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  1. Returning back, Hello Community 🙂

  2. ? Real easy ... I said it's useless , cuz it can be decrypted in such a way ???
  3. Sorry. Can't help you with that. Learn by looking the guides and manuals, any question about it, ask and we will help you ?
  4. Hello What do you want to learn?
  5. We are here men ? Just ask for any help ?
  6. Will be ready soon, in upcoming days. Stay tuned ?
  7. Sorry, can't say that for the sake of the guys who tried to encrypt their scripts with lot of effort ? And won't decrypt files for someone. Just wanted to say whatever the encryption is, if someone have the knowledge and seeks to find out, pretty easy to decrypt it ? The best direction is to read the Unencrypted scripts and work with them to learn Lua , it's always better than just looking at others work and try to find out and copy /paste like them . Make your own way, and learn through it.
  8. Coming back... ? 

  9. I don't have any reason to be angry ? Enjoy yours --- Cheers and Farewell ?
  10. I didn't had any argue at first either ? We are in a community to answer each others question, help each other and prevent each from doing mistakes. Not to argue and disgrace each... Hope you a good day and seccussfull career ?
  11. I don't think there is a need to proof, but, there you go this time ?
  12. Probably when the game or the GG closes, it can be because of low memory killer. So , I suggest you use a task killer to free up some used memory and then try again.
  13. Dude... I appreciate your youth and inspiring but, encrypting the script is not very needed... At the end we can find out the script no matter how you encrypte it. Just think about this: Can GG read "B7B77EC4BFB1C3C47877A0A59297" ? No So it must be something like this "gg.setVisible(false)" right? Yes The encrypted text MUST be decrypted in order for GG to read it, you accept this? Ok? So that's it... When decrypted, we also can read it ? pretty simple I don't have a fight with you and I'm not saying people should abandone their goal, I just said as you see above, if someone wants to steal it, he will anyway, so of course encrypting will block many, but not all. I, myself don't know how to encrypt like that, to be honest, but decrypting was just a second, run the script and read it ... Viola ? others can do this too anyway. --- Farewell
  14. What's your mobile phone exactly?? Provide model
  15. If your phone is not rooted, you may use GameGuardian in a virtual environment (Like, virtual Xposed or parallel space and etc...) I suggest Virtual Xposed as it worked faster for me than others and much more reliable. Try it and tell us what happened. ?
  16. @antip0is0n @gio117 As @Enyby and @NoFear said, encrypting the script is useless. Why? Because the script won't work when encrypted, so it MUST decrypt and that's where it comes plain text and still someone can copy it. No matter what type of encryption you use. Check this out: #OFF (#48l884zp) You see it like this: And easily decrypted in less than 1 minutes: It won't worth the headache, and it's useless. If you want to, you can ask the guy how he did it, I don't even know it ? but whatever it is and whatever anyone else use, it must be decrypted somewhere for the GG to work Whit it and read it, and that's where we will look ... Easy.
  17. Backlift


    Speed hack may cuz a lag if you also enabled "Hide GG from the game" option so make sure to disable that and try again. and the freeze function mechanism is just like that you said: Global settings > Freeze interval
  18. @Sivaprasad1108 hello, thanks for posting. the game you are trying to hack, as you said, it's online... online games can't be hacked by GG (atleast not that easy to do very simply) because, the data is stored in the server, server knows you have 5 coins... when you change it on your device, you only change the value you see, still the server hold value 5, you try to buy something, and then, game contacts to server and finds out you have 5 coins, so, insufficient coins. you may not directly edit important values, try values that are less likely to be saved on the server, and that may work. - You may post a request, on the request section if you want to
  19. @CryNox42 @Cristian83 @nalcwap @Kingvillian24 @Renren30 Well, Just like @Enyby said, That's because the memory of your device is low or it's filled up by many other apps, If force unload of GG doesn't work, then nothing more is to do. Yet, I had this problem with my tablet too, One workaround for this was to free up memory, by closing other apps. There are many apps out there that clean memory, but I suggest one of the best out there, that works in root or non-root: Greenify (V (Latest as now)) Description: Full version Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (1.39 MB total apk size) Analytics Disabled Encrypted all resources Languages: En, Ru Source: Farsroid.com
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Backlift

    LUA scripting

    I don't know if it's C#, (Don't know C#). It's lua, it's a programming language like other (C++, Java, etc...) It's more like C++. Thanks to this implementation to gameguardian (I would thank @Enyby) I found out I like programming! I'm now very interested in it and I'm learning it (C++). It's fun for me LOL It made me busy and I'm rarely here...almost not here . I suggest you to try Lua too, it's a good take off point to learn other complicated programming languages. --- Cheers
  23. Backlift

    Lua script

    You are going to hack gold in game, it's not necessarily 1000 for every person, So you should add something more specific. Go "lua scripts" section and view my simple script and one more script to understand how they work. Look at idle TD script for example.
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