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    First part: Angry Brids Transformers - hack gold, gems, pigs, sparks - GameGuardian (#b0nog158)
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    Instead of using numerical for loop to traverse a table, you may want to use the generic for loop. This way suits better when all elements from a table need to be processed. Also you won't need to care about size of the table. Example of freezing values using generic for and "ipairs" iterator function: local x = gg.getResults(100) for i, v in ipairs(x) do v.value = '1' v.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(x) Another thing is that for you would better use "setValues" function, unless you really need to add items to saved list.
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    If you guys already reached 50 gold daily rewards. The game not give you anymore gold .. thats the limit
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    @BadCase and I will work on a script...
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    fuzzy search changed when the value you searching make changed, and do something irrelevant like equip or unequip wears, then fuzzy search unchanged 30times, keep repeating these steps until you have results less than 2000 or even less to easy you from finding the actual value. then there's a feature called filter, use the filter, check the box of value greater or equal to 1, and check the box of value lesser or equal to 5000 (Now you should have around 300results if you have 2000results previously.) Find out your value one by one by the method I have stated.
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    1. select memory range to anonymous only. 2. start fuzzy search with dword. 3. Use one of the mushroom skewer(or anything else you want to hack). then go back to gg, and click value changed. (repeat until you get below 2000values) 4. filter value larger than 1 smaller than 5000. 5. find out two values and their differences is the value you searching for. (eg. the mushroom skewer left is 32, then find a value that minus another value to get 32.) 6. change the greater value to 9999.
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    You can use toast for show messages from others. Make menu on GG icon. Show last messages or sent own. Send request on each second and check for new messages. If found - toast it.
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    Is detection only at launch? Could gg be installed after launch and be fine?

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