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  1. Shadow fight 3

    Just talking about the hacks you know gives them an idea of what to work on and where to look. @NoFear that's funny they banned his account and not yours though, that's because they probably are monitoring yours actively lol
  2. Let's see, ways I would do this.... Sniff packets to find proper url to download the file Use any of the many sites that are capable Use an extension for the browser Third party Download managers could possibly sniff the files and download for em Or a multitude of other ways, I haven't even thought about doing this in a while lol There's even a python script you could use if you wanted to (located @ https:/github.com/iheanyi/bandcamp-dl )
  3. exiled kingdoms

    LOL that's OG status I appreciate it too man, I even emailed the developer of the game to add me to the beta list To make your hack journey easier, I recall someone from another thread mentioning that once you get passed the quest line where the girl amarita or whatever helps you escape the prison cell (really early game) it stops the resetting aspect when moving from one zone to another. Also, I have a video in one of the sections here about hacking Tomes so you have hacked trait points. Also what i read from the forums is that the Mana potions are non-stackable items, so the method I use to dupe tomes should work all the same. Than again if you can buy them, it wouldn't matter when you use gold have lol Hmu if you find anything cool. And health/Mana can be hacked by searching for the amount missing. So if you're at 70/100 how, you'd search 30 and set to 0. All dword if I recall, and the memory region for me was JavaHeap, but Enby will remind you that often times the memory regions are different device to device. Have fun.
  4. Game Guardian Plus

    There isn't a Paid or Free version now as far as I know of..
  5. exiled kingdoms

    Still provide us with the beta APK please (: I am a fan of the game lol just not in beta and would really like to see the mage class ^^
  6. I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    It would be nice if you uploaded the beta apk, I'm not part of the beta in the game so I can't do anything. Also note I have made videos for this game, but anywhom, I would love to try the mage char and new updates, let me know what's up with it! @Mordeith
  7. exiled kingdoms

    Use the search feature of the forum to find threads talking about this game
  8. Have you tried running Game guardian twice (separate installs or HW & SW ) at the same time and searching your different scans like so? Might be a work around for what you're trying.
  9. I've made a video on how to dupe items efficiently with this game, as well as to add to your reference of the game resetting itself, just be past the quest line where you are locked in a cell and it should start working better, also another note on that when you're trying to hack your level via exp there is also a "how many times leveled up" counter, if you're level 40 but the games area registered you leveling only twice, it'll reset you so at least I put my exp to 1 exp less than each level! Before continuing, and had no problems. Like I mentioned before, someone mentioned that once you're past a certain quest line which is very early you wouldn't have this problem, but I rather not risk it and have not tried. Yes you can also spawn items in game, it is as the poster above mentioned, I used two different potions and dropped them to the ground to find item ID and switch the ID, though there are certain items this does not work for (such as the Ankh of Life). Search the forum you'll find my item dupe video, anything else I can try to help with just ask. Have fun and enjoy, also like the above poster mentioned, save a lot. Lol edit: reminder, if you want to item spawn, searching item ID needs to be done as unknown and some common sense and patience is required. Good luck!
  10. Exiled kingdoms

    Also use the search to find answers (;
  11. Last day on earth survival

    Maybe you're taking me too seriously, and this whole thread is just getting too serious, I know I come off rude as *****, but don't take me that way, my bad. No one said you had no clean access to anything, so you misunderstood that bypass ordeal. I was saying, if there's a check in the client that tells it not to save data, we could bypass that in order to get hacks like godmode, durability, whatever to work and etc while still being able to save, had nothing to do with Game guardian not having access. My bad if I didn't make my self clear, and trust me I see all that happened as a win, but all in vain as well. Either way, I'm done here apparently all I'm doing is causing discord and not helping a bit. Take it easy, and good luck.
  12. Last day on earth survival

    Yeah, so basically a CRC, but seeing as it's done client side by all means we should be able to create a working bypass to allow us to use better hacks. I can't say I'm having the same problem as everyone else, but I can safely assume this game will probably be getting a good ole fashioned wipe when it does become official, and that's when they will slam all the server sided checks against us. Gg though, keep up whatever you think works.
  13. Last day on earth survival

    I don't think you fully get it, I never said anything about server sided checks, might want to read that again. But then again, on that topic, if you know anything about CRC checks, I fully think it's similar to that, which is why when you hack and don't reset fast enough, it checks against the server data and disconnects you, which is why some hacks don't work, let me clarify once more, it's not checking direct values as to maybe perhaps the entire thing, but there is something that will cause you not to have saved data if the hacks are not done properly, which we can all admit is a reality.. It's not got multiplayer, that's fine, don't mean there's no UID system, it may just be unfinished which would explain the BS with the save files, but there definitely are UID *****, look in the files again. And lastly, I have zero chill and no ***** to give, I can just be a douche, plain and simple. Sorry if I come off harsh to any of you, but ***** it. (:
  14. Last day on earth survival

    We told you already, but we also know you won't figure it out. So I won't reiterate my self, it's in this thread. Good luck.