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  1. 6 hours ago, macdj98 said:

    I mean 

    For example if max value of a kart is 600

    After i scan that i can change it to whatever i want and the score increase

    [added 4 minutes later]

    @NoFearI found the global-metadata.dat (inside the memory) but i could not get function name like any other unity game with il2cpp dumper


    Did you really??? Would be good to get it.

  2. 3 hours ago, Guest07 said:

    Can you elaborate? Has anyone been banned from a mobile game and lost access to their account on the Switch?

    I would say if it's the Nintendo account on their website, wouldn't be good. My account can't be synced to anything anymore. Can't confirm with switch though.

  3. Just now, Guest07 said:

    Thanks for the reply. I see you've collaborated on an iOS script. Are you planning to work on an Android one too?

    Hope to do Android mod.... If not successful, script.

  4. 9 hours ago, esselunga said:

    @NoFear it is possible to filter values by their Thumb op codes?

    It's not thumb. It's armv8. Need to know how to debug, game is subx.

    24 minutes ago, Guest07 said:

    Is it even possible to play MKT on an android emulator? tried Nox and Bluestacks, both give errors. I want to mess around with values but can't root my main phone and don't have any other...


  5. Search xa range dword


    Edit only the first value to 


    Premium currency shouldn't decrease.

    Dword search xa 


    Edit only the first value to


    Missions will give 4000 premium currency instead.


    I can't use tickets because I need to unlock hard mode....  So I got this so far

  6. 3 minutes ago, DoDevil said:

    Ban wave is comming soon, my 5 friends got ban today, they just hack only coins 🙂

    Maybe everything public and free....? Let Nintendo sort the mess?

  7. 39 minutes ago, Pegasus95 said:

    What did you change?  Which average race scores did you keep?

    I only changed coins (999999999), points tickets (9999) and I used speedhack and time jump during the races,I keep the race scores below 18k, I don't go any further. I've used it for a week already.

    Time of use for hack isn't what determined if it's safe or not.  My thought, any type of score hacking might be monitored. Just because it's been days, no ban, doesn't confirm it's safe.

  8. 27 minutes ago, SBALLO said:

    That's cool. Did you also find a way to maximize all the items that you already own? I mean, all together, not one by one with tickets.

    Yes.... I can easily max anything that is owned.

  9. Just now, DoDevil said:

    Maybe, When you buy something in shop and you got max level of everything?


    I think hack only ticket and coin still safe for now

    My banned accounts, I didn't have that hack yet. Just did that couple days ago.

  10. 17 minutes ago, esselunga said:

    Well, at the moment: when did you start cheating? 

    The detection is unknown....  My first 2 accounts were banned within 24-48hr....

    Now I've gone days on 3rd and 4th.

    Edit: and on 3 and 4 I've done far more hacks than I did on the 2nd account.

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