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  1. @Enyby Beat me to it by seconds
  2. Research more about BTC. It will never be possible, let alone for something like an Android phone. Multiple computers process each transaction - separately.
  3. I'm on a OnePlus 3T and have not ever seen this issue. Are you on the stock OOS ROM, or a custom ROM? Sorry, you caught this error when I was doing some necessary, though gruesome DB maintenance. It affected only our downloads system for a little while in the early hours of the day. I'm sorry you had to experience this. Please let me know if you're still seeing this error.
  4. @BuzzMaster Yes, there is. You can buy some Bitcoin (from any currency). We gladly accept Bitcoin. If you have any questions or issues just let me know.
  5. GameGuardian updated to 8.16.0 Changelog: Improved and optimized group search. Improved search. Improved memory regions detection. Improved UI. Fixed freezes in the saved list. Bugs fixes. Updated translations.
  6. GameGuardian updated to 8.15.0. Changelog: Display memory regions for items in lists. Improved UI. Added range support for group search. Improved search on x86. Fixed memory leak. Fixed bug in ordered group search. Bugs fixes. Updated translations.
  7. Would be awesome!
  8. Are you referring to this method?
  9. This is a common thing when one manipulates the game and the developer notices. There's nothing we can do to stop the dev from finding that out.
  10. @VVichaiSomvvana really? You don't want to be helpful by just offering up the guide. That's disgusting. Don't dangle carrots in front of people. Help or don't. I gave you a warning for self-promotion.
  11. Moved to proper section. Please pay attention to where you post.
  12. Mod

    @MakarovDreyar let me know when you upload the update and I'll remove this post. Version 1.5.0. Mods included: 1.) 1 Energy x Quest/Vortex 2.) Parades always open - Metal/Jewel/Imps/EU Exclusive 3.) Insta BB 4.) Insta SBB -> If Unlocked 5.) Insta UBB -> If unlocked 6.) Mobs Atk 1 7.) Honor Points 100 8.) Zel Reward 65k 9.) Karma Reward 65k 10.) Deck Cost 11.) ABP Shown instead of level 12.) Always Frinds - Friend skill always usable 13.) Item inventory set to 1k 14.) Craft Hack - 1 item needed (not for all) 15.) Town Upgrade 16.) Items Reward - 20 items of each you dropped 17.) Ez Evo - At any level - Just Materials Download: signed-MOD1.apk
  13. Please update the title of this topic, to reflect which game this is a guide for.
  14. Please update the title of this topic, to reflect which game this is a guide for.
  15. PM me a video of this happening. I'm creating a ticket with the forum developers as we speak.