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  1. d2dyno

    Website bug: Thread page buttons do not work

    I have reported this to the (fucking braindead) IPS development team. For now, I changed away from AJAX based pagination, and you can now load the next page of content. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will post again when the fancy-but-dumb AJAX is back to working
  2. d2dyno

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

    I have fixed the issue, thanks for your report.
  3. d2dyno

    Help Please!

    This should be fixed now (works for me). Please let me know if it still isn't working for you.
  4. d2dyno


    This was because of a miscommunication of rules. Enyby allowed him to post, but then @Anonymous1000 started posting links to some other site, not a download link. As this is deceptive and categorized as spam, I gave him a warning for every topic that had this unauthorized link. He can post still post, but if he tries to post a link to that site again, the system will automatically notify a moderator and we will have to re-evaluate his status.
  5. d2dyno

    Virus in gamguardian

    This is not possible. GameGuardian is always run against anti-virus apps/sites and is whitelisted (clean). d.gameguardian.net is a subdomain of our site and is where downloads are served from. I am honestly not sure why you think this problem is on us.
  6. d2dyno

    Site updates in 2018

    Some more updates: Our new downloads server is online and has been serving you the past few days. Enyby and I worked closely on getting this up, be sure to thank him! This will help keep site speed high, and mitigate some high bandwidth usage we had. Multiple backend security improvements. Improved caching methods in nginx, and updated nginx versions for faster loading. Hide user avatars on frontpage to improve main page loading. This reduces size to load to ~820KB, down from 1.3MB Some more SSL improvements (Gotta love keeping that green A+ SSL rating). Our privacy policy was already compliant with GDPR, in case you were curious. I think that in and of itself is a lot of improvements. I am also currently tinkering with 2 new servers, in 2 different countries to eventually try to achieve a triple-server load-balancer. This will be great for site speed and also less downtime. ETA on this is unknown, as I have to learn a few new systems.
  7. d2dyno

    PUBG Free Script

    @HackerGroup did you copy this? A few people saying you have.
  8. d2dyno

    Changes to default member class

    Yes they ascend automatically, without meeting requirements. https://gameguardian.net/forum/clients/donations/
  9. d2dyno


  10. d2dyno


    Do not double or triple post. You should only put everything in the first post/topic post. Next time you will receive a warning.
  11. Hey all, back with another site structure update. We are adding a second user group, tentatively called Ascended. Rankbar will be made soon, perhaps after some logo updates. This group is where all active and contributing members will be moved to after the following criteria are met: Member for more than 1 month. Last post less than 3 months ago. More than 25 posts. More than 5 positive reputation. This change comes from an influx of spam and abuse of features from many users in the member class. The following class features have changed for members: Maxmimum profile photo size: 75Kb. Messenger sending: disabled from sending to certain staff. Maxmimum reactions allowed per day: 10. Uploading attachments: enabled; Max total attachment: 30Mb. Can create polls: no. Can only edit posts 30 minutes after posting. Max posts per day: 10. Can report content: no. Restricted to posting replies only in some forums. The improved feature set for the Ascended user class is as follows: Maxmimum profile photo size: 150Kb. Messenger sending: enabled; can send 10 messages per day; can store 20 messages. Maxmimum reactions allowed per day: 20. Uploading attachments: enabled; Max total attachment: 50Mb. Can create polls: yes. Can only edit posts 45 minutes after posting. Max posts per day: 25. Can report content: yes. Can create topics in more forums. We are of course open to feedback, but this is a step in the right direction towards rewarding active users, and also reducing spam messages to staff.
  12. d2dyno

    Improving VIP content

    Locking this thread, as we are going a bit of a different route for VIP. Since the community digressed into one of leeching and not contributing, we cannot create content, support users, or fill all requests that VIP users want and expect. I have updated the VIP benefits, and we will continue adding exclusive features and benefits. We cannot guarantee exclusive content at this time, as no one is willing to help except the current staff and some volunteers. That being said, some users and staff may be able to assist currently open requests.
  13. d2dyno

    Site updates in 2018

    Yes, that is the real server uptime. It was a few weeks past that number, but I don't recall the exact figure. I appreciate it, glad to see you still love me
  14. d2dyno

    Site updates in 2018

    Hello all, As I am sure most of you have noticed, I have taken a more hands-off approach as of late, and focusing more time and effort on the site infrastructure. In the last few years, we've transferred from decent trustworthy hosting to now hosting ourselves in a different country. We have done lots of backend updates (moved to newer PHP versions, MySQL versions, Nginx, etc). Now, I am here to talk to you about our latest updates: Dual-encrypted backups: We backup to 2 separates sources hourly, and encrypt all of our backups. It is worth noting, we have not had to restore a backup in quite some time, but it never hurt to be cautious. We have updated to the lastest Invison Power Suite software, 4.3 . This now allows us to have these new features: New payment methods for subscriptions/donations: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, and the traditional credit cards and BitcoinPay are still available. Better VIP system for those that use it. Overall performance improvements. Better search system using ElasticSearch. Some new emojii (I know you were all waiting on this). More reaction types (upvotes, downvotes, and emojii that count as reputation points). Posts that have received lots of positive reputation are now automatically highlighted. We brought all our server software and kernel patches up to the latest versions, which includes various improvements (mostly security). Up until yesterday, our server had an uptime of over 365 days, something I personally as a nerd am proud of We only reported a few of you to the NSA.... (relax, I am just checking your attention span. I mean, why are you even reading at this point bro ) We added some more bugs to annoy you. Enyby is mad at me, send help Things to look forward to in the future: Multiple server hosting/load balancing. This should take the load off of our one server, while also enabling us to deliver content and downloads to you much faster. VIP rework/update. VIP is no longer about hidden/restricted content. It is more about continually supporting the site. However, I still want to have some sweet perks for those that help us. New logo/theme. I am currently looking for a designer to work with (if you are interested, send your portfolio along my way). Dark theme. Implemented for VIP. Automatic content moderation (still to be implemented). Implemented. Here's to giving back more power to you, and less from those greedy lootboxing developers - d2dyno
  15. d2dyno

    Improving VIP content

    Hmm. At least in the beginning, most users don't want to donate any amount of money, unless they are getting something. This is why I had a list of 'features' that came with VIP. I believe this statement to still be true, as we barely have people donate for VIP (we are grateful to the few and faithful who do). If there are other things that you guys can introduce, that would either incentivize or encourage users to donate, I'm all ears. But most people look for the "what can I get out of this" in a list. As for other payment methods, we can try, but that's nearly impossible to tie into VIP, that would be donations only.