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@FZFalzar I do not see any sense on it. Use xprivacy for hide binary.

Another thing - present binary nothing mean. Many firmwares have su binary but not have root. It is not same things. Default su binary can not get root.

If game rely of that then they lost money on false detection.

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Daemon can not be launched from command line.

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@NoFear @Enyby

My use case is trying to extract decrypted Assembly-CSharp for Fate Grand Order.

It's a well known fact that this particular game has quite crazy detection methods and encryption, and Magisk/MagiskSU/MagiskHide does not work after the latest version. The moment a su binary exists in /system/bin or /system/xbin the game instantly closes. Xposed & GDB attach is also detected. The only method available to launch the game on a PC is via the VBoxHardened Loader mode.


The VBoxHardened with RemixOS somehow had the ability to switch from the frontend to a root (#) shell, without requiring /system to be RW, and can be "temprooted" through mount -o rw,remount. I was thinking of using this special feature to put in a quick SU so that I can launch GG, or execute the daemon using "exec" and then be able to use GG. But if it's not possible then I guess I will have to look for more extreme methods to dump core/extract DLL from mem 

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For gg need su in command line. You can put it in any folder in system search path. Even you can use custom path, add it to system search path and put binary here. Also you can make this binary hard link or make access right allow run it only from user which used for run gg.

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Enyby! (owner of GameGuardian) why the icon its not showed? but my Heandphone its root! pls help me


(BTW im from Indonesian)

my heandpond is Xiaomi redmi 3

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i forgot to tell the type of my heanpond
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