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  1. is this the Game that Looked Like CoC?? if Yes, then it's Server-Sided.
  2. Seems Like Any of These Doesn't Work anymore.. Anyone ??
  3. @Megolaznazia Which Version r u Using ? Coz on v1.0.2 the items r always "OFFLINE" when i go to Store.
  4. i Tried it too.. Same. it Gets Synch.. then the Value will Just Revert Back.
  5. Just Search it on Google. xMod apk.(it can show the traps & some few other things;) The Last Time I Tried Using it, it Doesn't Work with CoC anymore.. But u Can Still Try..
  6. Hae14


    if i'm Not Mistaken, U can also H the Stats here (back when I was still Playing it) Just Search on Float.
  7. i Don't Suggest H the Trophies, They will inevitably Synch. & wait for My DM.
  8. As Far as I know,, it's Just a StraightForward H. Float (or maybe D-Float) for the Equipments' Stats. it's been a while Since the Last Time I Played this game.
  9. U Can't Directly Change the Value. But U Can Freeze & Split.
  10. Do you Have any Link for this Game where All the Chapters are PLAYABLE Without Paying??? (Preferably Version 6.1.0) TiA
  11. For Golden Egg : Search Encrypted (value of the Pig's Bonus) The Value is ALMOST HALF of what's shown. Don't Put Too Much.. it will Cause a Crazy Lag,'-)
  12. it Might Work if You're Just Gonna Play OFFLINE.
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