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  1. @Enyby is this path selector also be work with non-rooted device or it will work on rooted devices??
  2. any suggestion how to convert BYTE to DWORD?
  3. do you have a pointers on MHS android i try to hack the ID of equipment and misc. item but when i did it i got x0 owned and when i return to menu and back it will gone any idea??
  4. i tried it also and i have a pointers todo the id, quality, options and forging to max without the item need no.2 i also need 2nd pointers or opinion how to make it work on ID's
  5. can you explain this to me and tell me how to make it in exact value this value 983,041 is a x15 herb and 1,376,258 is the x21 potion. i need help to get the exact value or herb and the potion.
  6. is there anyone can help me with this.. im trying to modify the item eg. i owned 32 nerscylla spike dword: 66,419 but something is wrong when i change it to nerscylla carapace dword: 66,420 it show OWNED x0 i want it badly ? TYIA for who want to help ^_^
  7. any idea how to bypass 1.6.10 LDoE security?? i tried to modify the stat/item/inapp/energy/life/durability etc. but when i quit to game and go back it all start in lv.1 which is a test file by me. any suggestion are appreciate ?
  8. i've subscribe on you channel keep posting more video and also a tutorials ?
  9. i can also hack the car parts, win, lose, record time using this application BIG CREDIT
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZu9Ev1iv9A check this out this hack made by jauntyjackalope he hack it using game killer
  11. @NoFear hi it's me again how did you use this 1D;0.0F:13 can you explain that?
  12. yep i also see that this is the result @NoFear thanks for giving me a converter i got it
  13. FUZZY+FLOAT 1.search for subscribers then if you change the value of the subs then search for nearby value/address and follow nofear suggest in the top post with image
  14. @NoFear did you see the last digit like this "cd4" i use sb gamehacker and i see this address of bux hope it help you im still finding for the knowledge(brain)
  15. thanks @NoFear i saw the address of bux and i got 1999985656 just something like that after i change the value into -200.06751, before i got the right value i change it the float 0 into float 15 and i got -1992432786 just like that maybe the knowledge is hidden by DWBF source hehehe i try to find it later..
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