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  1. 3 minutes ago, TopGEOYT said:

    Oh really ?

    Finally i can decrypt Revo6.0 chunk and badcase script cannot be decrypted ?

    What a joke ?

    As i know all his new version launcher will be executable for Normal GG and you are telling me that cannot decrypt .

    Huh big joke 😵

    Script won't be able to launch from normal gg. That's where your problem lies.

  2. 6 minutes ago, TopGEOYT said:

    Fully decrypted in 15 second but . . .

    Dear @BadCase i have decrypted this laincher so can i share ur script here for this person ?

    Tell me Y / N .

    I never ask to owner for share his dec files but i aksed u bcs we were friends in the past so tell me can i share here ?

    I dont want to tell i am good .

    I am teling you badcase that u are working hard and it can be decoded in few seconds. Change encrytion use another encryotions (search on chinese pages) .

    Of course it will be decryptable but at least begginer wont be able to dec it so change encryption .





    My thought is it isn't a big deal.

    That's the launcher. You don't have anything else. But, in the near future, you won't be able to decrypt I think any of his work. @BadCase correct me if I'm wrong.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Sonic6996 said:

    Witch game list ur taking man hey if u need help for a game tell me i will help

    Lol. Nevermind. Your reading is as good as your hacking.

    I don't need to do anything to prove I'm better than you.  Happy hacking. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your contributions to this forum. 

  4. 7 minutes ago, Sonic6996 said:

    Haha man i can hack any game trust me ur a noob i use burpsuite but u dont know ur fake give me any challenge

    [added 1 minute later]

    I use kali linux tools and gameguardian

    I've used Kali for network hacking. I know about burpsuite and frida.

    I use gdb and gg only. I'm more capable with my phone, than you are with your pc.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sonic6996 said:

    Nofear u suck your no good man look my s*** im a god look my pic i change money for potbucks ichange 7500$ to 5000 potbucks it cost me 25 potbuck for 5000 😀 im a real hacker i didnt get banned me againts u any game


    Lol.....  Trust me, I've hacked this game loooooong before you even attempted.  And your successful in just this game? Congrats. 

    Edit: Mystic Messenger, FIFA, Animal Crossing, Mario Run, Age of Magic, Dungeon Hunter 5, Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 9, Metal Slug Infinite....

    Take your pick, curious if you are successfulb in any of these.

  6. 7 hours ago, Master2873 said:

    OH! I had to re-read that. I managed to get hard currency messed with (if you're referring to coins, diamonds, and medals), but server seems to know what you had, same with slug mats, but you can be pretty clever with slug mats. Especially now since updates allow you to finish things you've done now without playing them.

    Example: Mod mats, fully level your slugs, the game will throw errors, and the slugs levels won't save upon a reboot and they will revert back, and any mats used you had even after modding won't be gone (which isn't an issue), Plow through Slug Camp and all the mats earned from that WILL save! Rinse and repeat until you cannot advance anymore in Slug Camp, and you can just finish the stages from camp without ever needing to mod your mats to Max slugs to help as of the newer update, and makes the most out of your tickets.


    All my luck with hard currency, the coins I was only able to get, and I had to get the game to soft lock by either destroying their portal, or mine be destroyed after setting value to 0.1 or so (makes it overflow, and is a negative value) and was able to buy things with the modded coins without it throwing server errors. It's easy to get out of soft lock too granted you're not at your highest wave. Just use one of your slugs warps after zeroing out the value for coins. If it throws errors, while messing with coins, it refuses to save anything at all from that point on until a reboot.


    I haven't been able to get much else to work as the game knows that there isn't enough of that said currency/item, and usually causes everything, or certain things not to save, or reverts the value back to normal like levels gained from using medals. Surprising you were able to mess with waves. Another user told me they tried, and now they can't even play the game anymore. I'll have to mess with this myself on another account and see how it goes.

    Been busy debugging other stuff, I'll try to get back to this and provide easy way to find any value.

    Hard currency meaning like gems. Soft currency is like the gold.

    Gold is nothing, can have unlimited and it sync and save no issues.

    What I'm hoping to figure out, is rewards/achievements and claiming them unlimited times. Then essentially will have unlimited gems too.

    When I get to doing a video, you'll see.... It's pretty easy to find almost ANY value. It's just a matter of what syncs and doesn't.

    I've also broken my game, but I am not linking any additional accounts. Just clear data and start again.

  7. 1 hour ago, Master2873 said:

    I think I start to understand how the values work after messing with the Slug mats. Makes me wonder what you're doing differently. The game loves to revert nearly everything I've done to it so far. Might have to do with me breaking the values pretty badly. I haven't tried messing with character level, but one thing I did want to mess with was the character values for increasing their rank, or figure out some way just to mess with their rank. I tried messing with medals with absolutely no luck. Got me intrigued, and kinda stopped messing with it for a bit.

    Also, long time no see NoFear!!! We met a long time ago in the Fire Emblem Hero's Discord when we messed with that.

    Oh man.... FEH. Probably one of the most complex memory hacks. Nintendo was very creative with that game.


    As for this game, I don't edit currency directly. I edit things that return currency for you. So I set levels to things to be like 2000000000000000000 level. So you max currency very fast. I haven't had luck with hard currency yet. I can teleport to final wave, 20,000. Which can help earn lots of stuff

  8. You can edit almost anything.

    I plan on focusing on gems at some point. I don't have issues with things saving.

    Like max character level of 625.

    Soldier perks level

    Current wave, max is 20,000.


    Edit: Once you understand the format of everything, you can do exact searches for values and make proper edits without breaking things.

  9. 9 minutes ago, ForsakenTwilight said:

    i don't know if i am doing something wrong, as you're the one with the superior knowledge here. but what i did was search for whatever amount i earned that session.. E.G first i do an unknown search, then lets say i earned 5 gold, then i do N=0+D by inputting the value 5 and each time i only add whatever amount i earned and not the total earned.. so lets say next i earned 4 i just input 4 not 9.. was this correct? it ended up working tho

    That's correct.


    Just old value plus difference is the new.

    So the number you are entering is the D, which is the change in value. Earn 4, d is 4. Earn 9 next, 9 is the d.

    You'll eventually find your TOTAL EARNED. 

  10. 31 minutes ago, ForsakenTwilight said:

    never mind guys, i made it work.. they indeed did make a patch for it, BUT it only added another value that is close to your original value but not quite it.. so just edit that instead

    I don't think anything has changed.....

    You are confusing your balance with total earn.

    Game calculates balance.

    Your modify the earned value to modify balance.

  11. 2 hours ago, ika3m said:

    Oh okay so the pointer will show you where the value coming from or where address gets its value from. So pointer will get you the base address of the value. 

    I don't know why this was hard to understand, and I just registered in this forum only to ask about what pointer is lol 😄

    Thank you very much for explaining this in a easy way:)) 

    Also, if you find a value. Good thing to do is pointer search. Find a pointer that is pointing at/near or above the value. Then that pointer can be group with related pointers.

    Sometimes you only need to find 1 value, pointers could map out more for you

  12. Let's say you find an item qty value.

    Nearby could be a bunch of pointers.

    If you follow them, they could lead you to what is setting the item.

    So like a game with weapon inventory, if you have 100 AK47, follow pointers, you could find the AK47. Then change pointer to another item instead.

    Pointers can have many different uses though.  Basically remap things with pointers 

  13. A value in a game

    Dword. Qword for x64.

    The value in hex = and address location.

    So if you were to copy the hex value. Goto memory browser and select "goto address location" and paste that hex value, that's where that value is "pointing" to.

  14. Becomes time consuming. Typically get good following pointers.

    Can try text search of item name and work backwards to find price. Or focus on something with larger unique value. Then learn memory format and patterns to help find a smaller less unique value.

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