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  1. Can anyone please help me on how can I change the quantity of the item when using the E:Double type.. ex: when butchering a carcass of a rat or snake, the result will most likely be 0-1 rawhide, 1-2 raw meat and 0-1 bones/poison.. I would like to change these quantity into 1k or 1kk
  2. Teddy09

    Day R Survival

    Hi! I just created an account here and I saw your post that was created months ago about Day R Survival.. I was amazed by the things you've said and tried copying it on my end, then when I did this, when I searched for the value Sulfuric Acid which is 200;50;5::100, there was just 3 results which are ##80 = 200, ##B0 = 50, & ##E0 = 5. Does this mean that I need to restart the game and try again or if not, where can I change the quantity of items? To make the 1 sulfur, 1 saltpeter, 1 clean to 1000 or more Sulfuric Acid?? Thank you for your assistance..
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