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  1. Tut

    Android Lollipop 5.0.2 here works 100% X.x (3113@SM-S978L|5.0.2)
  2. I didn't read all this, but there are options to rearrange the toolbar menu, in which the deselect all Button is available right beside the select all. I'll reread more of this, maybe to fix your quality of life, you could look more into the programs customizations too. Edit: saved tables don't work after closing a game due to the randomized data, the saved table isnt meant to be reloaded after the app has been closed, the Android operating system won't put the data in the same place, not GameGuardians problem, email google. Also, a lot of this stuff can be answered or found via searching the forums. Just dig and poke more. There are even video tutorials to answer and help show you some of the things you're asking for. These features have either been implemented or just are not possible without Google making changes to the Android OS. Good luck. (3113@SM-S978L|5.0.2)
  3. Are there any deeper level forums? I believe I saw there was one for VIP, but sometimes I have the urge for releases that probably shouldn't go directly to public just yet. Was curious if their were any "underground" levels (*memories of old*) (3113@SM-S978L|5.0.2)
  4. Welcome, and yeah I think there's a post requirement before posting there, can't remember though lol
  5. Maybe this can help the OP How To Root Also; @sempai2055 You should try the above, but because you said it's super hard I went out of my way for you:
  6. Aside from you posting none of the necessary information for us to help you, the best I can do is direct you to the following link:
  7. All your answers are located here >>> <<<
  8. Don't know you but welcome to the forums, feel free to contribute and learn as you please.
  9. Earlier posts explain how to get a character's level back down to 1. Also guys, be aware there may be more than one address encrypted for one whatever in game. Also a lot of times games can revert the displayed amount by checking against encrypted value. Let's also remember this is Nintendo, it's not a small time group who made this game. Good luck!
  10. Have you considered looking for encrypted values? Or trying different memory ranges? Also there could be Limit checks etc etc gotta think outside the box
  11. Lol that was fast, I was trying to edit my post to tell you, but I don't know if it were you who had this problem, but I can't run Xposed on my Galaxy, I hide my root using the built in feature for SuperSU, and also I can't use this other app but some Samsung devices have better luck using Magisk instead of Xposed. Wouldn't try messing around with that if you don't know how to unbrick your phone though that's for sure.
  12. A proper thank you is also that handy + reputation button at the bottom of the post you are thankful for.
  13. Absolutely, and same issue.a further investigation (or search) into the forums would have eventually lead you to the thread I made for Angry Birds 2 located here Here are some extra helpful links as well:
  14. hi

    Whatcha need help with? Most important: The Search Feature Other Useful Links: Video Tutorials Tutorials Cheats Requests
  15. REQ

    Probably because the name of the game is called "Eternium: Mage and Minions" which is the exact name of the other thread, so I figured common sense put the rest together. And replying to this thread, even for me, just diverts people from the more recent thread about it (which I am against dupe threads.) If you want people to find it easier, downvote old threads and upvote more recent or working ones (I know I am about to lol)