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  1. i found but its #ca #CA not found value in lib.so
  2. value for hex code CA search in hex CD? I seach the code in ca I copy hex and search hex xxxxxh in ca but not found lib.so
  3. #CA not found lib.so file (cant be edit via lib.sdo file ) #CD found lib.so file (can be edited via the lib.so file) it can or not be edited from #CA via the lib.so file but before #CA not found lib. [added 2 minutes later] and how to search for hex CA values in the libso file?
  4. can you make a tutorial in the form of a video?
  5. I know you are a master but can you tell me how?
  6. ouw can find value code in libc_malloc example 00880055 in file lib.so in game via hex editor ?
  7. sir I want to ask where is the location of this file? I check in lib not found
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