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  1. 3113

    I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    Last time I did it, find the item id before picking it up, freeze to new value once you figure out which id you want, close the window, reopen, loot all. Remember some items it doesn't work for, you might have to play around with it. As for speedhack, just don't make it too high and it should work fine. I'll reinstall the game later and play around with it, good luck.
  2. 3113

    I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    Yes yes, searching Mana/HP missing and freezing at 0 works just fine for health and Mana hack. I really haven't focused too much on other things, as you can speedhack using the game guardian built in speedhack. I have created an item dupe a while ago, which works perfectly fine on every new version so far, I have tested, including since mage release. A video tutorial on that can be found here: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/16811-exiled-kingdoms-item-dupe-tomes/ I hope this helps you on your adventures. I will also tell you this, you can spawn items as well, if you use the same technique for item dupe, but you need to search in memory around the quantity address for the item ID, you can manipulate that item ID. But some items can not be duped or spawned, I'm sure there are extra checks for them. Anyways good luck.
  3. 3113

    The OFFICIAL Vast Survival Tutorial (im back)

    d*** it's been a long time since I've seen you online man how you been? I see you're back at hacking this game again, remember hacking it with me on discord? Anyways hit me up again sometime dude, and don't mind the people not commenting or showing love, you know that counter counts people without accounts as well which means they couldn't if they wanted to. Board needs a private section for people that's not just VIP if you ask me.
  4. 3113

    My Oasis

    Same method he used for gems and hearts also works on remembering tokens. (He forgot to put that in the video)
  5. 3113

    RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic

    At one point I hacked this game, I can't remember but it was all pretty basic. Achievement rewards, prices, etc. I think you can even convert the type of reward to different currencies, but you'll need to look into nearby memories and play around for yourself. Just acknowledgement that it can be done.
  6. 3113

    LUA scripting

    Just for discussion and understanding; Wouldn't the script be running as root since the Parent application is running as root? Or is it different when it comes to Android?
  7. 3113

    LUA scripting

    If the problem is about the Lua scripts finding each other, you should also remember that Game guardian takes root privileges, so the same when you are in Linux, when you elevate from USER to ROOT you are changing your home directory as well, so using default path variables will also change, so for your script you may want to be specific with the locations when trying to use multiple scripts, and/or create a prompt asking for directories before executing the script fully. If I'm wrong, well I hope this helps someone else.
  8. Do as NoFear said or get RootCloak and hide keywords and locations for XposedBridge.jar
  9. 3113

    Funny quotes about GameGuardian

    It's funny because it's not like you put a description of the catch.me.if you.can part of the installation, and even funnier when you find YouTube videos going into so much detail about why this app is a "virus", and even funnier is these same people come to the gg website, than hear then say the fact the website uses COOKIES is also part of the virus, and in my head I can only think, "if these guys think cookies are part of a virus, and they use YouTube and Facebook, why don't the claim those are viruses?" It's okay to these same people when an app requires permissions it doesn't need and gives no explanation, oh but gameguardian whom of which explains itself "must be a virus" lol these imbeciles act like they know what they're talking about. And ***** Symantec. Lol
  10. 3113

    Shadow fight 3

    Just talking about the hacks you know gives them an idea of what to work on and where to look. @NoFear that's funny they banned his account and not yours though, that's because they probably are monitoring yours actively lol
  11. Let's see, ways I would do this.... Sniff packets to find proper url to download the file Use any of the many sites that are capable Use an extension for the browser Third party Download managers could possibly sniff the files and download for em Or a multitude of other ways, I haven't even thought about doing this in a while lol There's even a python script you could use if you wanted to (located @ https:/github.com/iheanyi/bandcamp-dl )
  12. 3113

    exiled kingdoms

    LOL that's OG status I appreciate it too man, I even emailed the developer of the game to add me to the beta list To make your hack journey easier, I recall someone from another thread mentioning that once you get passed the quest line where the girl amarita or whatever helps you escape the prison cell (really early game) it stops the resetting aspect when moving from one zone to another. Also, I have a video in one of the sections here about hacking Tomes so you have hacked trait points. Also what i read from the forums is that the Mana potions are non-stackable items, so the method I use to dupe tomes should work all the same. Than again if you can buy them, it wouldn't matter when you use gold have lol Hmu if you find anything cool. And health/Mana can be hacked by searching for the amount missing. So if you're at 70/100 how, you'd search 30 and set to 0. All dword if I recall, and the memory region for me was JavaHeap, but Enby will remind you that often times the memory regions are different device to device. Have fun.
  13. 3113

    Game Guardian Plus

    There isn't a Paid or Free version now as far as I know of..
  14. 3113

    exiled kingdoms

    Still provide us with the beta APK please (: I am a fan of the game lol just not in beta and would really like to see the mage class ^^
  15. 3113

    I really need Exiled Kingdoms Hack!

    It would be nice if you uploaded the beta apk, I'm not part of the beta in the game so I can't do anything. Also note I have made videos for this game, but anywhom, I would love to try the mage char and new updates, let me know what's up with it! @Mordeith