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    Check on Tap Counter. PUBG do not allow use any virtual space. They detect run on it and shutdown game.
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    I open the application and see the inscription "Unfortunately, Parallel Space does not work on x86 devices"? Maybe I'm blind?
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    Easiest, long press the value. Pointer search. Set range to like 20 hex. If 0 results increase range. If results aren't all identical values, decrease range.
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    No You are trying to change not the initial value, but the calculated one. it game recounts very often and erases your changes.
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    How can I get addresses of free fire like antenna, grass, and all?
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    FREE-FIRE_LUA-SCRIPT-Gaming_ MOD.lua Name of Game: Garena Free Fire Battle Ground Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dts.freefireth Version:14.7. new Mod Cheat Game : -ESP,-Giant body,God Mode and background color character, underground. BELIEVE THIS CHEAT VERSI NOW WORK IN GAME MY DEVICE PHONE ROOT..YES U CANT EDITING FOR EXAMPLE SCRPIT TO SAINS. . RESEARCH MOD What happened?: I have problem cheat not working again on.. u cant use GG scan value auto, value 0 before start game.. Comments: Work testing, FREE-FIRE_LUA-SCRIPT-Gaming_ MOD.lua
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