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    must be print(assert(loadfile(configPath), "Failed load config from "..configPath)())
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    Version 2.29


    NOTE: Script cannot be executed on Vmos. Use Parallel Space or VirtualXposed instead. The reason launcher is used is because the file size of original file exceeded Game Guardian's Forum limit size. Menu 1. Switch Packages (Do not use to switch fish dishes) 2. Empty Can Hack 3. Customize Weapon's Damage 4. Dog Damage Hack 5. Customize Character Stats 6. Customize Character 7. Character level Hack 8. Season Premium Hack 9. Dog Instant growth Empty Can Hack Menu 1. Pets 2. Buildings 3. Materials 4 .Equipments 5. Pattern 6. Foods 7. Weapons 8. Blueprints 9. Fish 10. Seasons 11. ATV 12. Chopper Customize Stats Menu 1. Movement 2. Attack speed 3. Gathering speed 4. Armor 5. Health 6. Never Thirsty 7. Never Hungry 8. Never Defecate 9. Always Clean Customize Character Menu 1. Gender 2. Hair Color 3. Hairstyle 4. Skin Color 5. Beard Season Premium Menu 1. Season premium unlock (ONLY FOR SEASON 7) 2. Maximize season level (ONLY FOR SEASON 7)
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    Can also use traditional il2cpp dumper from github... Not as straight forward as typical il2cpp games though.
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    Then you doing something wrong because it is work for me. local config={ test=true } local configPath=gg.getFile()..'.cfg' gg.saveVariable(config,configPath) print(assert(loadfile(configPath), "Failed load config from "..configPath)()) [added 0 minutes later]
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    You do not call function. You need "()" at the end.
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    It is not error at all it is just warning. Can be simple ignored.
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    No way, through this function. You asked how you can go to the memory editor, I indicated to you a function that does this.
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    if d == 3 then return end Or use os.exit() instead of return.
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    Nice codes but here is another way, 90c 354 320 -481,296,383 Dword XA addresses: 90C, 354, 320 edit to: -481,296,384 result: able to unlock all Knifes and equip them.
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    Memory Ranges = untick all, just tick Anonymous A: and Dangerous. Search for Byte: 4;56;2::9 18 memory will appear choose AB4 and C832 edit and freeze it to 255. that is for drop rate. Experience rate not ready to share in public. sorry xD

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