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  1. Do you happen to know the Pet Code for Purple Hydra? Thanks!
  2. That's sad! What do you actually mean with Lucky Patcher? I also think it won't work because the game detects and knows if you downloaded the official app in Play Store. It won't allow you to play the game when you installed it from third-party apps.
  3. Hey, good day! Can the gold really be modified? Thanks!
  4. The script isn't working now. I actually need to hack Gold. Where can I find the address to change its value? Thanks.
  5. I don't get it that much. Does this mean that we can also hack Gold?
  6. No idea. I think these things are server-sided. Gold is really necessary for this game. I just really don't know what else to do. Only XP and Silver is hackable.
  7. I actually already did that. Turning the Gold values to negative. However, it does not allow you to purchase it. It needs to be in the exact amount of value. If it's 10,000 then it will just be 10,000.
  8. I really hate the limit. Upgrades take too much time. The game forces you to buy Gold instead of grinding. Fortunately, we use hack rather than buying gold wih real world money.
  9. Thanks for this! That Gold cap limit daily is really frustrating.
  10. You could actually try that! Then do it with the procedure I gave you. Good luck!
  11. I recommend using the Butcher Psycho procedure, it's easier. Follow this step-by-step guide below: 1. Have Parallel Space that support GG (for non-root) and GG app itself. If you have root, GG itself is fine. 2. Open Horrorfield and GG. Set GG search to only "Anonymous". They're in green texts, uncheck all others. Remain checked only the Anonymous. 3. Play a game as the Butcher. Ready yur search in FLOAT with 0 value. 4. When a match is found and the timer starts, search for 0. 5. Look for a door you can break. Once broken, refine search to 25. 6. You will have 2-4 values. But mostly, only 2 appears after refine. Edit the values to "999,999,999" or any amount - just don't exceed too much. Make sure that you check "add to value, do not replace". That's all! Just break a door or put a survivor in a cage!
  12. This was one of my problem that's why I want to hack Gold. It takes too much time to watch ads! It only lessens the upgrade time to 20 minutes.
  13. I also tried something if it will work out. Still, no luck! Just why!?
  14. Don't just edit value. Instead, check the "add to value, do not replace" under it.
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