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  1. if gg.makeRequest("URL1").content > "1.0" then io.open("/storage/emulated/0/script.lua","w"):write(gg.makeRequest("URL2").content):close() end ------------------------- In URL1 put version link , and if it will be more than its written in string , then it will dowload new file which will be in URL2 .
  2. TopGEOYT

    i need a script

    If you want only for diamonds and you dont know how to write simple script for this search anotger scripts , which have same function (prompt, serahcnum,getresults,editall) or just hack it manualy .
  3. Its good , carry on . I dont think like this . Not you , you just clicked on checkbox in apk , my public enc , its easy to remove chunk . Just disable case where is code which crushs SSTool .
  4. Record video , i did not understand what is your problem . Record video , show what do you mean .
  5. Lol , SSTool . Ok , go and try to dec my enc by this . Publiced enc is easy to dec but try PAID enc . Nothinf can remove this chunk , if you dont know lua bytecode . U need to edit chunk but in my enc chunk bytes are random so it will tske days to dec small script (need much skils) . In the past when i got SSTool , i thought i was unstopable after this , but you will know soon that you (SSTool) are not nothing with modern encryption ✌
  6. TopGEOYT

    Guns off boom

    May be , members know it . Try in parallel space lite .
  7. You cant . One way is that upload in server and make gg.makeRequest from LUA . but at this way u cant bcs compiler can run out of pcall , load , loadfile and make Request . But this way will be usefull for anothrr compiled scripts .
  8. Are you child ? Wtf are you doing . And also my name is not TOPGEO . Im Top GEO (LOL) .
  9. Eh , you are stealer . Which compiler do u want . Publiced or VIP string and function encoder ? You are copy paster idiot . Nothing more . If you needed help about how to do some actions in script , u could to ask in pm . U are just copy paster . Aslo im waiting for your "big" tools (i think full copy pasted)
  10. You may dont know that in the world there is not anything impossible . If you can not decompile , it does not mean that its not possible . You can ask for help . First of all noone know what did you do wrong because we did not see your ways . Also i dont think that people will explain you how tk decompiler scripts (here) . You can google it . Also you can ask for help to decrypt your wanted script here .
  11. Yes , it is possible . While you will accept gg.makeRequest GG tells you that do you want to access it ? It may steal your data . You need to read it while you will grant permissions for make online Request .
  12. Use loader or apps which record another apps make requests (like packet capture) . But loader is easiest .
  13. What do you mean "help me" ? There are many videos and also https://gameguardian.net/help/ it is page for help in GG Scripting . You want to get full written script by another person . Its bad . Noone will do it . Dont be lazy !!! . . . () Go and try to do by urself .
  14. Also i have question . Its just question , if u want ignore it In ur "decrypted" script , this Two dashes for start a one-line texts , its after you decrypted script ? I mean that when u remove string.dump from script , this 2 dashes was inside of script ? [added 1 minute later] Stop being like child . Its like my superman clothes are better than your spiderman clothes .
  15. Loader , sstool or any decryptor and finnally this encoded function cant be deocded by decompiler and u loged or remeber some codes and then add manually . Lol . Its like child .
  16. Haha . Noob . U think Log = Decrypt ? Log can be done by anyone . Go and tramslate what means "decryption" . U may dont know what is meaning of decryption .
  17. Lol , no . I told it about Ioexception .
  18. TopGEOYT


    Hmm . . . Easiest way is that go and download scripts which are not encrypted (open source) . You can read this type scripts and create new one by them , but try that dont copy-paste . Just get needed sources and create ur new one . For lazy people i think its best way .
    You Are First Who Did SAMP Script . May Be Its Small And Simple Script , But I Am Sure , You Will Improve It . Anyway Good Work . Keep It up !
  19. What ? I just told him that its confusing for begginer . But ok , its ur oponion . I dont care about this , u will say i am good , scamer or anything . I am just trying to help him .
  20. Come PM . But Decrypt script like this is not free . If u will pay . . .
  21. @cumasukacit is begginer . He did not understand what was just this simple questions about add pass or no and etc and he will understand this codes ?? Huh , so funny .
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