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    Game version: 8.7.0. Cheat type: maximize team principals experience. Requirement: non-zero team principals experience.
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    Either pm me or reply here. I'll send youtube link
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    So that the developer does not close the vulnerability, the game will not be named, and some of the information that allows to identify the game will be changed. The game is quite popular - more than 1 million installations. The game is an RPG. There is PvP mode, there are local companies, many different currencies. Everything is on the server, but the battles themselves are turn-based and are calculated locally. This is the possibility of hacking. In battle, coins may fall out of the rivals. The maximum number of coins per battle is limited and written directly on the screen. This is 240 coins. Also, for killing each opponent’s troops they give a stone. In total there can be up to 8 troops. However, part of the troops may be called up by other troops, so it is impossible to say unequivocally how many stones will be received in battle. But, more often than not, there is no appeal, so there are 8 stones per battle. The maximum number of stones per battle is limited and is 120. Each part of the company contains about 30 battles. Values in memory are not protected. Therefore, starting the battle, it is possible by direct search to find 2 values in memory for gold and 3 for stones. They always have the same offset relative to each other. Gold is easier to find, stones are harder. But once finding a mutual displacement. You can make a saved list with the necessary data. Next, we find the value of gold, we consider the offset between the past and current address and use the relocation to get the addresses of the stones. This can also be done through a script, or through an offset calculator. In fact, the game reuses memory, so the addresses between the battles remain the same almost always. For about 100 battles, only twice was it necessary to do a rebase. After the value is found, we change the value of gold and stones to a maximum of-1. 239 coins and 119 stones. And then we collect some more gold and stones so that the game updates its data everywhere. As a result, the maximum possible number of resources comes from one battle. Experience points are a bonus. They are calculated based on the collected stones. Therefore, after each battle there is an increase in the level of the hero. And each level increase gives bonuses. Thus, you can level up the hero very quickly. The hero’s leveling speed is 10-20 times higher, since we get a level increase for each battle, while the level of opponents grows at a normal speed. Therefore, each subsequent battle is simpler and simpler. And all this works, despite the fact that the game is server-based and almost everything is on the server.
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    GameGuardian work without root So, as for work without root. This is not magic. Technical limitations were, and have remained. So it will not work anywhere and always. Actually it looks like this: 1. You put an application of virtual space (Parallel Space, VirtualXposed, Parallel Space Lite, GO multiple, 2Face and many others). 2. In it you add the game and installed GameGuardian. 3. From the virtual space application, you launch the game and GameGuardian. Actually everything. GameGuardian can be used to hack the game. Everything is simple and transparent. It was a good part of the news. Now about the bad: 1. The game has zero progress. You can not transfer the progress from the existing installation of the game, if the game itself does not provide it (through the cloud or somehow). 2. Not all games work through virtual spaces. 3. There may be another account in the game. 4. Not all functions will be available in GameGuardian. 5. On some firmware it does not work at all. If you cannot choose a proсess in GameGuardian, or get an error 105/106, then on your firmware, GG, without root, will not work. Try optimized versions of virtual spaces or another firmware or other device or get root. 6. In some virtual spaces GameGuardian does not work. What can be done in case of problems: 1. Try different virtual spaces if the problem is in them. Best option: Parallel Space. 2. Try changing the firmware. 3. Get a root and do not fool yourself. Once again: it will not work at all and always. It is possible that it will work for you and will not. Virtual spaces to run GameGuardian without root (#ct7bob3) Proper install without root - GameGuardian (#abausujp) Help: https://gameguardian.net/help/help.html#work_without_root Video-examples: Balls Bounce Free - hack balls - without root - GameGuardian, Parallel Space Bejeweled Stars: Free Match 3 - hack without root - group search - GameGuardian, GO Multiple Hack Tap Counter without root via GO Multiple on Android 7.1.1 - GameGuardian Hack Tap Counter without root via GO Multiple - GameGuardian Work without root via Parallel Space - GameGuardian Work without root via 2Face - GameGuardian Work without root via Mutiple Accounts - GameGuardian Work without root via GO Multiple - GameGuardian No root via VirtualXposed - GameGuardian (#b6l7k1qu) No root via VirtualXposed (without error 105) - GameGuardian (#bpb5835m) No root via optimized Parallel Space Lite - GameGuardian (#47glijbj) No root [from scratch] (boring and long video) - GameGuardian (#9rf9317c) No root via Dr. Clone - GameGuardian (#aft8whcy)
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    Hello guys, We are very happy to see that our lua feature get some success. But we noticed that some guys leek and use functions whats not made by their self to sell other guys work here. We have no problem if you advertise selfmade vip scripts on our side, but if we find out that you use functions what made by others people (we will decrypt everything you upload here) without to post credits, your content will be deleted and you get banned. Leachers and copy paste guys are the shame in the hacking community, especially if they make money with other guys work. If you use other guys functions, you can upload it here for free, but you have everytime to post the credits in the mainpost of your upload. If you dont know who made because a functions is a copy of a copy of a copy of a stolen script....you can write "credits: to a unknown guy" At reversers and guys who made the real work: if you see your functions in other scripts without credits to you, pm me with a small prove that you are the creator and we will remove it from our site. Its very frightening to see that there are some script kiddies who make money with stolen scripts. You guys are not welcome here!!!! Geri
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    I m working to find a solution. Have to wait...
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    RealRacing 3 PE Points Cheat Instructions[/b] 1) Goto driver profile and search your current PE points DWORD. 2) Then run any race, go back driver profile and refine results with new value. 3) Repeat step 2 until you get 2 o 3 results. 4) Edit all with high value, exit driver profile then go back. Your PE points should be updated now. Follow video tutorial if you have issues
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    View File Real Racing 3 (8.7) R$/Gold/M$ Rewards Hack REAL RACING 3 REWARDS HACK Current version: Description: Decide your reward and get it. Instructions: Run the script, set the reward you want, then put app in background and resume it to get reward. You ll get reward every time you bakground / resume app, to stop it, restart the game. (This will be fix soon) Notes: hello monkeys Video tutorial: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 09/17/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.1.1) AutoWiN Hack REAL RACING 3 AUTOWiN HACK Current version: RR3 working version: 9.1.1 Description: Automatically win any race without play. Instructions: Run the script then select any race to win it automatically, or, if you don t run it in background, select race before run the script. Known issues: After several races the game can become unstable, so occasionally restart it to avoid game crashes and loss of game progresses. Video demo: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 07/09/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    Too many guys ask about GG and libil2cpp.so to working with gameguardian. So I decided to make some guides to working around with it using offset. Game: Call of duty - Mobile VN Funtion to hack: Show enemy on radar This game was protected from dumper, so I uses Il2CppInspector to inspect the lib. Open up the Il2CppInspector.exe and drag the apk to the app GUI then wait a bit: I exported the Json file to find the function and address, and I want to find where the function to show enemy on rada, I found this: 0x046C37F4 -- here is address holded the function get_ShowEnemyOnRadar() So what should we do? We can mod directly in libil2cpp.so, using the hock, create the app to call... But here, I willshow you how to modify this function using GameGuardian First, you need the function tohandle the lib, share on Internet and I just copy paste here: local memFrom, memTo, lib, num, lim, results, src, ok = 0, -1, nil, 0, 32, {}, nil, false function name(n) if lib ~= n then lib = n local ranges = gg.getRangesList(lib) if #ranges == 0 then print("⚠ERROR: " .. lib .. " are not found!⚠") gg.toast("⚠ERROR: " .. lib .. " are not found!⚠") os.exit() else memFrom = ranges[1].start memTo = ranges[#ranges]["end"] end end end function hex2tbl(hex) local ret = {} hex:gsub( "%S%S", function(ch) ret[#ret + 1] = ch return "" end ) return ret end function original(orig) local tbl = hex2tbl(orig) local len = #tbl if len == 0 then return end local used = len if len > lim then used = lim end local s = "" for i = 1, used do if i ~= 1 then s = s .. ";" end local v = tbl[i] if v == "??" or v == "**" then v = "0~~0" end s = s .. v .. "r" end s = s .. "::" .. used gg.searchNumber(s, gg.TYPE_BYTE, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, memFrom, memTo) if len > used then for i = used + 1, len do local v = tbl[i] if v == "??" or v == "**" then v = 256 else v = ("0x" .. v) + 0 if v > 127 then v = v - 256 end end tbl[i] = v end end local found = gg.getResultCount() results = {} local count = 0 local checked = 0 while true do if checked >= found then break end local all = gg.getResults(8) local total = #all local start = checked if checked + used > total then break end for i, v in ipairs(all) do v.address = v.address + myoffset end gg.loadResults(all) while start < total do local good = true local offset = all[1 + start].address - 1 if used < len then local get = {} for i = lim + 1, len do get[i - lim] = {address = offset + i, flags = gg.TYPE_BYTE, value = 0} end get = gg.getValues(get) for i = lim + 1, len do local ch = tbl[i] if ch ~= 256 and get[i - lim].value ~= ch then good = false break end end end if good then count = count + 1 results[count] = offset checked = checked + used else local del = {} for i = 1, used do del[i] = all[i + start] end gg.removeResults(del) end start = start + used end end end function replaced(repl) num = num + 1 local tbl = hex2tbl(repl) if src ~= nil then local source = hex2tbl(src) for i, v in ipairs(tbl) do if v ~= "??" and v ~= "**" and v == source[i] then tbl[i] = "**" end end src = nil end local cnt = #tbl local set = {} local s = 0 for _, addr in ipairs(results) do for i, v in ipairs(tbl) do if v ~= "??" and v ~= "**" then s = s + 1 set[s] = {["address"] = addr + i, ["value"] = v .. "r", ["flags"] = gg.TYPE_BYTE} end end end if s ~= 0 then gg.setValues(set) end ok = true end Now you need to call the function: gg.setRanges ( gg .REGION_CODE_APP | gg .REGION_C_DATA) -- usally you only need this region name('libil2cpp.so') -- name the lib myoffset = 0x046C37F4 -- offset you found original('7F 45 4C 46 01 01 01 00') -- begin hex, open the libil2cpp.so with HexView and find first 8 bytes of hex replaced('01 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1') -- use arm to hex converter, convert "return true" to hex, see https://armconverter.com/?code=mov%20r0,%20%231%0Abx%20lr gg.toast("Done!") Put it in your lua and done, you're now can hack the radar using GG and libil2cpp. Demo: Demo file: CODHack_Demo.lua
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    Save Game Abyss shop = Complete Dark lord = Unlock All Skin = Complete Story mode = Complete Challenge Mode = Complete Rebirt level = Maximum Conqueror level = Maximum Transcendence level = Maximum i hope download = like count you must login to download save game.txt
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.1.1) Race Mode REAL RACING 3 RACE MODE Current version: RR3 working version: 9.1.1 Description: With this script you can enable/disable following hacks: - Autodrive Mode - Freeze Mode - Ghost Mode - KickAss Mode (not helpful if you active ghost mode too) Works with standard and rolling start FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH 32 AND 64 BIT DEVICES Instructions: Run this script after signal light has turned green. If script doesn t work use S version Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 05/13/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.0.1) Car Unlocker REAL RACING 3 CAR UNLOCKER Current version: Working RR3: 9.0.1 Description: Run this script to unlock and get any car for free!!! Instructions: Select wished car in the garage, then run the script. Known issues: None Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 12/15/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    This script is a compilation of group search I made, based from this group's conversation and from myself. Born from my laziness of searching things over and over again, I decided to compile it using a script XD. Just run the script, pick the menu, respond any question that popped out, and finally wait and let my script do the job automatically for you Disclaimers : - I take no responsibility for anything happen to your device and/or your account as a result from using my script, so kindly DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK. - This script need to store indexing data performed by any group search made, so kindly review every permission for GameGuardian installed on your device especially read and write storage. - I made this script using GameGuardian v95.0, it may or may not work on newer version (PM me or quote my post if it doesn't support) How to : - Download my script (attached below) to your device. Run script from GameGuardian by clicking triangle icon on the right side of magnify icon (the icon you usually do search value) Features : - As listed in the Menu Just try it one by one and see it for yourself XD - At the first time game restarts, most of all menu will performed group search 2 times, one is for searching the value of -2000000000~-1000000000 (I called this header ID), another is for collecting its data range based on the header ID and save it for the next time execution as long as the game didn't restart. when it tells you to check your game, please check it and see for the changes. - If you check saved list (floppy disk icon on top), you may see this : As it says, please not to remove it. Doing so will perform group search again on the respective menu and it'll take some more time. Special notes : - If you placed another copper coin box after run my script option 4, you'll need to delete copper coin current header in saved list so my script will re-collect your copper coin box data - If you placed another townhall after run my script option 10 and/or 11, you'll need to delete townhall exp current header and energy current header in saved list so my script will re-collect your current exp and energy in each townhall - If you placed another townhall after run my script option 9, you'll need to delete resource current header in saved list, re-run option 9 with no modified resource, when it's done delete again in saved list, then re-run option 9 with modified resource using my script. this seems complicated, but I'll try simplified it later. - You'll need to delete daily challenge crystal header when server time restarts (you can see server time in briefing room, on the bottom right side) Have fun net.kairosoft.android.kingdom_en_v1b.lua
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.1.1) Currency Hack (R$,Gold,M$) REAL RACING 3 CURRENCY HACK Current version: Working RR3: 9.1.1 Description: Choose your R$, gold, M$ amount and get it! Instructions: Run the script, enter wished amount, then restart the game to update currencies values. Known issues: No hack more than 100.000.000 rs, 50.000 gold, 5.000.000 ms. Bluestacks,Nox,x8 sandbox can use version Warning: Logout your account before run the script to avoid ban Features: - SUPER FAST SCRIPT - NO SEARCHES Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 12/23/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    Nice one bro!! if you want i can write a script for this
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    New verisions released: and S Use 2nd if 1st doesn t work for you rr3_race_mode.v9.
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    View File Real Racing 3 (8.8.1) Car Upgrader REAL RACING 3 CAR UPGRADER Working RR3 version: 8.8.1 Current version: Description: Upgrade all cars without spend currencies. Instructions: Run the script in the garage, then set the number of wanted upgrades. Eg: 7554332, See video for more info. You can decrease upgrades too by selecting checkbox when you rum the script. Known issues: You can set level to max 9, some old f1 need 10. Probably this will fix in next release. Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 10/21/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    New version released: - added enable/disable function - super fast
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.0.1) Endurance Hack Reloaded Real Racing 3 Endurance Hack Reloaded Current version: Working RR3 version: 9.0.1 Description: Win any endurance race automatically with the possibility to set distance traveled (will be not added to user stats). Instructions: Run this script before or after green lights turn green and keep car stopped. Thanks to @BreadKiller Video demo: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 07/22/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 AutoViP Hack Real Racing 3 AutoViP Hack Current version: 1.0 Requirements: Game Guardian version 96.0+ Description: Run the script in the garage, then simply select a car to make it VIP. Thanks to @BreadKiller , all credits to him. Video demo: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 07/21/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.0.1.) Player Level Hack REAL RACING 3 PLAYER LEVEL HACK Current version: Working RR3: 9.0.1 Description: Edit Player Level as you want. Instructions: Run the script, type current level and wished one, then restart the game. Warning: Logout your account before run any script. Known issues: None Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 05/19/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.0.1) Old Cars Unlocker REAL RACING 3 OLD CARS UNLOCKER Current version: Working RR3: 9.0.1 Description: Unlock all old cars. Instructions: Run the script to unlock all old cars that now are unavailable. If you don't get all cars immediately you ll have to run script again after game restart. Known issues: none Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 12/22/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File Real Racing 3 (8.8.1) Race Changer Real Racing 3 Race Changer Current version: Requirements: Game Guardian v96+ Description: Change event type, track and laps number. Instructions: Select race, then run the script to change it. Known issues: None Video tutorial: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 06/19/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    In this toutorial you can see how to find -- Known values -- Time Values -- Unknown Changing Value -- Unknown Unchange value -- Text value -- Managing the values After learning this tutorial you can even find values like Antina head , High Jump , Color value and many more . This is a complete tutorial. 30 minutes
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    Here is a new video tutorial to get max level:
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    Hello, someone just asked me a question (see below) about how to learn to use GG and especially pointers, and I wanted to share my answer, since I think pointers can be very obscure at the beginning as well as GG itself if you're not already into hacking. PS: I know many people have already answered the same type of question, I try to make it as clear as possible here, but I'm just adding my answer to the already existing flow, and I hope people can correct me if needed here, or add anything they want I show the content there, quite a load to read. Question: Answer:
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    Bro i Just made a Video but it's size is much larger so i will tell u therotically, listen. Example - COIN VALUE -500 DIAMOND - 200 search known value in Dword 500;200 Whatever result u get Just all edit to whichiever amount u want and play a ome game to exchange the value of coins. And one more thing bro. No need to pay to any body here, we R just here to help each other. If u want to pay then Just donate to enby
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    You need to better understand value types than. Dword is 4byte Qword is 8byte If the 4 bytes after your dword are 0, then the dword is same value as qword until you exceed 2147483647. Then the 4bytes below top dword become 1. And the 4bytes above that start back at 0.
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    You have definitely chosen the right place to ask about it. Tell us in detail how you will protect your game from GameGuardian and we will certainly help you.
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    View File Real Racing 3 (8.8.2) All Drivers & Teams Principal Hack REAL RACING 3 (8.8.2) F1/FE/GTE/NASCAR DRIVERS AND TEAMS PRINCIPAL HACK Current version: Working RR3: 8.8.2 Description: Run this script to get the maximum levels of drivers and teams principals. You still need gold and m$ to level up, but no points. Instruction: Run the script wherever you want and then update your drivers and teams. You need at least one point if you want your upgrades to be permanent. Otherwise, select the appropriate entry when you run the script. Known issues: None THANKS TO @impy !!! Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 09/20/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    For infinity Ammo and fire rate.. 1.Search the Ammo value.(Dword in region A) 2.Fire some shots then Refine will return only 1 result. 3.Goto the address.. - infinity ammo is just below ammo with value 0 > change it to 1 - fire rate is way above ammo..at offset -2C > change Float value to 0
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    Ok sorry :D:D i think i ve uploaded wrong version :p:p:p within few hours you can find update
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    Fixed vip hack RR3_Hack_8.5.0(212).fixed.lua
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    gg.searchNumber("1179403647", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 0) r = gg.getResults(1) local t = {} t[1] = {} t[1].address = r[1].address + 38899787 t[1].flags = 4 t[1].value = -776588887 t[1].freeze = true gg.setValues(t) gg.addListItems(t)
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    Real Racing 3 Time Trial Hack W A R N I N G Use at your own risk, if you get first position probably u get ban! Instruction Search elapsed time (1 sec = 1000 DWORD), then refine results until you get few result. You edit these values with ever you want. Done video
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    I dont understand. Or he is just kid, or he is pro level user which understand such things? What point of view I may use? And if just kid come to your house and make stupid things, dont be rude, ignore him. For example paint on your walls with pencil. It is just a kid. This is explain everything and allow him do anything. Right?
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    if open_processing then os.exit() end
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    Can someone please make an LUA script to cheat "Clash Royale" (by Supercell). I had been using an app to cheat it and it was working fine but the app has been discontinued for some reasons may be. A few cheats would be helpful: 1. Show opponent Elixir 2. Show enemy cards. Enough. Hope some expert will take this headache, lol Thank you
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    Postb public here.... Or people send pm and I send link to unlisted video. I'm fairly certain Developer is lurking...
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    In the meantime, the old 2.1.1 hack works for $ & VIP. Didn't find the older versions here, so it is attached. RR3 Hack_8.3.2(211).lua
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    Is all the videos people provide on new accounts that have spent 0 of both currencies? Values might not be balance, might be qty collected. So balance is calculated. Just a theory. N=O+D for search on coins as you EARN only. And see if you have a different value after a few searches. Also x64 distance between values is more often than not further than x32. Edit: I was correct... Coins earn Coins spent Gems earned Gems spent See attached image All together in that order.
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    I liked the way you didn't mention the game, I will adopt this strategy to make some guides like yours, I know several server side games that my cheats work for!
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    Binary scripts with corrupted or invalid headers interfere with application development. For this reason: Starting with GG 87.0, a variety of warnings and notifications are displayed ("Invalid binary script header"). In future versions of GG, such scripts will not be executed. Uploading such files to the forum is blocked. All scripts that allow you to create binary scripts with damaged headers will be deleted. You can use a script that replaces the header: Lua header fixer (#8vs58ae4) If this does not help, write to the author of the script. To users of scripts: write to script authors so that they do not spoil the headers. To script writers: Don't mess with the headers. If you want to indicate authorship, there are messages, toasts, and other ways. The file header is not a means of self-expression. If your encryptor / compiler has been deleted, you can remove the creation of corrupted headers from it and upload it as a new file.
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    Frozen values from the search Search for the number 10. The first 7 results are frozen with a value of 8. gg.searchNumber('10', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local t = gg.getResults(7) for i, v in ipairs(t) do t[i].value = '8' t[i].freeze = true end gg.addListItems(t)

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