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  1. 6 hours ago, TheHaxor said:

    Dword value for 0 is 96,289,254 (anonymous). I wouldn't mess around with it too much though. Doesn't apply for some things like coin rush or race coin count. Pm me or discord for more info, I offer a hack service to complete all challenges and level 99. TheHaxor#9081

    Heh. The one that said it's not possible to add anything I want in the game....  Welcome GG forums. Maybe get yourself caught up, you can see what I'm capable of.


    Edit: save you some time: 


  2. 10 minutes ago, Rudyman27 said:

    nofear, I just bought the script but I can not make it work, is it also necessary to take a subscription per month ?


    It's lifetime, not monthly. BadCase, when he gets online, will manually enable access. Purchases are not processed automatically.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Totally_Not_A_Hacker said:

    Not trying to come off as whiny, but that would have been nice to know back when you first mentioned developing a script as a kind of heads up. Understandable, though.

    It's dependent upon complexity.

    Thinking of doing free script.

    Where it only makes everything in shop free.

  4. 35 minutes ago, Shark13 said:

    Very nice! I'm going to get the Badcase video for the coupon 🙂 Ty

    Keep in mind, purchases ARE NOT automatically processed. BadCase will activate purchases when he is online

  5. Just now, Shark13 said:

    Yes it is better to do it with caution ...

    For blocked content I was talking about characters, karts and gliders that we have not unlocked yet

    Correct. Can add any of those and tickets.

  6. Just now, Shark13 said:

    Good news !

    As it's a script I guess we can use it on our current account, via GG?

    I have already modified the different tickets for karts, characters and gliders, as well as coins, the script allows you to unlock blocked content?

    Is there a risk of ban?

    And finally how much does it cost?

    Sorry for all these questions and thanks anyway for your hard work

    Online game, ALWAYS risk of ban. But my account has been going for well over a week. But I didn't add everything in a day or max everything. Doing it cautiously.

    Unlock blocked content? You mean, if item is purchased in shop already, will unlock it? Yes. If you are level 2 and want the other slots unlocked. Yes. 

    Price with coupon code is $15.

  7. Badcase and I did end up releasing a script. Sorry, not free. When you all see what it is capable of, I hope you all understand. It's only Armv8/64. We do plan to do the Armv7 soon too. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, xGuardianCIHx said:

    Talking about bans, have they been randomly issued to people who have tampered with ingame items (and/or speedhacks)? Or is there a ban wave daily, weekly (tour change), or leaderboard shift?

    It is a little strange no bans seem to have been issued...  'Calm before the storm'.

  9. 3 hours ago, Mrshyguy11 said:

    Cannot wait until the modded apk is complete.., Getting the new characters in the Halloween tour It's quite annoying for me. 

    Wouldn't be mod apk. Gg script or just manual guide.

  10. 30 minutes ago, Pegasus95 said:

    I wanted to try it too, but I can't find the ram address, what did you do to find the blocked content?

    Waiting to see the outcome of this first 

  11. 31 minutes ago, Totally_Not_A_Hacker said:

    Right. That's why I said hacking needs to look "natural" to be untraceable. So basically, not exceeding those "hard limits" you're talking about. At that point, though, hacking just becomes tedious and borderline ineffective. None of this is a problem at all with asset-unlock only, though. In regard to a "cracked apk," I was referring to something along the likes of what you're developing right now. Not sure if it's exactly apk format or not, but that's not really important.

    Basically... Cheating to gain "advantage" might not be possible, or as you said tedious. Cheating to unlock content...  Gives you such a small advantage, but, always having the kart/driver/glider that is best for course can help.

  12. 7 minutes ago, Totally_Not_A_Hacker said:

    Yeah, that's all well and good, except it seems that coins can no longer be hacked at all. Must have been patched in a recent update to perhaps now be server-sided. I tried only hacking for about 1 mil coins (still might have been too many, since Pegasus mentions getting banned with only 130k coins above) but the same method that I used before (that worked) is no longer working. Basically, we need someone to try making small insignifiant hacks only and see if Nintendo can trace that kind of activity in any way. Then we'll know if editing assets is even worthwhile or if we'll have to find a completely different method altogether (i.e. cracked apk).

    Modded apk is no different. I use offsets to edit. Many things have hard limits. Coin race has hard max limit. Regular races have a daily max. They don't need to check you total balance. Add 6,000 at once, you've exceeded many hard limits in the game.

  13. Do the math...

    You can't buy unlimited tickets. Assume the shop has 9 all slots that are tickets. You earn only so many from rewards/purchases...  It's impossible to exceed a certain amount. And I imagine that value is relatively low too. Keep that in mind. Then divide it out for every kart/driver/glider and rarity....


  14. 21 minutes ago, GlowSeeker said:

    I guess your best hope would be manually adding locked content like you teased before, since any other hack like points and instawinning etc. kinda defeat the purpose of the game imo. 

    Point of the game, 100% inventory.... The rest is grinding. 

    18 minutes ago, Pegasus95 said:

    I have just created a new account, I will try to modify only the tickets by using them in moderation, thus excluding hack on the coins.  


    Meaning?  What do you change?

    Unlocking content. Nothing more.

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