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  1. currencies is not possible .. stop wasting your time
  2. anyone here play china version ?
  3. im confused .. is that need to turn on internet after re install my banned account ? if yes, theres no save button. any video ?
  4. how about garena version ? i used script on yt but force close after few second .. maybe someone here have solution ?
  5. @Sjsjbdbwj Android System Webview, mostly the problem if it is outdated you will get white screen. ASW is pre-installed for opening web page inside apps/games instead opening the browser and close the game. if it still crash happen, maybe you need clear memory usage for some apps.
  6. 1. Parallel Space is use to Clone App. When you cloned an app, it will create data in another space and will be separated from the original app, thats why hacking only works in Parallel Space. 2. Try to uninstall FB app or update your SystemWebview in playstore.
  7. Nope .. Currencies fully server side ..
  8. you can not use gameguardian for this game .. fully server side ..
  9. dude .. hacking is fun but not with the currencies .. maybe you can do hacking only for unlocked cars or somethings .. the main way devs get money is from offering in apps purchase (currecies) thats the reason why so many devs discontinued their own games. thanks in advance
  10. you cannot, there is no options in settings.
  11. you are not specific the problem, what game/virtual apps/any related you asking for.
  12. i prefer the first one .. same like coc ..
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