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  1. Whoah,'-) This is Becoming so Powerful;) i think in the Near Future this will also Become an Xposed/Magisk Module? ? SuuPaaahhh!!!??
  2. Has anyone Succeeded in Hacking "Realm Defense" here?? if Yes, How? (Detailed pls,'-)
  3. Whoah!!! That was SooOoooOo Fast!!! it's Working on My Device again,'-) You're Simply the Best! ! ! Thanks a Millions Bosz @Enyby
  4. btw.. the v8.58.2 is the Latest Version that Still working on my Device.. then, starting 8.59.0 to the Latest.. they Don't Anymore.. Don't Rush it Bosz.. Take your Time,'-)
  5. ohh noooooo ,'-) i Don't think it's the x-Modules, Coz i've been using them ever since;) anyway... Thanks Man! Hope the Future Releases will be Compatible again with My Device..
  6. Here it is Bosz.. GG_logcat_v8.63.0_git-signed.log
  7. Oh.. okay.. Here are the Logcats.. the 1st one is right when i just installed it (8.62.0).. the Second is - i opened 8.58.0 then open 8.62.0 then Record Logcat.. & the 3rd is the one that's still working on My Phone (8.58.0).. -Just in case you Need this info,'-) GG_logcat_r8.58.0_10661_3rd.log GG_logcat_v8.62.0_11755_2nd.log GG_logcat_v8.62.0_11755_1st.log
  8. i think this doesn't Need a Logcat.. it's When installing.. since v8.60.0 up to 8.62.0 , when i install it 'that' Pops up. " run outside Virtual Space".. well, i Don't Use any Virtual Space & it doesn't change its Package Name now. it doesn't install Like the way Before.. so Now i'm stuck at 8.58.0.. btw, my Phone is Rooted (MM). what do You think is the Problem guys?
  9. (Anonymous) Dword + ENCRYPTED the Proper Results (on Mine) will be 6 digits that Starts with number "4....." 444444 is Equal to Zero.. and so on.. i Don't know if this will be the Same on Other Devices.. i'm Currently using Android 6.0 (arm64). [:Photo is Kinda Unrelated though:]
  10. this Works.. i used a Different Pattern though.. if only Someone would Mod (Unlock) the apk,'-)
  11. Just Unlock the Game.. that'll be Enough,'-)
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