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  1. Sounds like an Indonesian trying to speak english.. LoL Indonesian style english ?????
  2. But anyway, I haven't tried skillcooldown.. How to find the value of that?
  3. Nope, this game is server-sided. I've tried to change resources values, but it will be back to the real amount from server.
  4. It can't be hacked anymore with speedhack.. LoL Bye bye Thanks for your times fellas
  5. _______________________________________________ I don't know what to do with this game's ptrace protection. I have tried many combinations in GG but no avail. I am really looking forward for a solution.
  6. Yes ptrace. the security violation will only pop up when I use speedhack feature, if I leave it open and idle. everything is fine. hoping that GG can bypass this kind of ptrace protection soon
  7. I am using magisk, my root status is properly hidden for almost 2 years now. There was no such problem before, it has nothing to do with root status. Afaik xposed can't be hidden anymore, if you are talking about safetynet, then yes.. Safety net is broken due to xposed. I think you need to understand what I was saying. It's not about xposed, I have disabled my xposed. It's not active at all. The game can only run by disabling xposed, and the problem is not the game detecting root, the problem is GG speedhack functionality. You need to understand what I am looking forward to solve here.
  8. Fungsinya apa? Hp ku kan root. My phone is rooted, there is no way that every indicators will be green.
  9. I have tried it but no avail. The security violation still pops up after a while when using speedhack.
  10. Probably. But I have something interesting for you to know. In the previous versions of the game (before the latest version 2.0.0), the only GG version that had speedhack working for this game was only GG 8.68.5. It worked like a charm but since then, GG version 8.69.0 ~ 7.37 speedhack don't work for this game. It says ptrace protection can't use speed hack feature. Then I found out that GG version 7.38 has a working speedhack again for this game. Then unfortunately, the game required an update and after that, any versions of GG will be detected when we choose the game from application list. If we don't choose it yet, it won't detect GG. Even when GG is running. please somebody help me.
  11. I have Xposed and Xprivacy Lua though, but unfortunately another problem is the game will crash on opening when xposed enabled. It was fine with xposed enabled, but after 5 previous updates the game can't run with xposed anymore. So I have to disable my xposed. I think its developers implement some kind of protection against xposed. Therefore using any kind of xposed methods won't work. Could it be any other way to make speedhack works again?
  12. Do you mean server desync? Please tell me what is it actually and how to bypass it?
  13. Hello Developers, The new updated "Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage" version 2.0.0 (28-02-2019) is now able to detect Gameguardian. But if gameguardian is just running or not . It won't detect GG at all. It only detects GG when we use speedhack feature. It says security violation code: 00000035. I only need to use speedhack feature. Please help me how to bypass detection. Thank you
  14. Well, I would like to report that the cheat sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Even if I play with bots. But thanks anyway ?
  15. It doesn't work for me. I have tried,xp and silver won't work. Why?
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