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  1. Of course:
  2. Hello everyone, Please welcome @Ruit as our new GG Team member and @Skullboyq as our new moderator!
  3. What's new in version 8.20.0 Add support for x64 processes in speedhack. Fixed bugs in bypassing defend code. Fixed crashes. Updated translations.
  4. What's New in Version 8.19.3 Fixed speedhack bug. Improved speedhack. Added timers to speedhack. Dropped support for ARMv5. Improved installer. Update translations. Bugs fixes.
  5. User rankbars updated.

    1. Losi


      كيف اقوم بالتهكير لعبه my little pony ارجوكم

  6. Irrelevant to thread. Please read before posting next time or you'll receive a warning.
  7. Tut

    The main post was edited long ago with details, of how this was fixed in 6.1.0 (many versions ago). Thread locked, since it's irrelevant to any info today.
  8. With Magisk, I can have my SELinux set to enforcing, which enables my devices to pass the SafetyNet test. Such things like Android Pay work because they don't see the root There are some nice ways recently to have security but also control of your device, especially with Nougat. If you take the time to look, you can almost always find someone that discovered a root method. Hell, I've rooted three phones now that were 'un-rootable' when they came out. The result is directly related to the effort. The best thing for us to do is buying phones that are unlocked and root/developer friendly. That's why I recently got a OnePlus 3T (Literally a box you can check in settings to unlock the bootloader). Closing statement: GG has the authority to peer into/modify the data of other apps. Wouldn't such a thing require elevated permissions? It's like asking a developer, to make a Linux application (which is installed to the system folders), that modifies system data + other apps' data, but figure out how to NOT require sudo to do so (hehe, I rhymed ). And Android is literally a lite distro of Linux, with other aspects included (like java). Make me a sandwhich. No. sudo make me a sandwhich. Ok.
  9. @Enyby Beat me to it by seconds
  10. Research more about BTC. It will never be possible, let alone for something like an Android phone. Multiple computers process each transaction - separately.
  11. I'm on a OnePlus 3T and have not ever seen this issue. Are you on the stock OOS ROM, or a custom ROM? Sorry, you caught this error when I was doing some necessary, though gruesome DB maintenance. It affected only our downloads system for a little while in the early hours of the day. I'm sorry you had to experience this. Please let me know if you're still seeing this error.
  12. @BuzzMaster Yes, there is. You can buy some Bitcoin (from any currency). We gladly accept Bitcoin. If you have any questions or issues just let me know.
  13. GameGuardian updated to 8.16.0 Changelog: Improved and optimized group search. Improved search. Improved memory regions detection. Improved UI. Fixed freezes in the saved list. Bugs fixes. Updated translations.
  14. GameGuardian updated to 8.15.0. Changelog: Display memory regions for items in lists. Improved UI. Added range support for group search. Improved search on x86. Fixed memory leak. Fixed bug in ordered group search. Bugs fixes. Updated translations.
  15. Would be awesome!