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    Give yourself negative 50000 of item. Will be negative weight, giving you extra carry.
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    The became qty of item might've got patch. But you found the characters carry limit ? nicely done Using similar idea, can edit item weights to negative too
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    Here is 100% working method! For example, the load capacity of your machine 35 tons in gg drives and look for the value of 35000000 (ie tons we translate into grams), find the value and translate it, for example, in 999000000! And everything works, cheers!!!
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    Offset is difference between two address. So just substract one from second.
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    What vpn you use and how do you not get banned instantly?
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    I have a game that I am trying to have, but I can't run it in my virtual space because it has an obb file and i have no idea what to do with it.
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    Search and replace text Up to 32 bytes. Replace must be same length. gg.clearResults() function searchText(text) local bytes = gg.bytes(text, 'UTF-8') local ret = '' for i, b in ipairs(bytes) do ret = ret .. ';' .. b end ret = ret:sub(2)..'::'..#bytes return gg.searchNumber(ret, gg.TYPE_BYTE) end searchText('rfde') function replaceText(text) local bytes = gg.bytes(text, 'UTF-8') local all = gg.getResults(100000) local len = #bytes for i, t in ipairs(all) do t.value = bytes[((i - 1) % len) + 1] end return gg.setValues(all) end replaceText('gold') If you want UTF-16, replace 'UTF-8' in code to 'UTF-16LE'.
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    Well, you forgot to store the value that is returned by gg.alert function. Example of correct usage of alert function for your case: local menu = gg.alert('Hack', 'Go?', 'No') if menu == 0 then -- User can cancel alert window by pressing "back" button -- Actions, if user cancelled the window elseif menu == 1 then -- Actions, if user pressed "Go?" elseif menu == 2 then -- Actions, if user pressed "No" end
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    Watch on Youtube: How to run in PhoenixOS - GameGuardian You can subscribe to our new videos.
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