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  1. hi , My self i am Asura... i create Encryptions So i am going to post an encryption but it's size will be greater than 2mb... so in Which category Can i post ? thanks
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. But I founded a value (which changes a in game store price - 1000x4) But I have to delete 200 results( first 100 and 2nd 100) to get correct value. ( If I try to edit all , game crashes . I need to get a script for above procedure. Waiting for your reply
  3. Hello I got this error while doing a script. Plz help me to fix it Script ended: Script error: luaj.n: /storage/emulated/legacy/!GG NORMAL/BattleOFWarshipsVIP.lua:4 `gg.removeResults('table')` bad argument #1 to 'gg.removeResults' (string: table expected, got string) (field 'removeResults') level = 1, const = 12, proto = 0, upval = 1, vars = 3, code = 26 CALL v0..v1 ; PC 18 CODE 0100401D OP 29 A 0 B 2 C 1 Bx 1025 sBx -130046 stack traceback: /storage/emulated/legacy/!GG NORMAL/BattleOFWarshipsVIP.lua:4 in main chunk [Java]: in ? at luaj.ap.a(src:265) at luaj.ap.t(src:343) at android.ext.Script.a(src:3864) at android.ext.Script$removeResults.b(src:3840) at android.ext.Script$ApiFunction.a_(src:1393) at luaj.lib.VarArgFunction.a(src:58) at luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:534) at luaj.LuaClosure.l(src:160) at android.ext.Script.d(src:6056) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785) BattleOFWarshipsVIP.lua
  4. HackerAsura


    hi can any body please tell me why I can't post a script which is more than 44 kb? i want to post a pdf which tells how to make a basic script? UltimateScriptingBookV1.pdf
  5. Yes I can make mech arena hack
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