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  1. Is it possible to unlock all cars so we can buy it? Also currency hack pls.
    I tried one of the features. But it resulted into instant ban.
    Can't seem to make it work or it doesn't work for me. Followed the vid but it still says select race then run script. That's what I did and still it's not auto win. 3 stars for now. SVID_20200714_231512_1.mp4
    3 stars for now. I hope you can translate the script to English. Thank you
  2. Okay thanks for taking consideration. Will be looking forward to more features. Thank you so much.
  3. How about other features? Like unlimited revival by using 1 gem? I understood that obsidian chest hack doesn't work anymore. Also what's the gold limit per level? I've already received 3 or 4 warnings
    Its working ok for me but haven't tried all the features yet. Is it also possible to add store hack? I mean obsidian chest hack? Tysm.
    Script works but Is there an easy way to copy the one time key? Instead of inputting in manually? And do i need to put in key every script start? Thanks
  4. okatokat

    State of survival

    Won't it trigger sync errors?
  5. Can i also have the video link? Thanks.
  6. Sorry for the bump or revival. But i just want to know if the same method still works for the present Day R? And is it safe to use online? Thanks.
  7. There used to be a script for Day R Survival but it was outdated and never updated again.
  8. Idk what just happened but i tried clearing my local save thru the settings in RR3 after that it let me play and i still have the hacked currencies. Maybe it has something to do with me playing it on parallel space and playinf it without parallel space using the same google play profile.
  9. Why is it that I'm banned? I didn't get over the limit of the coins/gold. In fact i only added what I needed. But still got banned.
    Works perfectly! Pls add more features soon!
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