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    GameGuardian can work without root. More information: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7755-info-about-gameguardian/?do=findComment&comment=68554 There are also videos in 9 different languages on our official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6AGYmGsRgmpXgz4mxAkRoQ/videos https://gameguardian.net/download or https://gameguardian.net/apk
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    Shadow Fight 2 v1.9.21 By Kiry!!! DETAILS • Unlimited Coins • Unlimited Gems • Unlimited Energy • Unlimited Power • Unlimited Orbs • Unlimited Tickets • Level 52 • 50% Weapons Unlocked • Experience 88000000 • Game Progress 60% • Will work to newer version • You can update the game after applied this cheat • Must be extracted using Root Explorer or ES Explorer TESTED AND WORKS ON • Android 4.4.4 • Android 4.4.2 • Android 4.2.1 • Lollipop WARNING!!! • This will remove your current progress! • Backup your game data!!! LET'S DO IT (READ CAREFULLY!) • Force stop game and clear data • Run the game • Wait until splash screen appear • Tap home button to minimize game • Force stop the game again but don't clear data • Download save game file com.nekki.shadowfight.zip • Extract to Device/data/data/com.nekki.shadowfight/com.nekki.shadowfight/files/assets • Overwrite existing files! • Run game and enjoy!
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    Enyby, I need help with speed hack for Dawn of Titans. It worked originally, then it no longer does anything (though it says that it is loaded). I can change gems etc but cannot fix speed hack. I have tried uninstalling many times and even tried reverting back to 8.61.3 and still no good. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
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    yes it a server and yes multi player but the hack worked on cash but my club stats says 0 earnings but I have over a mil cash
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    I'm planning on updating quite a few of our mods in the upcoming days. Stay tuned and be patient! Don't send any requests via PM, as they will just be ignored.
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    I may or may not be looking for testers of our new forum software... Message me if interested
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    check my profile, made a mode for Real Racing 3 unlimited R$ and Gold, make sure to check it out and tell me if it works for you
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    the GG is not working , fix this problem please