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  1. FZFalzar

    Known problems

    @NoFear @Enyby My use case is trying to extract decrypted Assembly-CSharp for Fate Grand Order. It's a well known fact that this particular game has quite crazy detection methods and encryption, and Magisk/MagiskSU/MagiskHide does not work after the latest version. The moment a su binary exists in /system/bin or /system/xbin the game instantly closes. Xposed & GDB attach is also detected. The only method available to launch the game on a PC is via the VBoxHardened Loader mode. The VBoxHardened with RemixOS somehow had the ability to switch from the frontend to a root (#) shell, without requiring /system to be RW, and can be "temprooted" through mount -o rw,remount. I was thinking of using this special feature to put in a quick SU so that I can launch GG, or execute the daemon using "exec" and then be able to use GG. But if it's not possible then I guess I will have to look for more extreme methods to dump core/extract DLL from mem
  2. FZFalzar

    Known problems

    Hi @Enyby, are you able to build in a feature to tell "where" to look for the su binary? In my particular use case, the game I'm trying to modify detects presence of su in /system/bin. I am using a SuperSU-less version of su in my VM for testing purposes, and I am able to have a root shell but without su. So if I renamed su to something like sua, I can launch a root shell, but however I wish to be able to point GameGuardian to this renamed su. Another way would be to manually launch the daemon via the command line, since I have root shell open (I'm using VBoxHardenedLoader with RemixOS, I can easily do remount/exec/chmods ) Looking forward to your reply, -Falz
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