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    GameGuardian can work without root. More information: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7755-info-about-gameguardian/?do=findComment&comment=68554 There are also videos in 9 different languages on our official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6AGYmGsRgmpXgz4mxAkRoQ/videos https://gameguardian.net/download or https://gameguardian.net/apk
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    We are aware of issues on the frontpage-mobile theme, where the page and menu are only accessible by scrolling to the right. This has been reported to the developer of the site software.
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    Clash of clans FREE GEMS! This one is really Working... Its the one and only...in LEGAL Way. Dont ask anymore: www.allclash.com/how-to-get-free-gems-on-android-worldwide
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    Looking at my old script Soul Craft v1.4.2 (#8ut3b1px)
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    Just got a new laptop, no longer limited to outdated mobile devices. Hacking is back in class, any requests DM me. English only.
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    Hi, mate. Very congrats on your hard work. Really: thanks a lot!
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    Shadow Fight 2 v1.9.21 By Kiry!!! DETAILS • Unlimited Coins • Unlimited Gems • Unlimited Energy • Unlimited Power • Unlimited Orbs • Unlimited Tickets • Level 52 • 50% Weapons Unlocked • Experience 88000000 • Game Progress 60% • Will work to newer version • You can update the game after applied this cheat • Must be extracted using Root Explorer or ES Explorer TESTED AND WORKS ON • Android 4.4.4 • Android 4.4.2 • Android 4.2.1 • Lollipop WARNING!!! • This will remove your current progress! • Backup your game data!!! LET'S DO IT (READ CAREFULLY!) • Force stop game and clear data • Run the game • Wait until splash screen appear • Tap home button to minimize game • Force stop the game again but don't clear data • Download save game file com.nekki.shadowfight.zip • Extract to Device/data/data/com.nekki.shadowfight/com.nekki.shadowfight/files/assets • Overwrite existing files! • Run game and enjoy!
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    Some images/files are missing from our server. I am working on restoring them now. Don't worry if you can't download a file, or if your profile photo is missing.
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    Thanks very Much,,,,geribaldi,,,,for mod CA..but your mod is detected just close,reconnect,,,and say hacker detected or poor conection....plis update ...thanks
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    Returning back, Hello Community
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    Enyby, I need help with speed hack for Dawn of Titans. It worked originally, then it no longer does anything (though it says that it is loaded). I can change gems etc but cannot fix speed hack. I have tried uninstalling many times and even tried reverting back to 8.61.3 and still no good. Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you
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    hi dear d2dyno i want to know if i can use Gg on clash of kings and thank you
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    can you add game guardian game launcher bypass
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    goodday @d2dyno can you help me how to hack how do i find the ID of crates or parts of the pixel car racer , any tips or idea i will appreciate it..
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    Hey, I've used this tool so many times on my apps and it works great! But, is there anyway to hack avakin life? It's harder than hell to level up, get coins, and diamonds, also everything is super expensive! I hope to hear back from you soon.
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    Thanks for everything you do
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    yes it a server and yes multi player but the hack worked on cash but my club stats says 0 earnings but I have over a mil cash
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    Can you update Fallout shelter and add infinity lunchboxes?
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    Hello sir d2dyno I'm glad to say that there is a new hack of respawnables I have a link with me so can I ask to post this so everyone can use it thx.?
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    I had recently quaoted about the 8.5.5 not working but it is now working perfectly ! 100% but bro can you give me links to mod hayday !! please please d2dyno my brother my hero. <3 your crew and you created magic in 24th century GAMEGUARDIAN <3
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    Hey do you have a new mod for crisis action
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    hi how to mod the new update of summoners war?
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    d2dyno you can hack 9 innings pro baseball 2016?
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    I'm planning on updating quite a few of our mods in the upcoming days. Stay tuned and be patient! Don't send any requests via PM, as they will just be ignored.
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    why only gold 9999999 not tokens??ninja saga
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    Having trouble with tap Titans unlimited money. It freezes on loading screen.
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    Updated Tapatalk plugin. Almost all bugs (that I had reported) have been fixed.
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    VIP is now available for purchase
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    Researching new payment methods for VIP+ Expect something soon
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    I may or may not be looking for testers of our new forum software... Message me if interested
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    Trying to find a way to hack clash of clans
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    Lucky Patcher updated to v4.3.0
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    when are you going to hack clash of clans
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    i need a hacked game called clash of lords
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    check my profile, made a mode for Real Racing 3 unlimited R$ and Gold, make sure to check it out and tell me if it works for you
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    ola no meu zenfone 2 quando eu aperto no speed hacker ele trava o jogo nao responde o que eu faço?
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    ola no meu zenfone 2 QUANDO eu aperto no speed hacker ele trava o Jogo nao Responde O Que eu faço?

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