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  1. @MyNayBorsHateMe thanks by try maybe @NoFear can help I just wait for some1 that can, at moment I guess we cant do more.
  2. Name of Game: "Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements" It play online. Is not pay. Link google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftxgames.bb&rdid=com.ftxgames.bb Request: Infinity money, and other things.
  3. Is there another way to hack it?
  4. sorry, not have nothing... looking for something too.
  5. Hi, guys is there some hack for gold or money ?
  6. When we will have this hack @NoFear ? I am playing this game too and this will be so helpful. Salute.
  7. thanks so much to @Backlift and you @NoFear
  8. @NoFear When we will have a guide to do that ?
  9. How we can do that?
  10. I tryed it but i cant change the values, it autorecover the original value.
  11. Ok, no problem Watting for it.
  12. Thanks I'm in. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Can you tell how I can get that, like the video?
  13. Great! "Sbenny.com" the page, I not found it.
  14. WOW!!! good job!!! when you think we can use like you do there? Is it possible to includ a LUA script? I mean, I want learn do that. . And in the future help also.
  15. Please help us with it, NoFear :). I just want something to get it more great, like more energy to keep playing or some gold big amount. I mean in the real game we lost so much time waitting recharge the Energy to keep playing.... Salute and thanks
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