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  1. Hmm, why did u failed ? You can also message me ob Telegram : t.me/TopGEO
  2. if you still did not find way , PM me . ill give u paid key for translation which my linux uses , come PM and ill give u link ... u will send anything u want and u will get translated (u can do by gg.makeRequest) .
  3. its copy paste of my Morse Encoder/Decoder . this decoder is by me . also another things are by me in ur script . also in description ur "Iɴғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ" is copy of mine .... seriously?
  4. hmm , I think u know meaning of decrypting script well .
  5. heh , this words are sharing aggression for protecting urself or just avoiding responsibility if its responsable stuff for u . I just wanted to tell for developers that don't use it seriously for their script :)) i hope u will hide ur emotion well next time.
  6. hmm , may be u misunderstood. such thing like compiler contains many localed variables , loop implementations and else what make harder to read opcode by decompiler . well , I did not mean decrypting decompiler , I meant that encrypted script with it can be fully decrypted. and as I noticed u got agry and shared aggression , I did not wrote it for tell that u are "bad" or anything same . I just wrote my opinion . if anyone wants its his/her choice to enc scripts with that, but once again : I advice them to don't use it seriously .
  7. I advice u to don't use this . since we have compiler in offline ,it can be decrypted . it was like on Revo happened .... if chunk can be fully removed then it can be fully decrypted, not have matter how strong is formula ,bcs it will reversed from opcode . and on this encryption chunk can be removed by publiced decompiler called "TCDecompiler" . so if u want to secure ur script then I don't advice u to use it seriously (also on the title of this compiler , creator told that its "simple" ...)
  8. u can do it by remembering variable and isVisible/setVisible command . in Lua scripts u can check unencrypted scripts , they have this function .
  9. did u read what i wrote ? only one way is learning Lua , u can see many books in online . if u dont want to learn lua , then i dont think that anyone will work for free on such stuffs . also i dont think that u wqill ever find decompiler for dec this encryption by one click withiut learning things .
  10. for someone this world is died too , so asking that lua is dead programer lang or not its strange .
  11. hello , unluac can not decrypt all script , it fails in some cases . u can try another decompilers which uses modified unluac , they are decompiling better . u can search them in youtube , telegram , QQ . also scripts which are large like file which u sent , they may used load() and its in encoded formula ... u can try loader for get source , then may be unluac will help u . but above i told "may" many times , u must need to remember that there is not decompiler what will dec all enc , only one way is to learn lua and then u will be able to dec anything u want . [added 0 minutes later] hmm, u mean corona ?
  12. are u joking ? there is thousands of videos about how to do it .
  13. explain everything in details.... what it tells u , what it shows ? what is reason of telling "it not works" ? or stop giving idiotic questions!
  14. Welcome . and yeah its reason why its removed from GG , people was adding all history files remover if there was detected log ... also it was used for stealing data and etc .
  15. since idk anything about source I can't help u . can u to tell me where can I place my new chair in home ? no , u can't ... bcs u don't know anything about my home , about my chair size and etc. its same situation , u are asking thing fully idiotically , I will be glad if u already knew it .
  16. in old versions of Game Guardian u can do it by reading XML file , but in new GG(s) this feature is blocked ,because it can be used for malverous actions .
  17. current file what u gave is damaged , but I'll tell u how to "do" thing what u asked . it is file from ELF library , I seen this type file before from game's library's (.so) files . for example I wanted to decrypt it ,because get values from here . I knew/i was sure that here would be all values (I wanted jump value) . I started searching how could I decrypt it ... I could not find anything what would be able to decrypt it . only one way was reverse engineering . for this case IDA Pro was best app (by this u can dissamble elf file), but of course my knowledge was not enough for do it . I did not start learning this , because I was not going to continue hacking , but if u are going to hack games and make this ur "work" ,then u will need to learn this . I'll be glad if my text helped u .
  18. add os.exit() , if u can't then send script here ... I'll try to help u .
  19. TopGEOYT

    A question.

    hmm , idk then .. u can search in YouTube . here is example , idk who is this guy but looks like video name is same what u need (since pubg is online game)
  20. if anyone is interested, I'm not getting any responsibility. I helped him for enrypt this script which is avaible in offline , else idk .
  21. thanks for leaving credits.
  22. Updated information of compiler : https://nikatools.site/CA/CompilerAd.html
  23. thanks . well , I told to users that anti log is removed . they told its not problem , they care about full decryption . good developers are creating scripts/projects which are not only merged with gg.searchNumber and his friends. they are implementing codes for searching/editing memory . by logging its really hard to understand what are this type functions... by modified loger which will log all library codes , we can understand more , but as I told its hard to understand this type functions without getting source ... and also people who wants to decrypt&steal scripts , they are not satisfied by log . they always requests full DEC ... and for this time there is not any decompiler which can "break" this modified chunk's cases . and about dissambling and editing code I don't care yet , since this modified chunk is "blocking" dissambling . I hope @Enyby will not create/update dissambler for ignore such things what are used for anti dissambling in this enc . also thanks to Sam(@noblack) for chunk dumping and to @CmP for helping in some Lua server managing things.
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