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Day R Survival version 1.656 - Craft/Recipe Hack

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Can anyone please help me on how can I change the quantity of the item when using the E:Double type.. ex: when butchering a carcass of a rat or snake, the result will most likely be 0-1 rawhide, 1-2 raw meat and 0-1 bones/poison.. I would like to change these quantity into 1k or 1kk

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    • By AliceAlmony
      Game: Day R Survival 
      Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gm_shaber.dayr&hl=en

      Been trying to hack this game for about 2 weeks trying to self teach no background from scratch <:0 i'm worn out.
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      Are there the latest scripts?
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      How to dupe any item...
      In the current version?
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      I cant hack day r survival premium game
    • By Cyrusm
      Name of Game: Day R Surival
      Game Version:  "1.446" on Google Play or "v.446 - f" in the game itself.
      Name of Cheat:  Inventory Ammounts Hack
      Search type:  Known Values - Auto (Slow)

      Open both Day R Surival, and GameGuardian. Play Either on Online(Yes it works on on line as well), or Solo it doesnt matter. Get caps, best way to get caps which are free is to watch videos. 4 should do it, 5 caps each time gives you 20 caps. Search KV-Auto(slow) for 20.  It should give you a list from as little as(so far) 28 to a few 100(possible 400-500) The Ammount will be 20.0(mine was in yellow idk why), the address changes every startup of the game, so I cannot give you an exact address sadly. In this game you have billions, so change that 20.0 to what every you want, Personally I put in 20B, 20000000000, without " , "(commas) so a 20 with 9 0's after it. It gives you a decent ammount to where you dont have to keep editing it over and over again. Then lower GG, and switch off of the caps or view your caps, and you should have the amount you did. These caps help in buying everything in the store that is there. Like the BelAZ and Chopper. Which are the 2 most needed in the game. Along with FOOD and MEDICAL supplies. This should work on premium as well, since you can still see or view ads for free caps, although I dont have premium, it should still work. Along with Caps Above...Relatively same steps almost for anything inventory Hack. Steps:
      Search for the exact amount you want to hack Via Known - Auto (slow). Example: If you have 200 dirty water, search for 200. There will be alot of 200 i think i hit 2000-10,000 results. Lower GG, and goto the crater, explore and search for more like maybe 20-30 added. so now you have 220-230. Open up GG and look search for the fuzzy aspect, and changed or even increased, both worked for me. Look for your amount you have. Change that to what ever you want. (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS! Everything has a weight to it barring Caps so giving yourself a lot of one thing WILL WEIGH YOU DOWN! Drop what you gave yourself and pick up what you need as needed) So far this has worked with every single item in the game, Even the BelAZ(which I did by accident 2 items with 3 and i chose the wrong one and gave myself 20,000 belAZ's)  This should help in getting items for youself. in making things that you have limited resources for.   Also from what I can tell as well, and correct me if iam wrong anyone, It isnt bannable.... I have been doing this from Version to version for about i think 3 months. and Spanning about 3 updates.  I dont think it even sees it in the game as it is player side changing and not server.  Even for the online part.   Oh also the Speed Hack, even via the shield for GG does work... And Boy does it help getting form place to place, and slowing down time. Keep in mind speeding it up, if you have NON-Prem, will make ads appear A LOT more often, instead of like every 3-7min, mine ranged form 30secs to 1.5min. Yeh, A lot more. Kinda sucks, but worth it when trying to read or make items that take friggin forever to build.  
      I hope this Helps the People in knowing Day R Survival is Hackable.
        Screenshot of cheat:
      For the Caps Portion.... as you can see 19Billion Caps.

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