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  1. function apo() gg.searchNumber('20E;30E;2::', gg.TYPE_DWORD, False, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) gg.sleep(2945) gg.refineNumber('2', gg.TYPE_DWORD) t = gg.getResults(1) t[1].address = t[1].address -36 t[1].value = "-1" t[1].freeze = true gg.setValues(t) gg.addListItems(t) end This code is work in old version of GG but for now i can't use it anymore
  2. Its a code for goto address list, change a value in address list but for now it doesn't work anymore
  3. Oh sorry forgot to write the function Like this Function AA() But the code Address is not work anynore
  4. Jus do print('www.google.com') But u can't click the link
  5. Its work on old version of GG
  6. gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('1;818::', gg.TYPE_WORD) local p = gg.getResults(1) p[1].address = p[1].address -8 p[1].value = "-1" p[1].freeze = false gg.setValues(p) gg.addListItems(p) end It doesn't work in new version of GG, can u guys pls fix that?
  7. Nvm how to block badwords in the prompt like this badword = {"f*ck","sh*t","b*tch","etc"} a = gg.prompt({"Enter your name"},nil,{"text"} if a[1] == "badword" then gg.alert('Badword') os.exit() @Enyby
  8. Another ghost mode script ...
  9. BaldiGT

    Game Guardian

    Try Use all ranges memory or use TYPE AUTO of Searching
  10. Anyone have an example? Pls i need it
  11. Pls fix this scriptAuto on.off.lua I want to make (On/Off) auto without Showing the gameguardian.. Just Only if i click gameguardian logo and then gg.toast('On') then gg.setVisible(false) If i click again the gameguardian logo then gg.toast('Off') then gg.setVisible(false) and repeat #ripenglishsorry
  12. How to make os.exit() in pastebin...i cant exit the script with os.exit()
  13. Pls help me how to make online script tutorial....like this JZTeam.03.13.lua
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