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  1. Offline games are totally editable and hackable Here is the screenshot about infinity resources Here I hacked the game with game guardian I hacked health 99999999 out of 100 Hacked crystal to infinity Hacked coins to infinity .........this basic hack about edit resources (coins, points, health, etc... )
  2. GG no LVL emulator is required because no real money is needed to buy this object.... Just in-app points is required.... This server based game when I edit value and again it reverts to original when investing or gaining poits........ The object that I need to buy with points........ So alternatively how to hack it's price( in-app points not real money)
  3. How can I hack in—app shop contents price. (not with real money it just need sufficient points to buy) I'm edited my points not worked so I'm going to edit price in shop Link me video tutorial are express how to do
  4. How can I prevent gameguardian from game dead..... It automatically die instantly not stable any alternative method to make stable????
  5. God must be crazy..... Okay hhh it means clash of clans is unhackable
  6. Okay..... Starter pack cost 200 coins if I edited it to 0 coins(as it's cost) I'm able to buy or not??? If it is hackable. Cost of starter pack is fixed value as 200....then how can I change the unchanged value if it possible please link the video tutorial from YouTube or express as words( I'm want to change starter pack cost 200 into 5 coins but 200 coins is default on unaltered... How can I refine the search)
  7. GG.... I'm face with problem I'm using internet based game In other words let consider I have 5 coins and 5 crystal I'm edited game data of coins and crystal into 1000000014 and 99,999 respectively..... When I'm buying games starter pack it cost for 200 coins I'm unable to process (where I changed 5 coins in to 1000000014) it say "you have not enough money " what can I do now please teach me to find solutions I'm enclosed screenshot Please how to get that I want buy in—app
  8. Finally daemon is worked gg.... It is achieved by changing app storage SD card into internal device storage and transfered 1: /mnt/expand/82dc42aa-acec-40e8-a0e4-1a236b4271fc/user/0/com.dufygvrr.mvfhlmo.isk/files (path) data is being moved to New created path: data/data/catch_.me_.if_.you_.can_/files. (from screenshot you had sent) then I also uninstalled signed version and installed latest version (8.56.0) I also changed gg storage SD card to internal device storage.... Then I force stopped launcher and repair gg in xposedinstaller again force stopped to gain most effective... Then it does not asked for working mode inside virtualxposed then floating bar appears and daemon successfully...... The listed games appear on screen I'm not add game yet......Thanks for solving my problem quickly.... Wonderful rapid reaction from you.... I will clear my further doubts tommorrow..... Thanks for spending your working hours to fix my issues......... I'm suffered from this error since I bought this Lenora Tab 410 now finally gameguardians works fine on my world's worst handset(lenova Tab 410) ....im hate Lenova handsets.... Redmond is best.. Is it really magic edition will come.. If it come whenever?????
  9. okay I have screenshots in detailed manner is it sufficient???? Please fix my problem and also reveal magic edition release date I'm commented on YouTube and you replied with joke.... Please reveal release date And I also have a screenshot _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later OK I will try now
  10. Okay here I'm enclosed screenshots I'm using SD card as a internal storge is it might cause error? And I'm eagerly about magic edition is it really doesn't require root access and virtual spaces???? please fix my problem
  11. I had downloaded signed versions(that u gave in above post) and I followed instructions you give and I have encountered with some issues and not working... I'm enclosed screenshot I'm tried both virtual spaces not worked anymore and I had tried to record logcat. And it says "logcat record error" on virtual space anymore out of virtualspaces I. E default launcher I'm able to record logcat I'm enclosed logcat hereGG_logcat_r8.56.0_10557_7.1.1_25.log Please help me to fix it and also reveal the gameguardian magic edition official release date please.......
  12. thank you please notify me when u upload magic edition —by diehard gameguardian fan
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