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  1. Wow..thats nice gameguardian.net theme...is it only for VIP??
  2. SHB


    O yeah... Evercross S55 Thats the problem... Because its local...world wide dont have it...so...you can try exploiting it yourself... Whats your android version?? Btw...kingroot?? I accept it cuz xda accepts it...but never recommend it anyone...
  3. Yeah all collect...but Google does it the bad way...i use a modified way with absolutely no google app...all dependences removed...
  4. DUDE... many games these days don't store senstive data pretty easy...like gameloft... if your money is 1200 coins and you want to hack it...its not 1200 in the memory so that pothetic noobies hack it and ruin their in-app income...they store data in another way...you get it???? like 1200 will be in memory like 1.46390583-43 ... dont believe??? see this video: ...its a game from hexage group...yet not very big but still protective...see how the value is stored...is it in plain numbers??? NO its a float number... -billions!!! ...i just ask you something... whats problem??? i mean really...whats the big deal??? giving you more options and ranges to search is BAD??? :/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i couldn't ever predict such a person would show up...complaining about THAT ...
  5. gellomod is very good for security...but chrome....heavy...and so many privacy issues for me...i hate google stuff...they watch you everywhere...steal info of every move of you... thats why i use modified roms...not stock google roms... i made my phone google free...yet i hold an very OLD gg services to run the apps and games...
  6. ow...so...both sides have problems now
  7. Tried Firefox..its OK... its gello mod problem... i haven't encountered such a thing before, using this browser for about 2 years...first time gello mod fails for me. my bad
  8. I use Gellomod browser (Cyanogen mod browser)(Based on Chromium)...its pretty basic..never encountered something like this before No it has that option but its Off. yes cookies enabled yes also enabled will download one right now..lets see no it doesnt support addons anyway
  9. I dont know why i can only surf the site in landscape mode by my phone...it gets ruined when i try portrait mode... Words are written like chinese method...not really chinese words but how they are Written...( chinese write from top to down instead of left to right :/ ) I have more problems too...going to make another video and post it. Video link: https://sendvid.com/dde09asv
  10. SHB

    Hye guys??

    Guys guys...i think i wrote (UNDER BUILD) There... :/ they were testing the mod so wont get banned...and obb is there cuz you might have problem downloading data with the modded APK... Yes...Obb doesnt store hacked data...its all APK...now enjoy _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Right...I put obb there cuz there maybe problems downloding data from the modded apk... _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later :/ ... Why none read the (UNDER BUILD)... LOL _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later This Data is for all platforms...works for all mali, adreno,powervr and tegra...and maybe others. OP: you may mark the post as solved now.
  11. SHB

    Hye guys??

    NAME: CRISIS ACTION (ONLINE) VERSION: 1.9.2 (Latest) MOD DETAILS: 1_HIGH FOCUS 2_MAX RANGE 3_MAX PENETRATION 4_MAX EFFECTIVE OTHER INFO: There is a folder in the DATA archieve, Extract that folder to this path: Android/obb APK LINK: http://dl1.revdownload.com/dl1/2015/1501/Crisis_Action-v1.9-MegaMod_Revdl.com.apk DATA LINK: http://www.dl.farsroid.com/game/Crisis-Action-1.9.2(www.farsroid.com).zip (the apk is released now)
  12. Clash of clans FREE GEMS!

    This one is really Working...

    Its the one and only...in LEGAL Way.

    Dont ask anymore:


    1. SHB


      Its not hack Btw...i said LEGAL way.

    2. reed265


      yeah, but how much you can get, or how many offers will you do just for $4.99 bro?

      it's just too long

    3. SHB


      Thats the cost of FREE GEMS...

      It costs you TIME..



      You make an automated script that downloads the apps and go in them and stay a bit until you get the reward and remove the app...


      Maybe you can try repeti touch...


      i used that to harvest all my resources and stay in the clash so others wont attack me... LOL

      It was fun back then.

  13. DUDE YOU ROCK! Thanks By the way... Nice thinking... Your way of thinking reminds me...
  14. Yeah...they locked it down extremely. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later How you made your money that much?? With game guardian??? Or modded apk?
  15. Ok see the image below...its when you use ? patcher (:D) It wont work...but im working on something...if someone teach me on how to mod an apk file im going to make its in-app offline and i will share it here.
  16. The 1.0.1 version is buggy AND forced to use social engines to proceed the game...i dont have gamers in my fb or g+... All are my family..they not gamer...but this game at 1.0.1 forces you to login and have many friends that also have this game and play with them...in order to proceed... See the image below...as you can see the first mission is facebook login...if you do it other facebook missions will come if not...as i i didnt...its only the login mission there but in 1.0.1 version its like this: 1_login to facebook 2_send energy to 5 friends 3_ play 10 games with friends 4_ger help from friends 5_bla bla bla... Its was like a facebook game :/
  17. Name of Game: Armies of Dragons Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): (dont know why the link feature wont work for me..so i just copy paste it here): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.animoca.google.armiesofDragons Version: 1.0.3 (Latest) What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: gold and crystals...OR maybe something to bypass online in-app verfication Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: i have tried the values with setting game guardian access to memory extended and encrypted search and i tried changing gold, after several times...i encounter this result: 1 binary (not the value but still in search) 2 Dword (exact value) 1 xor word (not the value and very low...like 1.9494838-34 1 qword (lot lower than xor word) I tried changing each of them but they get back and i tired freezing them but yet no change. The dwords get back to their original when i unfreeze them But xor and qword stay but no change eather. (i think i have to find out what writes to that dword address...how?) OR (maybe the value is not saved in what it is...like kairopark games usually store 110 money in 1100, One more zero to make it unhackable, hehe but i noticed it...and this maybe have that pattern too...dont know....tried a lot) Comments: The game is offline but in-app needs online verfication (removing this would be helpfull too) And there is a modded 1.0.1 apk out there but no thats not good (in that version you are forced to use gg sign in and facebook sign in to proceed the game, and needed a lot of friends that also play this game, making it very hard to play....after a lot of negative feedback they removed them in 1.0.3 and you can enjoy the game without limits and forces..theu optional now.
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