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  1. Thank you for the release, I'll download the game and try these out tonight (:
  2. have you considered looking near memory of the address you found for the value of the reward and changing that?
  3. Couldn't tell you which you would want to change, but I know a lot of apps that change the device id including titanium backup. Make sure to backup your original one just incase lol
  4. Well, care to explain the pc method? I'm sure with the proper techniques it can be duplicated via game guardian
  5. Posts must be in English(ingles)
  6. Not sure what's being shown here, this app still requires ROOT. I will not help root your phone, please Google how.
  7. Have you tried changing your device id?
  8. What does the error code mean? When does it occur? Is it after you run GG? details please friend
  9. The video section of this website has plenty of useful tutorials using GG specifically. As for the people who say GG and CE are different, to an extent. Both are memory editors so the basic memory scanning tutorials probably would be helpful, even some for reverse engineering but those wouldn't be helpful for GG. In a nutshell, the videos provided by the staff and users on this website provide everything that you would need for GG, and the biggest thing is to remember that CE is meant for computer games and data is handled differently as well. Have fun!
  10. My dream come true, not having my laptop anymore has limited me greatly but now you just unlocked another door that I must thank you for. And a thanks to the developer pancake, whoever that is lol
  11. When Using GG, if you decide to pause a game during your editing, if the game used a server heartbeat check it will not be able to verify if the game is paused too long because it won't send/recieve the heartbeat. Therefore, the game will shut itself down and GG will give you that response. as well as there are times they use antidebugging techniques which recognize scans and close the game out. Hope this helped. Good luck.
  12. I just saw this video, but I didn't know that feature worked like that. Makes finding that specific address a lot easier now, thanks for the video! 🙏
  13. Newest version has a baksmali feature with editing, and a few other new features. Hope I don't get in trouble for leaving this link, the antivirus results are for the same file that I upload and you get from the site (check hash if paranoid) APK Editor Pro 1.7.8 MOD Jotti Multi Anti Virus Scan Results
  14. Ah, aobscan like how CE's auto Assembly language. Exactly like that, for me it's more like a regex with the byte signature lol but exactly the same concept. And I've used the technique for a lot of hooking methods in computer programs, more than sure it's as applicable for Android games. Actually know it is since a friend of mine introduced me to .so injection lol Edit: might have a higher success rate with Android games since they don't use memory the same way as Windows (:
  15. Do you just max it out? Try a lower value? I've ran into issues with there being a stack limit