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  1. Pls fix this scriptAuto on.off.lua I want to make (On/Off) auto without Showing the gameguardian.. Just Only if i click gameguardian logo and then gg.toast('On') then gg.setVisible(false) If i click again the gameguardian logo then gg.toast('Off') then gg.setVisible(false) and repeat #ripenglishsorry
  2. How to block HOOK decrypt in script lua..
  3. Anjir :v This Is Very Usefull Thx Bro
  4. BaldiGT

    Fix my script

    https://pastebin.com/raw/viQFwRz6 Online loaded.lua Someone can fix my script? I can't goto ::Menu:: Pls help me.....
  5. if the script is maintenance so the script will appears gg.alert then os.exit()... If the script is normal then go function MENU HACK......
  6. How to Make os.exit() in pastebin online script....i want to exit the script in pastebin..... function YT() T = load(gg.makeRequest('https://pastebin.com/raw/ByR7R1HX').content) pcall(T) --if the script is maintenance, gg.alert will appears and os.exit() --if the scfipt is Normal then MENUHACK() function MENUHACK() gg.alert('MENU') end
  7. How to make os.exit() in pastebin...i cant exit the script with os.exit()
  8. BaldiGT

    Fix my script

    Thank you...its work..............thats I mean :) tysm bro
  9. BaldiGT

    Fix my script

    Status = ' ON' function INDO() language = "INDO" antidcm = gg.choice({'🏷 Menu Hack',' Keluar',',Status..'},nil,'GHOST HACK V1.6 (Baldi Gamers) ') Pls fix this script I want Status In the line 3 but i dont know how to make it....help me @Enyby (RipEnglish)
  10. I cant download the script
  11. Someone have a script ON/OFF...pls give me the script i need the script..
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