ? Well done. People should look into Xscript to truly protect their work.
  10. Yes. You can have all books. Little more complex though
  11. Well done. I didn't edit directly. I was editing prices in shop to pay me.
  12. Stats did not stay, no. Yes, I added stats that didn't exist to the weapon. You can add high end weapons or gear that will save. If I remember right, weapon stats are float. But they won't always be as they appear. Might be off a little.
  13. Lol. I did that too when I was trying initially.
  14. Focus on rewards. Modify reward to be a weapon or item instead of holy water or basic currency.
  15. Utf8 There is the gems hint. ?
  16. Diamonds can be hacked and saved without ban or detection. I don't think you can do wrong like 2123456789... But can definitely add a decent qty
  17. Save "corruption" is cheat detection. And yes, gg only was all I needed.
  18. Xor is just an Encryption. This game takes 2 dword values, makes one the key and the other the value. If you read about xor Encryption, might help you to understand.
  19. My script seems to be safe still.
  20. This is possible option. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/asphalt-9-legends-no-ai.20539/
  21. 2 lines below double is key. 2 lines below that is xor value
  22. Also read comment above yours. That's method before timer starts. If you copy the value that you think is xor key, you can use known value and calculate it to confirm, yes, this is the xor value.
  23. You must be the same one commenting on YouTube. I'll reply here for the timer.
  24. Know what... Might be il2cpp games. Offset of lib in memory and in file always the same.
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