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  1. noblack

    Lua Scripting Help

    GameGuardian.net/help Get help new
  2. Yeah like Enyby said, goodluck and By the way, i said like as you few months ago and im just keep deving. And now, i feel good cause i just put lua in a higher level
  3. noblack

    [Tool] GGLUA Hooker

    It's already outdated, no more update.
  4. Or, for faster, change opcode That may help alot.
  5. Use old version of GG can fix this problem. I tried on 76.1, and it worked.
  6. function doAction() local ret = gg.alert('Here some action', 'OK', 'Cancel', 'Exit') if ret == 3 then os.exit() end end gg.setVisible(false) while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) doAction() else gg.sleep(100) end end
  7. Huawei have a protect of his karnel, so some function wouldn't work prob.
    LOL what's this A mess and i can't see clearly.
  8. Send you screenshot of script error here.
  9. Basically, you can but it's hard to tell you how, you can watch some tut video about that or try yourself. Btw, GG can pause game. But now all works out.
  10. Changing device id should reduce that chance of getting banned. Or, changing package name of GG can also do the same thing.
  11. Um... I recommend you to try to find some local value and edit it, see if it works. Lots of online game's data would be store in server, so you have less chance to edit the game, tho, there are still some value can be edited.
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