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  1. @EL-MAX-1997 I Just Updated the Game (v717) Just to See if it's Still Working, and Surprise!! It is Still Working. No Problems at All.
  2. ok, I'm gonna Check it later. (I haven't been playing for a while now;)
  3. Hae14


    Does it Work on F1??? I thought the Requirement is Android 8 & Up..
  4. Have U Tried This?? I Don't know if it Works though..
  5. Would u Mind Stating the Versions u'r Using
  6. I was Supposed to Add This.. ~~I Forgot
  7. I don't think this will be. From what I Understand 'Things' Must be Used inside GG. eg: GG >> Lua Script = Yes & What u'r Trynna Say is : CMD/ADB >> GG so, No. It's Not a Bad Idea though..
  8. U can. Read Thread p17/18.
  9. Actually u can also Change the Drop Rate with that File. Here, Look : BotWorld Items
  10. Hae14

    2k+ items

    Ohh.. Lesson Learned.
  11. VMOS, though F1VM & Parallel Space works well for Me too.
  12. Hae14


    That's a Server-sided Game. so No.
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