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  1. Game Guardian for not game apps

    As @Enyby said you can't do it with GG. But try lucky patcher, some VPN servers rely on client side to verify if user is free or premium. For example, Proxy master I was able to buy premium and use it without ads and connect to premium serves with LP
  2. Dungeon Defense Hack

    Name of Game: Dungeon Defense Game Version: 1.92.4 (Latest now) Name of Cheat: Gold Hack Search type: Encrypted Search Region: Anonymous Steps: Open both Dungeon Defense, and GameGuardian. Set region to anonymous Start a wave and win it. at item screen, (the screen after each wave where you sell/equip you new items) search the Gold as Encrypted Xor , include the comma ( if it is 8,400 you search 8,400. not 8400. search what you see exactly) Sell an item Search the new value again Do step 5 & 6 until you got one value. delete the last 3 digits of that value and Freeze it as (may increase). Enjoy Screenshot of cheat: TIP: Upgrading every parameters to 10K requires a lot of time and effort. I suggest use (RepetiTouch) at 5x speed and record fastly tapping on 10x build. it will max all out under 5 min ;D Credit: @MrSparkles
  3. N.O.V.A Legacy MOD

    Name of Game: N.O.V.A Legacy Game Version: 4.1.8 (Latest Now) Type: Modded APK (Unlimited Coins) SOURCE: Farsroid.com Description: 1_Do not connect to internet with Modded APK, You will be banned from the server. 2_First startup may take up to 5 mins for extraction, be patient. Download: Normal APK MODDED APK
  4. Dokdo Hack

    Name of Game: Dokdo Game Version: 1.3.3 (Latest Now) Name of Cheat: Resources Hack Search type: Encrypted Xor Search Region: Anonymous Steps: Open both Dokdo, and GameGuardian. Search the desired resource value as Encrypted Xor in Anonymous Region. Change the value. Search again Do step 3 & 4 until you find 1 negative value. Edit the found value and delete last 3 digits of it. Enjoy. Info: no need to hack coins, as you can hack the resources(specially gems) and sell them easily to get a lot of coins. Screenshot of cheat:
  5. LUA scripting

    I don't know if it's C#, (Don't know C#). It's lua, it's a programming language like other (C++, Java, etc...) It's more like C++. Thanks to this implementation to gameguardian (I would thank @Enyby) I found out I like programming! I'm now very interested in it and I'm learning it (C++). It's fun for me LOL It made me busy and I'm rarely here...almost not here . I suggest you to try Lua too, it's a good take off point to learn other complicated programming languages. --- Cheers
  6. Fighting Fantasy Legends Hack

    Name of Game: Fighting Fantasy Legends Game Version: 1.35 Name of Cheat: almost anything Search type: Plain Dword Search Region: C++ Alloc (Ca) Steps: Open both FFL, and GameGuardian. Search the desired value as Plain dword at C++ Alloc Region. Change the value. Search again. Do step 3 & 4 until you find 3 or less value. Ignore all but the last, Edit the last value. Screenshot of cheat:
  7. Summoners War

  8. Hacker world at arms

    You entered your text at the wrong field (tag field). "Good morning Im new here and I wanted to know if anyone knows how to hack the game world at arms. thanks for the help"
  9. New Here

    @moserj84 Welcome to the forum! I suggest, take a look at Here, and always search before posting. --- Cheers
  10. Lua script

    You are going to hack gold in game, it's not necessarily 1000 for every person, So you should add something more specific. Go "lua scripts" section and view my simple script and one more script to understand how they work. Look at idle TD script for example.
  11. Lua script

    Your welcome. 😊 This code gives the user, option to enter a value manually: v = gg.prompt({i='Enter Value'}, {i='0'}) Then you can search for that using: gg.searchNumber(v['i'], gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) Take a look at This script. It does teaches you many things.
  12. Lua script

    @LowKee that script is for a particular game, some of the parts are not suited for your code. You should: 1_remove line 5 (::restart::) as it's not needed for your code 2_remove this part ::loop:: if not gg.isVisible() then goto loop else goto restart end As it's not needed for you code. A tip from me: don't just edit scripts, learn from them and write new ones.
  13. Nah, don't be sorry. It happened to me too. I'm having a bad error on my ROM. Bootloops, sudden Freeze and restart, etc.. Have to flash another one, can't rty them yet, sorry.
  14. 😅 my bad, had No intention to do such a thing. But I think again you misunderstood it a bit, I meant lazy not as "being stupid or noob or anything like that" I meant "being lazy to go to the faq" that Enyby mentioned, go above, see the scenario this way: You wanted help Enyby replied and guided you to a place full of description I said" if you are lazy" by meaning if lazy to go to the FAQ and read that all, you can try these, as it's somehow a simple and compressed of what is there. Anyway, I will try the games and update you. Again I apologize for that. Peace and cheers.
  15. It's not about "who ask is lazy" It's about "being lazy to head to the FAQ and get TL;DR" And so the guy/girl may ask again. That was just to avoid such a thing. I apologize if there have been a misunderstanding.