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  1. Real easy ... I said it's useless , cuz it can be decrypted in such a way
  2. Backlift

    How to decrypt a lua script?

    Sorry. Can't help you with that. Learn by looking the guides and manuals, any question about it, ask and we will help you
  3. Backlift

    How to decrypt a lua script?

    Hello What do you want to learn?
  4. Backlift

    Site updates in 2018

    We are here men Just ask for any help
  5. Backlift

    Marvel Strike Force

    Will be ready soon, in upcoming days. Stay tuned
  6. Clash of clans not hackable with GameGuardian
  7. Backlift

    How to decrypt a lua script?

    Sorry, can't say that for the sake of the guys who tried to encrypt their scripts with lot of effort And won't decrypt files for someone. Just wanted to say whatever the encryption is, if someone have the knowledge and seeks to find out, pretty easy to decrypt it The best direction is to read the Unencrypted scripts and work with them to learn Lua , it's always better than just looking at others work and try to find out and copy /paste like them . Make your own way, and learn through it.
  8. Backlift

    encrypt lua

    I suggest you check that thread again ... No matter what encryption you use and how hard it would be ... i don't crack your decryption ... I check out what GG received and that's what GG can read, and that's the decrypted text. I don't need to try to decrypt the script , so at the end, it's like plain text for me. Still, you can try to encrypt with whatever method you like ( learn by searching, I would like to help you, but I don't know about this ) yet still, if someone wants to copy it, he will do it, the easy way or the hard way .
  9. Backlift

    encrypt lua

    I don't know how to encrypt lua, cuz I didn't needed that. You can search the "Lua script" section and find one that is encrypted, and ask the developer of it. Yet, if you encrypt your Lua file, it's still decryptable easily ... Check out this thread.
  10. Backlift

    encrypt lua

    @TTyo Yes it's possible to encrypt the lua file... Not sure to hex... , but why you want to do it?
  11. Backlift

    Game closed by itself when searching value

    @unmaskedluke try "Disable protection for all applications (until reboot)" option at the"others" tab in GG settings.
  12. Backlift

    Hello GG

    @Maplas Hello and welcome. Read the rules and always respect each. Hope you good times at here.
  13. Coming back... 😅 

  14. Backlift

    I’m new!

    Hello and welcome @Inz93 Happy to hear you enjoy GG. Hope you have great times in the community. Read the rules and respect everyone --- Cheers