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    How can it be secret, if (in case of this script) there are tons of ways to get that password? In any case, there always will be 100% possibility of getting your password, if you "protect" the script like this: v = gg.prompt({"Password:"}, {""}, {"text"}) pass = "\225\131\149\225\131\146\225\131\152\225\131\160\225\131\148\225\131\165\225\131\148" if v == nil then gg.toast("Script Canceled") else if v[1] ~= pass then gg.toast("wrong password") However, there is also a good side here - less people will spend their money on scripts like this one. Instead of selling a bunch of ***** code, you would better encourage people to contribute to GG project.
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    Doesn't work just causes game to crash. None of the functions work and bullet tracking just crashes.
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    when to use which combo , i mean in lobby or in game ?
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    This 2-mb "loader" is useless. Just post that file from your github repository. Here it is: online.lua
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    Hence why I'm not touching this game. It's just an invitation to get everyone banned. All set.
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    Yep, its logged in shadow log
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    Lol another duplicate/replica. Aimbot aint free fella? LMAO Dont ya worry guyz, I have a FREE SCRIPT! w/ Aimbot, Wallhack, Body color, No trees & grass & of course ANTI CHEAT DETECTION. FOR FREE. Unlike this guy. Only for VIP ya say? Pfffty