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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. i removed tried to install again i guess f1vm must update the version its 2021/08/21 outdated it shows incompatible with your system i installed normally without sandbox strange ? only through f1vm the error are there any version better than this one
  3. Hello can u still update real racing 3 i cant find it on f1vm
  4. TAB A 8.0 T295 it should work fine without f1vm on VirtualXposed i didn't have that issue but they didn't fix after android 11 update
  5. yes it run slow closing the app or restarting tablet should fix the problem but after some time it do the same
  6. the application run very slow and it regularly freeze sometimes RR3 application stop responding i close the app and run again , auto win script run in 20 second and sometimes run in 1 minute 30 second depend on the application if it is running slow or fast i was using Xposed before updating the latest version android 11
  7. certainly one of the worst app too many popup adds and too many freez sometime i have to force shutdown my Tab T295
  8. before uploading can i backup to cloud if you fix it because when i edited the currency it worked fine but uploading to cloud don't overwrite the existing save
  9. Mario can u include fame points in the next update 10X would be helpful though
  10. how to send it to you which file i am using f1vm
  11. i have issue uploading save data i run the script and put large value it changed gold gain 836,456,768 i tried many times to put an amount of 84500 it seems data written to cloud save its a big mess now i guess my account will get banned
  12. Hello I have no problem with the currency with my old device the only problem is with the player level hack fix this long string variables
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