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  1. btw do you happen to know if it is possible to edit gems or gold? i know it will not work directly, but perhaps by editing quest values?
  2. you will have my thanks good sir
  3. i'll be waiting as well xD
  4. thats pretty nice, did you find anything else?
  5. i noticed this as well.. also look at this
  6. anyone else found anything regarding this game? thanks
  7. i have tried XOR search, the same method from HAWK but it didn't work sadly.. or perhaps im doing something wrong, but its simply not working for me.. good luck guys
  8. hey, do you think HQ stats like production and crafting can be edited? i have tried so many times using GG but never had any luck
  9. i am even willing to pay for stuff like dna and helix. any amount as long as its working
  10. can you explain the steps you used plz?
  11. thanks i will try those methods, i saw them. but when ive tried one of the methods it reverted the number of gems to 0
  12. nothing works in 1.2.28 sadly
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