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  1. 4 hours ago, kkrucekville said:

    What’s a safe amount of sim cash per day to stay undetected. I just want to purchase war item to feed to main city. Soo pissed.... Right when I finally figure out how to use neomall trick too dam EA....  Also best method if u can share PM me.

    What you add. Spend before you exit game.

    2 hours ago, haliter said:

    Hello, dear authorities; Your "gameguardian" application in "Simcity.buildit" no longer works. Please find an immediate solution to this problem. We will be very happy as players .. I wish you good work ...

    It's not the GG doesn't work. GG still works fine. Just need to find another area in the game to use it on.

  2. 1 hour ago, aerzjee said:

    Do you mean the method via exchange offers (simoleon sign with green mark)? This should still work iirc. Do you have any method for changing product ID in neomall? Since old method was patched, maybe there was something unreleased you may know of.

    I haven't heard about cloning, though I tried it myself and game is just instantly breaking game save.

    Cheers 🙂

    You missed the point... Unreleased. You don't know the method. 

    Edit: is what most people want, the ability to add anything?

  3. 3 hours ago, Kimastar said:

    After some try i find it how to hack limited item in the shop!!!

    The BIG problem is for that item i have just 3 try and cannot filter enought the correct  result.... so now i have 2/3 before the item disappeare...

    can u tell me please some approach???

    Ty so much for your answer @NoFear.

    Unknown changed/unchanged. But given hope few times you can do this, might not work.

    I'm offering injection services... I created thread at sbenny for this game.

  4. 11 hours ago, Kimastar said:

    Ty for your answer @NoFear!!!

    If u know what game Is did u know if is possible to hack that value???

    If yes can u help me or explain how to do please???

    I never tried....  I took a different approach...

  5. 2 hours ago, Joker1252 said:

    The game keeps crashing in parallel space, is there any other platform to use it? I'm using Android and it is not rooted

    Parallel space is 64 bit with 64 bit support installed.

    It detects emulators I believe. And game doesn't have 64bit libraries (yet). Think that's why game updated 2-3 days before Google's date of forced x64 libraries when updating apps. The next update, is REQUIRED to supply them.

  6. 39 minutes ago, aerzjee said:

    @NoFear do you have any knowledge if someone is trying to figure it out? One thing I know that works is adding simoleons through bought items by someone else in depot. I've tried many things but it didn't work and thus game crashed.

    It's been long time since doing anything with this game.

    Add small amounts. Spend most of it before you close game. Should keep you on the legit side.

  7. 3 minutes ago, psyc_axe said:

    how to freeze stamina.. or hp .. just these two cheat will make easy life... or can we script followers stats.. as they cant be seen in profile..

    You can max follower xp.

    Freezing hp/stamina will get you banned.

  8. 5 hours ago, AnzRissingForce said:

    @NoFear do you know how to hack item value using item_id*item_value on utf search (not the fuzzy search)?


    In the video....  I think it's towards the end. I do clean launch. Search and navigate this method.

  9. 2 hours ago, AnzRissingForce said:

     @NoFear @DoDevil did you get banned? i got banned again in this new update

    i just wanna know, did you hack the exp/level? and what items did you hack? and what maximum value you set for the hacked items?

    Not banned.

    Did you edit currency at all? Or xp above 1,000,000,000

  10. 41 minutes ago, DoDevil said:

    New item? Other71-73 i don't have dummy id to test... Maybe this is Mecha Part

    If the item becomes "canned zombie meat". It might be an item not unlocked by you yet.

    If you do many items before you can get refuge, this is how they all appear.

    Edit: Confirmed, will add to list on original post.

    other71 - standard mecha parts

    other72 - rare mecha parts

    other73 - advanced mecha parts




  11. 1 hour ago, HEROGAMEOfficial said:

    1. Search DWORD mode Code found.

    2. Search FLOAT mode Code not found.

    @EnyBy this bug GG?

    GameGuardian.apk v.86.2.

    Need Logcat?

    Try searching this...


    Might be a rounding issue

  12. 3 hours ago, AnzRissingForce said:

    @NoFear @DoDevil

    i think they banned me by manual, cause when i was playing theres a message pop up, its says "Login session expired, please try to login again"

    when i tried to login its says "user restrcition on login"

    i think they banned me because maybe i hack exp on my account to lvl 200 where my currently server just have 2 other guys that have lvl 200, then i tried to hack raffle ticket and played the event 1000x to get red crystal reward, or maybe because i claiming reward with hacked advanced reedem ticket, or because i hacked the currency in game (coins and gold) and buy something with it. EVERYTHING I DO IS LEFT ONLINE

    be carefull when you hack exp, i have one account that only the level i've hacked to lvl 200 but also get banned.

    maybe if you play safe, claiming reward, opening something or buying something with hacked currency with an offline state you will not get banned


    It's hard to say for sure.  Given the items you can give yourself, gold and coins aren't a huge necessity to hack.  If you purchased something and that login error occurs immediately after, then your balance might be too high or a bad edit.

  13. 29 minutes ago, DoDevil said:

    If you got ban when you playing game, most case is your fail

    If you got ban when you try to login that mean they ban you by manual


    Instant ban while playing, yes. User error. Or exceeding limitations on certain values.

  14. 14 minutes ago, Ratneshyogi said:

    How I need help please tell me how I get unbanned my account

    Need to make a new account

    [added 1 minute later]
    27 minutes ago, AnzRissingForce said:

    @NoFear @DoDevil do you get banned? i got ban after 3 days

    what should i do to avoid ban?

    Avoid hacking currencies maybe. 

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