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    Strictly speaking fastest is reuse results table: local results = gg.getResults(5000) for i, v in ipairs(results) do if v.value == 1014350479 then v.value = 1011011011 elseif v.value == 1050253722 or v.value == 1031127695 then v.value = 1 else results[i] = nil end end gg.setValues(results) results = nil
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    use prompt for help and do the same as the iterate, just v.value = prompt[1]
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    No. Any loop work one-by-one. But you do same work again and again. You can compile both examples to LASM and compare count of instructions. You will be unpleasantly surprised by the number of instructions in your code. for i = 1 ,#t1 do if(t1[i].value==1014350479)then -- get t1[i] t1[i].value = 1011011011 -- get t1[i] again elseif(t1[i].value==1050253722 or t1[i].value ==1031127695)then -- get t1[i] two times t1[i].value = 1 -- get t1[i] again end end Lua do not optimize any code. So if you write get same value few times - lua do it for you. With decrease performance, because it is pointless work.
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    this line erase element from table. So setValues do not re-set values and we avoid possibility erase changed value with old one. Also this operation really fast if run on list table (array-like table, called sequence in lua manual). And this is not rebuild table or reallocate memory, just exclude one value. So this way really fast. But if you try (after few remove) add to table some new value, or remove value from hash part - it can call rebuild table with memory reallocation, which is slow.
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    Watch on YouTube: 92.0: Rebase the saved list via the new address of the item - GameGuardian
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    You can make it is faster, by cache get 'value' from inner table: local results = gg.getResults(5000) for i, v in ipairs(results) do local value = v.value if value == 1014350479 then v.value = 1011011011 elseif value == 1050253722 or value == 1031127695 then v.value = 1 else results[i] = nil end end gg.setValues(results) results = nil
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    By the way, for this reason, this code: local t = {1, 2, 3, ..., 1000} much faster than this: local t = {} t[1] = 1 t[2] = 2 t[3] = 3 ... t[1000] = 1000 For the table, an array of the right size is immediately allocated, and not reallocated repeatedly as it is populated. Although, again, this is true when the number of elements is thousands and tens of thousands, and not when there are hundreds of them. In this case, there will be no apparent difference.
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    better: v.value = 1011011011 edited[#edited + 1] = v do not waste time and memory for duplicate same table.
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    The group search is not ordered, so I would prefer second approach from those Enyby mentioned. For this case it would be something like the following: gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('1014350479;1012202996;1083179008;1050253722;1031127695;1065353216;1065353216;1067282596:61', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local results = gg.getResults(5000) local edited = {} for i, v in ipairs(results) do if v.value == 1014350479 then edited[#edited + 1] = {address = v.address, flags = v.flags, value = 1011011011} elseif v.value == 1050253722 or v.value == 1031127695 then edited[#edited + 1] = {address = v.address, flags = v.flags, value = 1} end end gg.setValues(edited)
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    Search not ordered, so order can be any and this code not work properly. This is not even taking into account the fact that there may be duplicates of the same values in a row. [added 1 minute later] Iterate over results, build table and pass it to setValues. Best solution if you have small amount of results.
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    Sure, you taught me this method. So I always use this method for the first try.
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    I should've known you would've got it I only sent in private message to someone how
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    It took like 3 minutes to found out... As easy as abc.
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    20200217214644.mp4 Very easy, just use UTF-8 to search your gold amount, edit to 9.
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    Dot decimal separator. So '1.014.350.479' is not a valid number. For change one value from group search need do refine search and editAll after that. Or load all values and work with it in loop. Use 'if' and 'setValues'.
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    Money can be direct hack. I will post tutorial soon.
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    Try rename first. In terminal for example.
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    No. Use gdb. It is not a feature for memory editor.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Features: Convert Reverse Hex to ARM7 Instructions Decoding Supported For ( MOV, MOVW, MOVT, MOVGT, ADD, ADDCC, SUB, CMP, MUL, LDR, LDRB, LDRH, STRB, STR, VMOV, TST, EOR, NOP, BX LR, STM, POP, PUSH, BLX, UXTH, MVN ) Partial Decoding Supported For (ORRSEQ, B, BL, BHI, BEQ, MVNSEQ, MOVWNE, VMRS, VMOV, VCMPEF32, POPGT, MOVGT) Convert ARM7 Instructions to Reverse Hex Encoding Supported For(MOV, MOVW, MOVGT, ADD, SUB, CMP, MUL, LDR, LDRB, STRB, STR, VMOV, TST, EOR, NOP, BX LR) Browse and edit ARM7 Instructions in memory If there is interest I will work on adding encoding support for more instructions, if you would like to request for one to be added just send me a message. Thanks To: Thanks to CmP for teaching me about ARM7 in further detail and for rewriting several inefficient functions in the script. Thanks to NoFear for getting me started on understanding ARM7 Reuse of Script Functions: You are free to reuse the core encoding and decoding functions of this script so long as it is not in another ARM editor. (if you wish to contribute functions to the editor contact me and you will be given full credit for your contribution) And so long as you give visible credit to me in the GUI of your script such as in an alert triggered by a button labeled "Credits" or something similar. ARM8 Editor is coming soon
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    menu = gg.choice({'Infinite money','Exit'}) if menu == 1 then menu1 = gg.choice({'Start','Finish'}) if menu1 == 1 then prompt = gg.prompt({'How much money do you have?'}) gg.searchNumber(prompt[1],gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.alert('Get some money. Then press finish.') end if menu1 == 2 then prompt1 = gg.prompt({'Enter the final money count.'}) gg.refineNumber(prompt1[1],gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('999999999',gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) end end gg.alert('Sub to C_ffeeStain. He made this script.') like this....??
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    Is all the videos people provide on new accounts that have spent 0 of both currencies? Values might not be balance, might be qty collected. So balance is calculated. Just a theory. N=O+D for search on coins as you EARN only. And see if you have a different value after a few searches. Also x64 distance between values is more often than not further than x32. Edit: I was correct... Coins earn Coins spent Gems earned Gems spent See attached image All together in that order.
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    Noteprodic Yeah it connect to internet coz it steals ur sensitive data. They say that there is no virus but when we give it root access then it has all freedom to access all data on our device that's all bro.
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    Check for new version. But if you use scripts with access to internet it can be anything.
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    View File SIMCITY BUILDIT STORE HACK SIMCASH + SIMOLEONS More scripts from the creator This script can be used to acquire: *Unlimited simcash *Unlimited simoleons *Store items reduced to cost 0 *Unlock all levels Submitter RONO_PLAYS Submitted 02/06/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    Works perfectly! Pls add more features soon!
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    Is there is anything in this game can be hacked? Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfgco.games.sports.free.tennis.clash

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