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  1. Just like Revo's script, only the modifiers specified by Revo can be opened, others cannot be opened.
  2. how to read build.prop without root?
  3. ok thanks [added 4 minutes later] i don't find build.prop
  4. Is there a function in gameguardian that can read the phone model code? It is similar to the machine code that reads the computer.
  5. Enyby, I have a question I would like to ask you, how to modify the memory of a specified process in Android?
  6. Hello Enyby, do you have any idea of publishing the source code?
  7. There is a function in the GG script that can hide the GAMEGUARDIAN UI, but when searching, the search progress will be displayed in the upper left corner. If someone clicks on it, it will find the value you searched. Is there any way to prevent others from opening or hiding the value of their search?
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