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  1. Go in YouTube . Here Are Too Many Videos About It . For begginer its hard but try again and again . Finally you will do it .
  2. What ? What do you mean "I do not get any applications up to the right" ???
  3. TopGEOYT

    Help Pls

    Go in select languages and select second variant of ur language or just replace "0,5" to "0.5"
  4. Hello . I am here to tell you about your encryption . Now encrypt lua by Revo isnot safe . It doesnot have any matter you will encrypt with V1.0 or V6.0 encryption . All version can be fully decoded . So my advice is that dont use this encryption anymore haha . Decrypted.lua Join LUADec official channel on telegram . There is uploading decrypted scripts everyday (Revo6.0 decrypted Scripts Too): https://t.me/GGLuaDEC
  5. TopGEOYT

    Need help

    r[1].freeze = true
  6. TopGEO=1 function starting() local t = gg.multiChoice({'A', 'B'}) if t == nil then else if t[1] then A() end if t[2] then B() end end TopGEO=-1 end function A() gg.alert('do A') end function B() gg.alert('do B') end while(true) do if gg.isVisible(true) then TopGEO=1 gg.setVisible(false) end gg.clearResults() if TopGEO==1 then starting() end end
  7. Oh . For it you need different type script . By manage value of word for set visibility of GG icon (Example By = -1 and 2 )
  8. function starting() local t = gg.multiChoice({'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'}) if t == nil then starting() end end starting()
  9. TopGEOYT

    In need for help

    function starting() local t = gg.multiChoice({'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'}) if t == nil then starting() else if t[1] then gg.alert('do A') end if t[2] then gg.alert('do B') end if t[3] then gg.alert('do C') end if t[4] then gg.alert('do D') end end end starting()
  10. TopGEOYT


    No . In prompt no but you can add in alert .
  11. Send script about which are you speaking .
  12. TopGEOYT

    Genel G/Ç Hatası

    While you will start "hacking" of clash of clan , i will tell you that its impossible .
  13. Go and try to contact with this video authors or try to teach , with yourself . Try again and again . Finally you will do . I am not IOS user . Sorry i can not help you about it .
  14. 1) If it is hex then you will see hex code easily (string.dump i mean binary encryption cannot encode this hex code because it is inside of table so it cannot be encoded and it will be easy to understand it is hex or no ) but you cannot understand which enc method is this if you dont know encoding well . 2) for decrypt encoding which is inside pcall or load , you need to use loader ( use original compiler by enyby , if you dont want it then use GG built in feature or there is many modified compilers you can use for free ) 3) for full dec you need . . . All type encryption need his decoding method . Some decompilers are free , some no . You can use unluac , radish lua and etc which is free , but something like SSTool it is not free . If you need another things too , ask me .
  15. Official version of GG is for android . But in YouTube There are many videos about game gurdian for ios but i dont have tested its true or fake . Just check and try it : also here is another : If it will not work dont ask me why .
  16. No it works . Of course not all code . If you are not going to copy paste , then it is readable .
  17. TopGEOYT

    I need to learn

    I will not decrypt because here is my credits in this script . ☺
  18. It is fully decrypted script here : https://t.me/GGLuaDEC/64
  19. It is full decrypted : full decrypted.lua Noone ask me aboyt decode in this post anymore . I wont decode files for here anymore . Start new topic or contact me in PM .
  20. TopGEOYT


    Bullet_ForceEngV1.8.Dec.lua If you want teach , if you want copy paste , it is owner and your problem . I just decrytped it . Just try that dont copy paste , Get Some Codes Which You Want but please dont copy paste it .
  21. Wtf ? Are you joking me ? See latest scripts on my channel (telegram) .
  22. But i didnot share my telegram and how did u see it ?
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