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  1. i already shared how to do it, just wait for admin to see if its working or not.
  2. Memory Ranges = untick all, just tick Anonymous A: and Dangerous. Search for Byte: 4;56;2::9 18 memory will appear choose AB4 and C832 edit and freeze it to 255. that is for drop rate. Experience rate not ready to share in public. sorry xD
  3. Every Poring killed = every item poring drop will appear.
  4. im using item drop rate and food usage time hack.
  5. Hi ! can someone help me with Dokkan Battle? hack the rewards or anything hackable in game? thanks in advance!
  6. Hi GG, can you guys help me? everytime finding the value or address via auto mode, and save it via txt file, when i close the game and reopen it, i load my txt file and the values of the game changes, how can i fix this?
  7. Hi gameguardian, i would like to sell my VIP hack for ros. its undetected, not a script, not a modd either so its undetected. for only 2$. via paypal. pm me.
  8. hey guys, i found this and it works no banned
  9. try this script, until now im not banned.
  10. Mod Features- : ➡No Flinch ➡No foot step sound ➡Aimbot ➡No Recoil ➡God Aim ➡1 Hit Kill (Only works with some guns) ➡Rapid Fire ➡Disable Enemy Cheat ➡Movement speed increased to 1.10 (if we increase more it give instant ban) ➡Spin Bot Hack ➡Auto Aim ➡Aim Lock ➡No scope Hack ➡Improve Accuaracy ➡Health increased by 10% (Not visual) ➡Anti Ban Download Link: http://www.prosoxhacker.ga/2018/04/pubg-mobile-hack-mod.html?m=1
  11. it's funny, you saying some1 is leeching your script? how about these Antenna and Giant bodies from nivek? u just leeched it too! funny dude. proper credits? u did! Hahahah
  12. hi, where to activate the wallhack? logo or ingame?
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