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  1. Hae14


    Does it Work on F1??? I thought the Requirement is Android 8 & Up..
  2. Have U Tried This?? I Don't know if it Works though..
  3. Would u Mind Stating the Versions u'r Using
  4. I was Supposed to Add This.. ~~I Forgot
  5. I don't think this will be. From what I Understand 'Things' Must be Used inside GG. eg: GG >> Lua Script = Yes & What u'r Trynna Say is : CMD/ADB >> GG so, No. It's Not a Bad Idea though..
  6. U can. Read Thread p17/18.
  7. Actually u can also Change the Drop Rate with that File. Here, Look : BotWorld Items
  8. Hae14

    2k+ items

    Ohh.. Lesson Learned.
  9. VMOS, though F1VM & Parallel Space works well for Me too.
  10. Hae14


    That's a Server-sided Game. so No.
  11. Just got a bit Delayed . it's Fine Now..
  12. View File Day R (Reputation) Working for Day R v706 & Probably with Later Updates. Now You can Sell More to the Buyer in Each Survival Base. Why Revert?? so that the Reputation You Earn Gets Add Up & Not Wasted. Enjoy ->-> on v1.2.0 : also Fix for Izhevsk & Rostov-on-Don Submitter Hae14 Submitted 01/12/2022 Category LUA scripts  
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