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    Dear @XxhentaixX , you are a genius and I really appreciate your work. Am still a noob and trying to learn. I didn't know it was your work but I have given credits to @saiaapiz. Its a very troublesome work to make this kind of scripts. But these scripts were available everywhere so, I combined one or more scripts into one. I jst wanted to share this coz this codes are functional. And why I did that ? At first u asked to recharge for 100 Malaysian currency and then you are now selling those scripts for 25$...really!! Whats the difference between those p2w game devs and u? Only the rich can afford it. I think this is like a drug business at first they give u for free and when u are addicted, they start selling it. I know you will never upload those scripts for free in future. Continue your brilliant work.
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    I have modified this script(v3.7.6) so that it wont crash, only easy aim and always head shot works. Esp wont work. Its somewhat buggy. If u want a stable and updated script contact @saiaapiz. GoB v3.7.6 Modified by pZ.lua
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    Just wanted to say thanks to @punkaZ but his whole conversation left me no choice to describe my feelings towards it. TBH @XxhentaixX you are right about the fact that if someone put his hours of hardwork and create a hack it's his right to distribute it free or either sell it, fair enough. But here you miss the point i.e (a) you said devs gona patch it now. no you are wrong if they are likely to patch it they should spend 20$ to buy your script and see their vulnerabilities. (b) you wrote on your script that if you are poor then leave the game, well now guess who's poor. I bet on each and every one commenting here is a d*** pro with almost no end game weapons and giving tough time to all rich kids in game, reason we all need this kind of hack bcoz of stupid rich kids and this game has no skill level to distinguish between us f2p and rich kids p2w so they leave us no option but to use cheats, those greedy devs are not here to hear us but to earn so does you then why its bad when we do what we have to do. And you come here talk about ethics where all other ppl trying to help the community you arrogantly throw everyone out by saying no script for poor. Like you are the king by combining different codes of different programmers. you are no different then those greedy devs and those rich kids do have money for their entertainment but we poor ppl have this unity which you guys only dream of. Look at all the comments, you see the difference in your arrogant thinking and us, ppl here want to give free codes of different things they dont know how to compile so they are contributing by giving it to @punkaZ. This is because you fools think poor as abuse, you think that being poor is worthy of nothing. Now keep your thoughts with you and watch our unity and burn till we enjoy. one legend gone another born, thats what we have. Which is a rare sight for ppl like you and your greedy community. saiaapiz gone punkaz born. and so is the circle of Life. Your initial argument is positive i agree but selling your script here is not the right platform. This community base on help us find the vulnerability to those greedy game which left us no choice to play without paying. So we play it our way. Now I say in respect to you what you say to others in bold 'Get Lost'. and to punkaZ and every other programmer who help community are 'Awesome'.
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    @qq52831274 This script is known to a few. I do not advertise it anywhere, I do not give advice on decoding. Also it is available for download only to registered users. Therefore, most do not know about it and will not be able to decipher the source. If it continues to work out, then I just integrate the logging and dump functionality directly into GG. After that, absolutely any person can get the necessary logs and dumps directly into GG. And to track this fact, or somehow prevent it, it will be completely impossible from the level of Lua. So I advise him to think, before doing something. For example, to conduct DDoS attacks on our web server. The consequences may very much not like him.
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    Exactly @punkaZwe appreciate you very much friend and the whole community is with you and will support you in your way to be a genius. I am from a mediocre and poor country I am humble like many others and that likes this game but that the rich with their purchased weapons ruin for us. I considered @Zaiaapiz a Hero for me and many with their work towards more just the game. Until this guy came @XxhentaixX and seduced him with money and sold himself. Now you are our only hero. thanks for the script @punkaZ the community appreciates you very soon we will find the codes for the maximum ammunition and ESP. I found a script for a Russian that has everything updated including the ESP and I would like to give it to you so you can add the code to your script.
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    really brother? @blastepic great send it to your mailbox in your profile friend I have the new code of the ESP and I will send it and together we will do what these bureaucrats of @XxhentaixX forgot by greed to help others to make the game more fair since those who buy Gold is believed to be Gods for having those weapons purchased. and help the community hopefully we can expel from the community these sucks money
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    Well, he just want to share to people. There are people who can't or won't pay to your so-called 'VIP' cheat. Hence, he make it available for people to just use. Welcome to the piracy wonderland.
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    So funny read comment here, if you won't let your vip lua scripts leaked, just goto developed your own memory editor to load your vip products. I will always support @Enyby to improve this code. Thanks for all stuff and all developer to keep GG always free. Respect.
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    Periodically we post some useful videos in our video gallery: https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/category/2-video-tutorials/ You can subscribe to our new videos. Some video we mirrored on our youtube channel: GameGuardian tutorials You can subscribe on it too. Examples of videos:
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    Thread is here ("Get Support" button): https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7222-gameguardian/
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    on the next update i will add more
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    for _=1, #Menu - 0.5 do if _ % 2 == 1 then -- ... end end is identical to for _ = 1, #Menu - 0.5, 2 do -- ... end but second option is more effective and clear.
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    Lower your game sensitivity if the strong aim gets buggy. I have an ESP but its hit or miss when working, i'm trying to get it more stable before releasing. Thanks for the feedback
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    Thank you very much @punkaZ excellent work. I hope that if you can add ESP or Max ammo someday Thanks again you are really a genius Greetings.
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    Script price 25$ Doller Play PÚBG Hack Scripts Low price and best then guns of boom ?
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    All 1.8.1 hacks with today's update work perfect. Follow the video tutorials step by step and you will be successful. ANONYMOUS 1000 HACKER YOUTUBE
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    I ve fixed vip hack , thx @BreadKiller RR3_Hack_8.5.0(212).fixed.lua
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    Release the source code of my script. Hope this can help if you know how to write a Lua script! RR3 Hack 3.0.0 source.lua
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    Hello guys! I quit this game already, maybe I will never update this script or maybe I will return this game some day. Thank you all and have a nice life!
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    Bro I know you copied from the another guys who posted this previously without any encryption so please stop crediting your self and stealing his work. It's the same hacks/ options too.
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    You can clear battle logs manually by deleting these folders but they don't help much 1) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl.arm64/parallel_intl/0/com.mobile.legends/files/UnityCache 2) /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl.arm64/parallel_intl/0/com.mobile.legends/files/dragon2017/BattleRecord Btw all those script that have option to clear battle logs are actually fake(you can't delete files with gameguardian) So don't even bother, just to tell you, mlbb can't detect gameguardian for now, and you don't need to clear battle logs. It doesn't do anything trust me. there is no way to do these hacks : damage booster rank booster enemy nub team pro ANTI-BAN in gameguardian Vpn booster auto-win all these hacks provided by 3rd party apps are absolutely fake, and can steal your fb / mlbb account password
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    Hey, There was a new update today, will the hack be updated?
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    You did a good job, I wanted to ask you if maybe you're working on esp. Unfortunately Antena esp is not very useful, it is quite bulky. If you managed to implement a good esp it would be perfect.
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    Again crash similar as above. GG: 88.0 [15815] Android: 6.0.1 SDK: 23 vSpace: com.ludashi.superboost Thread: Script thread luaj.LuaError$Internal: /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:-1 vm error: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=0 level = 1, const = 424, proto = 3, upval = 22, vars = 66, code = 6364 SETTABLE v7 v6 v8 ; PC 485 CODE 030201CA OP 10 A 7 B 6 C 8 Bx 3080 sBx -127991 stack traceback: /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua: in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:624> (...tail calls...) /storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua: in function </storage/emulated/0/Download/S.Crisis Action.lua:444> (...tail calls...) [Java]: in ? at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:832) at luaj.LuaClosure.onInvoke(LuaClosure.java:207) at luaj.TailcallVarargs.eval(TailcallVarargs.java:73) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:600) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:160) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:537) at luaj.LuaClosure.onInvoke(LuaClosure.java:207) at luaj.TailcallVarargs.eval(TailcallVarargs.java:73) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:600) at luaj.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:160) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:5628) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:5366) Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=0; index=0 at luaj.LuaTable.rehash(LuaTable.java:886) at luaj.LuaTable.hashset(LuaTable.java:652) at luaj.LuaTable.rawset(LuaTable.java:335) at luaj.LuaTable.set(LuaTable.java:320) at luaj.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:383) ... 11 more PC 485 not PC 455 as before. Then it is from new version, not from old. I think it can be bug in Lua Implementation, but I can not reproduce it.
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    So you think that to write those 4 lines, you need to be "experienced in programming"? This is not true. Those 4 lines are very easy to write and they do not need any experience. So this is a meaningless conversation. Those who need to get a bitter script will get it in any case, so that you do not do it. For example through Lua assembler. And this script is the ability to run scripts in which there are errors associated with checking the version of GG. Kitchen knife to cut food. If someone cuts people to them, then this is the problem of this person. This thing has a different purpose. And you start to complain that someone can use this script for other purposes and for harm. You can go complain that you can kill people with knives. It is necessary to prohibit them.
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    What prevents to take to write something like: gg.VERSION = '8.39.1' gg.VERSION_INT = 83901 gg.BUILD = 12345 return loadfile('/sdcard/Notes/BadScript.lua')() Is it so hard? Or this could not be done before this script? It seems to me for a long time that you are crazy about encrypting scripts and stealing them. As soon as someone posted a script, you immediately write a comment or a review to it. If the script is not encrypted, then that it should be encrypted. If the script is encrypted, then that is badly encrypted. Believe me, the world does not revolve around encryption of scripts and their theft.
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    bro strong aim is buggy, we need ESP, chams changes battle look.means realty, feelings is over in chams. please i req to u add ESP. not better feel in chams
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    xxxhentaixxx ur just as gameinsight, greedy and arrogant, we dont need you in this community. you made change idea even to saiaapiz from free script to pay script. i can be agree with you that abusing free hacks ruin the game and bring patches, but at least you could simply explain it, and not say on your description: "pay or leave,dont waste my time, i know you are not poor to play this game" etc. your arrogance has suffered the karma effect. and when you say adult people can pay so much that you got 3k euro, well, i prefer to spend IN GAME, cuz at least is all about PAY TO PLAY at this point. nobody cry here for your vip scripts, we just dont give a f*k about you, u just keep reply to people, to accuse of copies, well do not share your files if u didnt mean to get copied ! Cry baby cry, ***** PAY2WIN, FREE HACKS WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY i hope someone buy your hacks and share it again with all, that will be nice!! haha
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    Everything works perfectly. The main thing is to follow the points. 1,2,3. each race
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    Nice, i know you using my shi*yy script as framework .. xD When i decompiled your script, i see variable, function copied from other script. Btw, please put proper credit next time..
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    Welp, i meet him mostly by a case. I was searching for great and powerful hack for ldoe to be good when multiplayer will come and be on my own when mod will be gone... I knowed one time it will be deleted, Kefir knowed about it long time, and i don't think its fun to update every thing update by update... So i meet him and when i saw his tutorials firstly i was like: "oh yeah, very cool, now lets have fun in codes, i like it so much".... I remember when i was troubled when codes i had searched were other than he had (like he has -100 759 385 and i had -100 486 205) but i got knowed in it fast. Actually, i don't know why i had trouble with that, its impossible to have same codes. With his every new way, every new hack i was growing and growing stronger and more powerful.... My inbox is full of infinite armor, food, even diares that gives me skill exp (that thing i had to make by myself, script is not 1.8.2..... and you know what? I don't care about that if he will or not. He helped me so much that all i need now is every material that IS in game and i am ready for multiplayer. But i must say, without him i would now be like: "Welp, i think i won't make it..." But thanks to him. I learned many things too. And infinite objects hack works best of all.... Without it i dont know how would i be one of those "most powerful" without that. Let me tell what i got from his hacks and uploads: Full base, full territory filled with 4 level walls etc. Base ready for helping and safe from any raider for now. (i need to put a chest that will be easy to access and i will hide in it good armour, great weapons. Then i will be able to enter their base and make my interest to help them a little) Every skill on max (i had to get explorer pack by myself, but infinite object script maded it along) I still need some materials to get, it won't be problem, i know how to use GG. And number of them is actually "anti-problem" Coins i have max.... wait, actually, i have infinity amount.... When having every skill from Bunker "or other location" it gives to us 50 coins. And because i have unlimited amount of diares, i am up to have a good time going though it. Good i didnt make unlimited hack, i have better chances of surviving the "Great Termination of LDOE" What it means? Well, if i think right, when multiplayer will come, they will ban many accounts they detect. Those who have cheater hat, have actually dead account, those who weared a weapon that isn't in the game, their save gets lost.... Welp, it can be actually fixed it known how to, problem is, its not easy and some hackers just don't think about it.... How can i call them hackers actually, who tries the item that isn't in the game!? Who cares about inlimited durability? Not me, my inbox has s***load of SWAT armor and weapons. Rest of those "materials" i need to add, i think why not now, in new update they may really fix infinite object, no matter its so automatic thats its i guess first and probadly last anonymous hack that is fully auto...
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    Anonymous.... Its sad that your channel got deleted by you, but you re right.... Very right. There no point of hacking it if some don't understand, Kefir fixes it update by update, or some are just psychopaths like you said, they are just waiting for you to make mod, update script and in most situation, they cant do it. For me, most of your hacks worked well, infinite objects is a big success and i dont think it will be patched fast, its your first hack that gets done automatically and its great, now i am more ready for gameplay like normal person would. I hope you will update script if most of these will be patched... You don't have to update everything, i don't even think you should. For me, all you can update sometimes is unlimited objects, gas tank, gas fork, chopper wheels, one kind of food, water, heat sensor and thats all. Who needs more? Eventually, some crates can find place like explorer pack. Thanks for being with us for long time and helping.... Happily, i remember how to hack and there are other youtubers that uses your methods, so i am fine in there. Stay determined and be cool mate. I believe in you. Oh, and actually, i think replying to those who don't know how to hack with lua script, its not needed anymore, there no such a option how to. Cya
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    not work online. The game us over but when I check my history fight. its not there
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    Try press refresh in memory editor. Memory editor for speed load data rarely. If value changes too often it can change after load. On open dialog edit data loaded directly from memory. But while you edit it it can change of course. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later @planterfascist
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    Added two video tutorials for vague (fuzzy) search:
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    @zarish I did not quite understand. You propose to transfer this function in the main interface of the application to it would be easier to find?
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    It seems that the script uses those characters that are not in the font of its firmware (or its theme). Do not use special characters to convey something important. For example, plain text. They may not exist in the client font and it will be impossible to use the script.
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    Thanks its working fine now. And Thanks a lot for providing this freely :-). The game company has recently become very greedy and insists on pay to win plus regular advertisments. They do not care one bit about users. I would have left the game and not bothered but because of your script i still play. Thanks again for your time and effort.
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    then you should really try to hack it manually...just as like i did. i can hack manually...almost 90% of it..no need of a script. im happy with it..and cost me nothing.
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    You can download the open source version of his script and update the code for yourself, or you wait till he fix the script lel
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    Wrong. Open source not is same as no authorship. So you must mention usage his work in the file description, or file will be deleted.
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    If you want to avoid scope issue when use wallhack, activate wallhack first before you get a weapon, or you can take off your weapon while wallhack activate process
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    Here it is Link-http://www.mediafire.com/file/98ubellvpzk9uhq/PUBG+MOBILE_V0.7.0.apk
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    First step: decompiled the script using UnLuac. UnLuac (decompile binary scripts) (#32ziiln0) Second step: did something very similar to what is shown in the video. Example of obtaining the source code of an encrypted script - GameGuardian (#560kyy6y)
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    Could you translate this to english please
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    Added video tutorial:

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