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    here try this..me modified it from @CmP script (credits to him). local function h1() --your hack here-- gg.alert("Hack 1 Done") end local function h2() --your hack here-- gg.alert("Hack 2 Done") end local function h3() --your hack here-- gg.alert("Hack 3 Done") end local hacks = { {name = ">> Hack 1", func = h1}, {name = ">> Hack 2", func = h2}, {name = ">> Hack 3", func = h3}, } local hackNames = {} local hackFunctions = {} for i, v in pairs(hacks) do table.insert(hackNames, v.name) table.insert(hackFunctions, v.func) end gg.setVisible(false) local choice = gg.choice(hackNames,nil,"Main Menu") if choice ~= nil then hackFunctions[choice]() end
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    this is example script by @CmP script end everytime after hack is done. How to create Menu with values (#2j8mdsbl)
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    ty bro where i need to put these code ( after fonctions ?) in this case exemple [added 1 minute later] and with this i can delete exit functions?
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    thanks bro
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    Again a lesson on writing a script from a no-name, which has only cheats in its head. Today I will teach you how to record a package check of a selected process. It can be written as follows: if gg.getTargetPackage() == "publichaxloh.io" then gg.toast("Loading script, await") else print("what are you looking at") os.exit() end P.S My primary language is Russian. I used a translator, I hope everything is fine with the translation
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    SELGG.lua (#23z3z4vd)
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    I'd use Qlua to write scripts Also just using GG should be fine to test script execution, but no you won't be able to find any app that will be able to read "game guardian" Lua, it uses some specific classes and functions that are only defined under game guardian. It would also be a bit redundant to have an app solely for executing gameguardian scripts outside of gameguardian as it wouldn't preform anything GG scripts essentially just automate actions to be performed by GG. Whenever "gg." Is read by game guardian it's effectively doing a call inside of the GG datamodel for whatever action is to be performed to make a "GG script executor" outside of GG you'd have to mimic the datamodel which doing so would provide no difference from just using GG You don't need to reopen GG to run a script with changes made to it just overwrite the old script with the new one it should still return SYNTAX related errors
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.5.0) Car Changer REAL RACING 3 CAR CHANGER Working RR3: 9.5.0 Current version: Description: Change car at will. Instructions: Execute Step 1 in the garage by selecting the desired car, then go to the race and replace the car with the one previously selected by running Step 2 Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 06/30/2021 Category LUA scripts  
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    You have an address... But you need to find the address? Assuming you meant that you have two values, and you know the value types, and it is the address that you want. All you have to do is hold touch the value and hit GOTO-> it should bring up the memory pages tab and highlight the value you went to with all the information as well such as the address
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    Greetings! This is my next tutorial on the GameGuardian program. Today I will explain a topic such as How to hide GameGuardian from games. When can this be used? For example, we launched GameGuardian, we want to open Free Fire with GameGuardian running, time passes, we are simply thrown out of the game and they say Remove GameGuardian to enter the game. It makes us sad that we won't be able to cheat in Free Fire. What is needed for this method? Root rights, Virtual Xposed, and GameGuardian itself must be present on your device. How to implement the method? We need to open Xposed Virtual, add GameGuardian, open it, click on the Fix button, find a menu called Use root in virtual space, open this menu, click Yes and restart. After we have restarted GameGuardian in the virtual space, you can exit it, and remove GameGuardian from the main device. The end...
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    https://gameguardian.net/help/ ehy not go there?
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    No. In each case opcodes different and can be any.
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    one question if value of game add 10000 i need search add x1,x1, #0x10000?
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    With hide toolbar: Is this height enough for you, or would you like to see more? For example, by hiding the tab bar. Something like this draft: Vote.
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