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  1. i do not understand.. what should i substract?
  2. how do i use calc offset via script? my value need calc offset to be found if manual (non script)
  3. Then its ur fault, too easy to get decrypted by@bukandewa
  4. Thanks, but idk which is the correct page, ill find it later
  5. How to change freeze interval in script? is it possible?
  6. I'm using Virtual Xposed to get unbanned (device) for example i add 1 game apk in VX and then i got ban, then i add more 1 game apk and play on the newest game apk and i get unbanned.
  7. Cornysz

    Mobile Legends

    I think if you successfully changed the battle points and tickets in ml its only visual, you can't buy heroes or etc with that.
  8. Is it possible to change value in saved list? what function should i use?
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