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  1. Hi guys, is there a way I can stop the clock on my game please?
  2. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    Try sandbox launcher
  3. What version of android you running? If it's 12 it won't work youl have to use sandbox
  4. Is this on the gg.net site yet?
  5. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    Paralell space wint work with android 12 bro. I had a similar isssue but with virtualxposed. I have read sandbox works but i have no experience with it sorry. Ready through this thread you will find the solution. Have a great day.
  6. No it wont its not your device vx is not compatible with droid 12. Look through these posts youl find your answer
  7. Mkultra1973

    Lua script

    Hi guys hope you are all well. I wonder if anyone can help me with a script query. I was recently sent a script to complete 6 tasks in my game (ganja farmer weed empire). Is it possible to open that script to reconfigure certain values within the script? (Lua). Many thanks
  8. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    Yes bro
  9. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    awesome thanks bro
  10. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    For the hasselt you are dealing with it sounds like less stress to reinstall android 11. Unfortunately I cannot help you with that but that's what I'd do. I'm sure there's tutorials on youtube.
  11. Mkultra1973

    Android 12?

    I have the same problem on my note 20 I heard sandbox will work but I've not tried it
  12. When you first start like you did you only get 6, then the next week 7 and so on until you reach 10 then that is the max. I have used glitches to aquire more tasks but it's long winded and doesn't always work. So at the max the most a person can earp is 4200 points if played legitimately. I want to know if a scripts can be written to get more to beat the others using glitches and getting upto 40,000 points per farm.
  13. Hey sammax71, would it be possible to write a script that will allow you/me lol to do say 500 tasks? Thatv500 is just a random number, or can the points be manipulated? I have tried to adjust the points via the search option but asp they are on hosts server I don't think I can change them. What do you think?
  14. Hey, yes it worked thankyou. I was doing it wrong that's why bit didn't work but I figured it out. Thankyou again I really appreciate it
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