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    So that the developer does not close the vulnerability, the game will not be named, and some of the information that allows to identify the game will be changed. The game is quite popular - more than 1 million installations. The game is an RPG. There is PvP mode, there are local companies, many different currencies. Everything is on the server, but the battles themselves are turn-based and are calculated locally. This is the possibility of hacking. In battle, coins may fall out of the rivals. The maximum number of coins per battle is limited and written directly on the screen. This is 240 coins. Also, for killing each opponent’s troops they give a stone. In total there can be up to 8 troops. However, part of the troops may be called up by other troops, so it is impossible to say unequivocally how many stones will be received in battle. But, more often than not, there is no appeal, so there are 8 stones per battle. The maximum number of stones per battle is limited and is 120. Each part of the company contains about 30 battles. Values in memory are not protected. Therefore, starting the battle, it is possible by direct search to find 2 values in memory for gold and 3 for stones. They always have the same offset relative to each other. Gold is easier to find, stones are harder. But once finding a mutual displacement. You can make a saved list with the necessary data. Next, we find the value of gold, we consider the offset between the past and current address and use the relocation to get the addresses of the stones. This can also be done through a script, or through an offset calculator. In fact, the game reuses memory, so the addresses between the battles remain the same almost always. For about 100 battles, only twice was it necessary to do a rebase. After the value is found, we change the value of gold and stones to a maximum of-1. 239 coins and 119 stones. And then we collect some more gold and stones so that the game updates its data everywhere. As a result, the maximum possible number of resources comes from one battle. Experience points are a bonus. They are calculated based on the collected stones. Therefore, after each battle there is an increase in the level of the hero. And each level increase gives bonuses. Thus, you can level up the hero very quickly. The hero’s leveling speed is 10-20 times higher, since we get a level increase for each battle, while the level of opponents grows at a normal speed. Therefore, each subsequent battle is simpler and simpler. And all this works, despite the fact that the game is server-based and almost everything is on the server.
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    Is all the videos people provide on new accounts that have spent 0 of both currencies? Values might not be balance, might be qty collected. So balance is calculated. Just a theory. N=O+D for search on coins as you EARN only. And see if you have a different value after a few searches. Also x64 distance between values is more often than not further than x32. Edit: I was correct... Coins earn Coins spent Gems earned Gems spent See attached image All together in that order.
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    Identically to the code for one value, just different actions in "if" blocks. For example: local v = gg.getResults(2) gg.setVisible(false) while not gg.isVisible() do local old1 = v[1].value local old2 = v[2].value v = gg.getValues(v) if old1 ~= v[1].value then gg.setSpeed(1.0) gg.toast('First value has changed: ' .. old1 .. ' -> ' .. v[1].value) end if old2 ~= v[2].value then gg.setSpeed(90.0) gg.toast('Second value has changed: ' .. old2 .. ' -> ' .. v[2].value) end gg.sleep(100) end
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    The following code may have identical effect to the code you have logged: gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber('256;100F;30F::65', gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.refineNumber('256', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local results = gg.getResults(1) results[1].value = 1 results[1].freeze = true results[2] = {address = results[1].address + 12, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD, value = 0, freeze = true} gg.addListItems(results)
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    function main() menu = gg.choice({'NEW: performance','NEW: Technique','NEW: Visual','EXIT'},nil,'Select Cheat') if menu == 1 then performance() end if menu == 2 then Technique() end if menu == 3 then Visual() end if menu == 4 then os.exit() end if menu == nil then noselect() end end function performance() input=gg.prompt({'Input your value below'}, {[1]='0'}, {[1]='number'}) if input==nil then gg.alert('You have cancelled the dialogue') os.exit() end gg.searchNumber(input[1],gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('9482',gg.TYPE_DWORD) end function Technique() input=gg.prompt({'Input your value below'}, {[1]='0'}, {[1]='number'}) if input==nil then gg.alert('You have cancelled the dialogue') os.exit() end gg.searchNumber(input[1],gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('9482',gg.TYPE_DWORD) end function Visual() input=gg.prompt({'Input your value below'}, {[1]='0'}, {[1]='number'}) if input==nil then gg.alert('You have cancelled the dialogue') os.exit() end gg.searchNumber(input[1],gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('9482',gg.TYPE_DWORD) end function noselect() gg.toast('You Not Select Anything') os.exit() end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then main() end end
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    please update for the game version 8.2.0
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    By the way, for this reason, this code: local t = {1, 2, 3, ..., 1000} much faster than this: local t = {} t[1] = 1 t[2] = 2 t[3] = 3 ... t[1000] = 1000 For the table, an array of the right size is immediately allocated, and not reallocated repeatedly as it is populated. Although, again, this is true when the number of elements is thousands and tens of thousands, and not when there are hundreds of them. In this case, there will be no apparent difference.
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    Sure, you taught me this method. So I always use this method for the first try.
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    20200217214644.mp4 Very easy, just use UTF-8 to search your gold amount, edit to 9.
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    Dot decimal separator. So '1.014.350.479' is not a valid number. For change one value from group search need do refine search and editAll after that. Or load all values and work with it in loop. Use 'if' and 'setValues'.
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    View File ARM7 Editor by BadCase and CmP Features: Convert Reverse Hex to ARM7 Instructions Decoding Supported For ( MOV, MOVW, MOVT, MOVGT, ADD, ADDCC, SUB, CMP, MUL, LDR, LDRB, LDRH, STRB, STR, VMOV, TST, EOR, NOP, BX LR, STM, POP, PUSH, BLX, UXTH, MVN ) Partial Decoding Supported For (ORRSEQ, B, BL, BHI, BEQ, MVNSEQ, MOVWNE, VMRS, VMOV, VCMPEF32, POPGT, MOVGT) Convert ARM7 Instructions to Reverse Hex Encoding Supported For(MOV, MOVW, MOVGT, ADD, SUB, CMP, MUL, LDR, LDRB, STRB, STR, VMOV, TST, EOR, NOP, BX LR) Browse and edit ARM7 Instructions in memory If there is interest I will work on adding encoding support for more instructions, if you would like to request for one to be added just send me a message. Thanks To: Thanks to CmP for teaching me about ARM7 in further detail and for rewriting several inefficient functions in the script. Thanks to NoFear for getting me started on understanding ARM7 Reuse of Script Functions: You are free to reuse the core encoding and decoding functions of this script so long as it is not in another ARM editor. (if you wish to contribute functions to the editor contact me and you will be given full credit for your contribution) And so long as you give visible credit to me in the GUI of your script such as in an alert triggered by a button labeled "Credits" or something similar. ARM8 Editor is coming soon Submitter BadCase Submitted 02/14/2020 Category Tools  
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    I liked the way you didn't mention the game, I will adopt this strategy to make some guides like yours, I know several server side games that my cheats work for!
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    Had a few bans. I think due to Souls balance being 200,000+. Also certain areas in game might be more monitored too. [added 0 minutes later] That's fine. Referral system exists. Get enough paying referrals, can be free.
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    You do it wrong. Do only reset. And check toasts. [added 4 minutes later] And yes, I think you not try, because you not mention that and I am not a telepath.
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    View File Script PUBG MOBILE 0.16 Global Vietnam KRJP Taiwan - Included Virtual Support Android 10 - Included Bypass Hosts - All Tools In Description Videos Submitter zerocyberzevolution Submitted 02/07/2020 Category PUBG  
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    Sir. Its doesnt working with the new version 1.4.43, we need the latest script for 1.4.43 version
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    You must define functions before call it. Not after.
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    Can anyone plz tell me how to speed hack in trials frontier?
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    You should use JustDecompile to read old version of apk. New versions isn't readable the normal way
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    How to cheat at black dessert please?
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    Somebody can make a menu script lua for brawl stars? Because scripts By g1doz doesnt working, check photo below.
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    It is pure lua (I doubt about mysql in pure lua) and lua 5.3 compatible - yes.
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    Well, I don't know if that's the case but it worked for me, thanks you t1 = {{address= t[1].address+4,flags=4}} t1 = gg.getValues(t1) t1[1].freeze=true gg.addListItems(t1)
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    I know, but if I put value I have to put some valid number and I don't want it to change, how do I put the "value" field but don't edit the value?
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    Hi, can someone help me with this issue? My problem is that I have uploaded my encrypted script but at the time of executing it from PC or cell phone, it takes too long. If I upload it without encryption there is no problem but obviously I do not want to upload the file without encryption for obvious reasons. Any ideas or solutions for the problem?
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    Any gg hacks for sniper 3d assassins would be appreciated!
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    I’m currently working on an application in sketchware called GG Helper this will help with people struggling to create a simple lua script or create a full on game guardian menu Be sure to come back frequently to look for [Upd!(number here)] ill release it once it’s finished! Happy holidays.
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    I figured out the code for king of Avalon so no its not impossible just its going to take sometime to get the game to recognize it as the value you add with the help of the modders out there we can avengefully see king of Avalon finally crackable heres the proof its not impossible keep up the good work guys
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    I can't use third methode.. Because the real table i have they not contain the squennced numbers like 10,20,30 Anyway.. Thanks for show me some defferent methode.. Its usefull to improve my kowledge and my skill.. Thanks bro.. Appreciate this..
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    View File Clone App + 32-Bit Support + 64-Bit Support Requires Android: Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later. Video: Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105. About second apk (32-Bit Support): About third apk (64-Bit Support): You do not need to install it if you do not intend to crack 64-bit games. Submitter Enyby Submitted 11/09/2019 Category Virtual spaces (no root)  
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    Tried this mod but i rather have item cheat than money
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    You've triggered a hack trip by ea - if you transfer more than 25 of the same item at anyone time or more than 300 items per day your global depot gets sent go naughty island - there is a way to bring it back and hopefully someone might know on here
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    If some one have the new script please include here. Thank you
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    how to get lvl 99.999 on day1 ? and how to get lvl 99.999 monster ?
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    Hi friends, today I bring you a way to make a login and online registration where everything has been on the host so it is safer for VIPs to have a look at my S2 video
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    You can't hack Free Fire diamonds as it is a 3rd party game that requires an internet connection and have their information by cloud based, what ever you can download hacks that modifies your health and damage, because this are client based hack that can be transported thru the cloud servers.
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    Description: extracts PE-files (.exe, .dll, etc.) from .bin files. For example, memory dumps. For example, from the one that can be obtained through GameGuardian. Use cases: 1. .exe file to be placed in one folder with a .bin file (s) and run. 2. On the .exe file, drag the folder with the .bin file (s). 3. Write in the command line: > get_dll_from_bin.exe path/to/your/.bin/files Result: In the same folder where there were .bin files there will appear .dll files if something was found. Example of output: Usage: drag dir with .bin files to .exe. Tool scan its and extract pe files as .dll files in same folder. Author: Enyby. Used dir: dump dump/com.raongames.growcastle-00008000-0000a000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-04000000-1c106000.bin: Not valid PE header: 2e746578 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-1c179000-1c17c000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-94ebb000-95161000.bin: Make 0.dll with size 2737152 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95169000-951ae000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-951c6000-95321000.bin: Make 1.dll with size 359424 Make 2.dll with size 878592 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95325000-95335000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-9533d000-95583000.bin: Make 3.dll with size 309248 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-95783000-96fe2000.bin: Make 4.dll with size 1684480 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-96fe5000-97371000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-976f5000-b7756000.bin: dump/com.raongames.growcastle-b7942000-bac40000.bin: Make 5.dll with size 3072 Make 6.dll with size 9728 Make 7.dll with size 171520 Make 8.dll with size 103936 Make 9.dll with size 6656 Make 10.dll with size 10240 Make 11.dll with size 13824 Make 12.dll with size 24576 Make 13.dll with size 65536 Make 14.dll with size 47104 Make 15.dll with size 9216 Make 16.dll with size 41472 Make 17.dll with size 66560 Make 18.dll with size 44032 Make 19.dll with size 18432 Make 20.dll with size 29184 Make 21.dll with size 33280 Make 22.dll with size 175616 dump/com.raongames.growcastle-bf810000-bf831000.bin: Download: https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/7-utility-for-extracting-dll-files-from-various-dumps/ Old links:
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    Actually, the 600 capacity can be hacked to the maximum allowed for a Word type variable: 65,535 but as BBG has pointed out, you don't have to hack the storage capacity because the number of items is not limited by the maximum storage. Since the items counter is a Dword, the maximum number of items you can have is 4,294,967,295.
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    d***, that's too easy...I should make him buy a case of beer for the "effort"....no effort that is! haha ok it censored a fairly clean word...so I will say Dang in its place
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    Make sure you choose correct pid in the list on GG. SimCity has 2 active PIDs in list. Both give some results, only 1 is correct.
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    Name of Game:Hay Day Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:1.17.98 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:gold, diamonds Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:Yes i tried hacking this game several times but without success. I searched the web for a modded apk but none of them worked. Comments:Someone please help me :/

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