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  1. Less, but there are still some script that from China are available to use
  2. Enyby's logger and unluac can help you to decomp most of the 'weak-protection' script. Search it on forum
  3. That game have protection of anti-editing code. Therefore, tring to force editing code will have a chance of getting banned
  4. Come on guys, get yourself a server. It would fix everything.
  5. nvm. He would figure it out, i believe in someday.
  6. 你认真要在这里问? Q群一大堆大佬你不问? Translate: Really? Ask in here? There are lots of people can be asked and you ask here instead?
  7. Nearly impossible. You can try effect by local value like reward or percentage of chnace. But remember,you can't edit server value directly, because it is impossible until you go on their server and edit. So, don't trust toPge's bs, try and you will get what you want.
  8. noblack

    this or that?

    So i add this into GG, and i also make that into GG. This one and that one works same way, but that makes this to be that, and this make that to be this. So which one is better?
  9. noblack


    This will be better than Enyby's, try mine.It's customized by me and it would be better than that.
  10. Your level shows you're not enough to beat the small-boss
  11. Answer= OllOllOOOllOllllOllOllOOOOlOOOOOOllOllOOOllOllllOllOllOOOOlOOOOOOllOllOOOllOllllOllOllOOOOlOOOOOOllOlllOOllOllllOlllOOOOOllOOlOl _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later btw nice account password, lol
  12. noblack

    How use gg

    This question is simple AF gameguardian.net/help if you wanna code with lua https://gameguardian.net/forum/forum/23-video-tutorials/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/forum/90-guides/
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