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  1. Last day on earth survival

    Maybe you're taking me too seriously, and this whole thread is just getting too serious, I know I come off rude as *****, but don't take me that way, my bad. No one said you had no clean access to anything, so you misunderstood that bypass ordeal. I was saying, if there's a check in the client that tells it not to save data, we could bypass that in order to get hacks like godmode, durability, whatever to work and etc while still being able to save, had nothing to do with Game guardian not having access. My bad if I didn't make my self clear, and trust me I see all that happened as a win, but all in vain as well. Either way, I'm done here apparently all I'm doing is causing discord and not helping a bit. Take it easy, and good luck.
  2. Last day on earth survival

    Yeah, so basically a CRC, but seeing as it's done client side by all means we should be able to create a working bypass to allow us to use better hacks. I can't say I'm having the same problem as everyone else, but I can safely assume this game will probably be getting a good ole fashioned wipe when it does become official, and that's when they will slam all the server sided checks against us. Gg though, keep up whatever you think works.
  3. Last day on earth survival

    I don't think you fully get it, I never said anything about server sided checks, might want to read that again. But then again, on that topic, if you know anything about CRC checks, I fully think it's similar to that, which is why when you hack and don't reset fast enough, it checks against the server data and disconnects you, which is why some hacks don't work, let me clarify once more, it's not checking direct values as to maybe perhaps the entire thing, but there is something that will cause you not to have saved data if the hacks are not done properly, which we can all admit is a reality.. It's not got multiplayer, that's fine, don't mean there's no UID system, it may just be unfinished which would explain the BS with the save files, but there definitely are UID *****, look in the files again. And lastly, I have zero chill and no ***** to give, I can just be a douche, plain and simple. Sorry if I come off harsh to any of you, but ***** it. (:
  4. Last day on earth survival

    We told you already, but we also know you won't figure it out. So I won't reiterate my self, it's in this thread. Good luck.
  5. Last day on earth survival

    To learn, to hack, memory edit, or whatever you call it, it's all the same thing. You could be learning to be a carpenter, but open your d*** eyes and mind so you can actually learn. @hitu69 I already told you, there is no fix, you all messed up, just delete data and start from scratch. Don't use someone else's saved data, and do it for your self. *Correction; @DrakeEdwards has faith in you all enough to explain a fix from his perspective, I don't though, so good luck to you all. Nice attempt at helping the community Drake, lmao.
  6. Last day on earth survival

    Why not instead of doing an ordered group search, you just do a group search for the quantity of parts you have with a small range to find them, then trial and error until you get it right? It has nothing to do with being smart, just common ***** sense. If you want to be a hacker, open your eyes, and your mind. What if his saved file loaded an .so file containing a Trojan to own your device? You wouldn't know s*** unless you looked, so start actually "trying"
  7. Last day on earth survival

    You guys are not smart. First of all, there is no ***** randomization, just STFU about it. Secondly, none of you actually checked the files you were restoring, first thing I noticed was UID files getting swapped = you are all sharing the same ***** user id like idiots. Good job. So let's make an example, five of you ate using the same UID, each playing differently and changing names differently, each updating and saving to that UID with different s***, of course when it restores it's going to appear different, because you're all retarded, sharing the same account. Your best bet is to stop begging, put forth some ***** effort, read the threads, and if you read even one post saying something works, don't ask for a ***** video and accept the fact if you can't do it you're a d*** quitter. Don't use shared saves, and if you do, make sure to ONLY COPY THE NECESSARY FILES. Use common sense and look at the files for yourself. Thanks to @Krakken for a lot of the hard work in this thread, but bro delete your save, it's just Omega trolling these scrubs. But good job on that too lmao.
  8. Last day on earth survival

    If you saved to the server and have your Google account linked then yes, go to your device's SETTINGS > APPLICATIONS > LDOE > CLEAR DATA, than run the game and it will ask you to restore, say yes. I do not know if it works with a mod app, also I am not responsible if you forgot to link your account and lose all your shit.
  9. Last day on earth survival

    I do not know if it works with a mod app, also I am not responsible if you forgot to link your account and lose all your shit. This is what I did, Go to your device's Settings menu Applications > LDOE CLEAR DATA Start the game & restore
  10. Last day on earth survival

    That's because it's not fully implemented in game yet.
  11. Last day on earth survival

    Have you tried looking at the bottom left of the map? That's where I find my chopper.
  12. Last day on earth survival

    Because you need to try harder, it works. Be careful though I did accidently move a chest outside my Zone in the green stuff and can't reach it anymore or move it yet the spot in my house where it was can't be destroyed and nothing placed there lol
  13. Last day on earth survival

    Bravo bravo, excellent video and excellent way of demonstrating messing with random addresses and values you find *cough* @Krakken *cough* lol (friendly banter;)) but But seriously I was just doing it for random crafting items using what @Krakken shown about the item freeze dupe, didn't even think of using it on vehicles yet. Bravo
  14. Last day on earth survival

    Ah bro sorry to tell you, I've logged into three friends accounts today to hack their gold and resources and they were able to login and enjoy them as well, so for it not being saved online is wrong. If your GG hacks aren't saving, that's because you're tripping some check and it's kicking you off the server. As for the materials not being there, well damn. And you're sure all the players are npc? I seen some unique names, maybe AI using an actual characters account, but who am I to know. (:
  15. Last day on earth survival

    What do you mean the resources are there you just need to get transportation to get to them, and the game is online right now I think you're a bit confused. Or maybe I am, but it's definitely there, and you can get there, check YouTube. (Why show something not yet implemented, unlike the minigun)