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  1. function doAction() local ret = gg.alert('Here some action', 'OK', 'Cancel', 'Exit') if ret == 3 then os.exit() end end gg.setVisible(false) while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) doAction() else gg.sleep(100) end end
  2. Huawei have a protect of his karnel, so some function wouldn't work prob.
    LOL what's this A mess and i can't see clearly.
  3. Send you screenshot of script error here.
    In guard that i didn't share those cracked VIP script out lol.
  4. Basically, you can but it's hard to tell you how, you can watch some tut video about that or try yourself. Btw, GG can pause game. But now all works out.
  5. Changing device id should reduce that chance of getting banned. Or, changing package name of GG can also do the same thing.
  6. Um... I recommend you to try to find some local value and edit it, see if it works. Lots of online game's data would be store in server, so you have less chance to edit the game, tho, there are still some value can be edited.
  7. No, they shut down their donation system due to some member abuse. Sorry about that, as i've tried to becoming a VIP+ as same as you.
  8. noblack


    You have to learn how to and try it yourself. https://gameguardian.net/help
  9. No, IGG (a.k.a IGameGuardian) isn't sane with this GG, this is only for android and the IOS one is another author. So, in here, there's nothing about IGG.
  10. BTW There's lots of chinese ppl talking and you should know that Chinese ppl are using a thing called "QQ" and "WeChat". They also created a lot of group that are talking GG and GG PUBG China hack etc... So, for the long run, i think you should only create discord to other country and just igonre Chinese ppl because they already have their own group And i'm in their group, if you wanna know more, pm me, i would reply you ASAP. P.S. DON'T ASK 4 SSTOOL
  11. os.date function can help you. For example: local date = os.date("*t"); date = date.year..date.month..date.day; if(tonumber(date)>=201924) then; --201924 is the date, yyyy/mm/dd -- ">=" means bigger than or equal while true do; print("SCRIPT EXPIRED"); os.exit(1); _ENV=nil; end; end;
  12. Encrypting with your password can help you alot that to protecting script. Because if you don't have your password, you can't go in main function.
  13. You can try changing your package name to bypass detection Or use magisk to hide ur root.
  14. Revo's encryptor can help you for protecting code but not all.
  15. Looks like you don't know what abc is Google It yourself.
  16. No, when you are using RSA to go with it, it can beat any types of encryption.
  17. If you want it safer, use the password to encrypt your script so that you must enter the password to go in script in stand of that one
  18. Please send the error of the script, i'll be faster to view instead of all of them.
  19. local c_ver = "1.1" -- Current script version local s_ver = gg.makeRequest("https://example.com").content if tonumber(c_ver) < tonumber(s_ver) then local ask=gg.alert("New version "..s_ver.." is avalible","download","dismiss") if ask == 1 then local data=gg.makeRequest("https://example.com/seript",nil,"ver="..s_ver).content if data then io.open(gg.getFile(),"w+"):write(data):close(); gg.toast("Updated!"); pcall(load(gg.getFile())); else print("Error: can't get server's content") os.exit(1); end end end
  20. just get data without load you can make a split function to split each password Therefore, i don't recommend checking password with local lua function. You can try to use PHP or etc. to check your password It will be safer.
  21. When you loads the data, it will exposed. Example: load, loadfile, pcall, xpcall, dofile
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