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  1. 11 hours ago, DoDevil said:


    How to hack exp? I try but can't found


    It's harder if you are higher level...

    I recommend going to chapter 1. Unknown dword. Kill one zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Kill the next zombie. Unknown changed. Search 0x4. Then like item qty, look for 2 values when subtracted = xp. You'll have to guess what looks right. So obviously if you see a value that is like 10, and you are level 15, you obviously have more xp than that. 

    Xp DOES NOT have an id pointer. I can try to browser memory structure, and see if I can pinpoint xp in memory without knowing the value at all.

  2. 8 minutes ago, DoDevil said:


    I don't understand something

    The list of value like this

    7 or 6 (i watch video and i don't know why you change to 6)



    r.5 (word 53 = 5)

    0 (i need swap to word 52 = 4)


    If i want to swap item to other54 Artifact Appearance Ticket, i need to edit value 0 to word 52 right?

    I did it but it just change to other5 Standard Weapon Box Contains

    Maybe i do something mistake?

    I went from other49, which is 7 characters. To other2, which is 6 characters. I don't think I had to edit the last value to 0. But you HAVE to change the value to match how many characters in the id. So it will be dword 7 and the other54

    Edit: yes, the 0 to word 52.

  3. Oh. Forgot to mention...

    Focus on EXP earned if you want to reach max level.

    Don't edit XP over 900,000,000 or so. You'll instant level up each kill until you hit level 200.

  4. Just now, DoDevil said:

    Hack Money 3m per day for me it's still ok and not got ban yet (when buy something just offline)

    Everything I do is left online. 😉 Never toggle offline/online.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Drok said:

    wow wow, perfect, thank you so much bro, but if i hack follow you then it has band my acc ??? thank you again 

    If done correctly, shouldn't be banned. Unless developer begins monitoring total gold balance or something. Ban is typically a mismatch in value checks.


    Edit: good rule to go by... Don't exceed to max gold you can buy (I know in video I do). And silver coins stay within reasonable amount too. 

    The reason I mapped all these ids, is so you can avoid gold editing and just add whatever you need instead.

  6. 10 minutes ago, DoDevil said:



    I dont know why, i can't search anymore when i try to search game alway force close (first time i try to hack this game is work perfect but next day i can't do anymore)

    Hide combination options in GG (1 through 4). 

    Could try "disable all protection" in gg settings near bottom. Disable magisk hide before trying to enable this if you have magisk. Once system is patched, enable magisk hide again.

  7. Here is the list of everything you'll be able to swap any item in inventory to. I'll provide food/water/health pack info too.  As for specific gear/weapons/materials... I'll give just the naming scheme, I'm not going to map them. If there is anything else I might be missing that would be very useful, please let me know soon. I hope to get this guide done within the next 2 days.

    Standard Equipment Box Contains a Blue quality or above equipment.
    Standard Weapon Box Contains a Blue quality or above weapon
    Advanced Equipment Box 50% chance to gain an Orange Equipment.
    Advanced Weapon Box 50% chance to gain an Orange Weapon
    R&D 1min bost Reduces current R&D time.
    R&D 5min boost Reduces current R&D time.
    R&D 15min boost Reduces current R&D time.
    R&D 1hr boost Reduces current R&D time.
    R&D 3hr boost Reduces current R&D time.
    5min Accelerator Reduces time for Refuge upgrade or survivor missions.
    15min Accelerator Reduces time for Refuge upgrade or survivor missions.
    30min Accelerator Reduces time for Refuge upgrade or survivor missions.
    1hr Accelerator Reduces time for Refuge upgrade or survivor missions.
    3hr Accelerator Reduces time for Refuge upgrade or survivor missions.
    Perk Rebooter Resets all perk points
    Common Pet Box Contains a Green quality or above pet.
    Rare Pet Box Contains a Blue quality or above pet.
    Epic Pet Box Contains a Purple quality or above pet.
    Legendary Pet Box Contains a Gold quality or above pet.
    Artifact Pet Box Contains a Orange quality or above pet.
    Common Attachment Box Contains a random White attachment.
    Uncommon Attachment Box Contains a random Green Attachment.
    Rare Attachment Box (Blue) 
    Epic Attachment Box (Purple) 
    Legendary Attachment Box (Gold) 
    Artifact Attachment Box (Orange) 
    Double EXP Card +100% boost for 15min
    Orange Equipment Box Contains an orange Equipment
    Orange Weapon Box Contains an Orange Weapon
    Motorcycle Key 
    Zombie Lair Map A map that marked the lair of the zombies. This map grants access to the Zombie Lair for once.
    Follower’s Perk Rebooter Use to reset current Follower’s Perk.
    Discount Ticket Super great deal to have a 45% discount on the Pass!
    Advanced Discount Ticket Super great deal to have a 50% discount on Advanced Pass!
    Orange Light Saber Box 
    Red Light Saber Box 
    Normal Appearance Ticket Can craft a elementary appearance without materials.
    Rare Appearance Ticket Can craft an artifact appearance without materials. (The 2nd appearance of any building)
    Advanced Appearance Ticket Can craft an artifact appearance without materials. (The 3rd appearance of any building, which costs 600 Gold)
    Artifact Appearance Ticket Can craft an artifact appearance without materials. (The 4th appearance of any building, which costs 1,800 Gold)
    Artifact Attachment Box (Red) 
    Token Rescue Survivors to get Tokens in exchange for resources.
    Raffle Ticket 
    Normal Redeem Ticket Can exchange normal items.
    Advanced Redeem Ticket Can exchange advanced items.
    White Core Box 
    Green Core Box 
    Blue Core Box 
    Purple Core Box 
    Gold Core Box 
    Orange Core Box 
    Red Core Box 


  8. I'll be doing a guide on here this week....

    My latest find, can covert any item to anything you want....

    No more hoping to find the item or buy it....

    Please be patient. For this will be very detailed and complex.


  9. 32 minutes ago, epheich said:

    Hello, I would love to get the notebooks of the pets, I have all the resources (energy, gems, gold, etc ...) I only need the notebooks to get the pets I am interested in unlocking them, if anyone has video or guide I would appreciate it heart. See you.

    Could always try to set the price of pets to 0 instead, if that is the only reason.

  10. 2 hours ago, proftariq said:

    Indeed burp has usefell abilities for pentesting mobile apps but that for spesific purposes such as detecting unencrypted traffic, SSL certificate validation issue,. Authentication bug/vulnerability...etc. But here the problem is about cloning a city. How you would like to utilize those pentesting tools for this particular problem?

    When data is sent to server. It could contain strings like

    "Ischeater" = true

    Intercept that and change it to get the account switched back to legit server instead.

  11. 1 hour ago, proftariq said:

    Did you mean "Burp suite"? because this is a vulnerability scanner tool used by security specialists. Please do not through arbitrary names of tools unless you know what you are talking about, you're not helping by doing that.

    If understood what it actually does, you would actually know it could be applicable.

    Tools like Fiddler too. MITM attacks work on Android games.

    Instead of search just the tool name. Maybe try search the tool name with Android or Android game. 

    And what insight/contribution have you made here? Just because something is commonly used in certain field of work, doesn't mean it wouldn't apply or work elsewhere. I know people use similar tools for Android game hacks. 

  12. 12 minutes ago, Meliodas_ita said:

    im using memu emulator. is it possible to set a working device on it?

    Emulators are different. X86 architecture and who knows what else. I can do everything fine on just my device.

  13. 54 minutes ago, Meliodas_ita said:

    Ok lol i had to wait 24 hours after i sent my last message (really????). Ok i know that gg modifies memory and the game detects it, but why are there people, here and on yt, doing this without any problem? How is it possible? Why does my game detects it and their game doesnt?

    "Better" firmware/kernel/device.... 

    Some devices work much better with GG and all its features. 

  14. On 8/11/2019 at 12:24 AM, PIXIPIXI said:

    I found a man who hacked coins video hacking


    Everything in this game can be hacked....

    Only reason I haven't shared is because everyone will just start taking credit and making money from it...  4pda notoriously steals my work. Maybe if a group of people got together and offered $, they could have method. Then I wouldn't care what they do with it after.

  15. 40 minutes ago, AKRAMRAZA said:

    No not 1200 pointers , only one unique pointer for my desired value , but when I use that pointer back again to search the value , it gives out 1200 results.I am attaching a simple video as example , this is not the actual game for which I am trying to use the pointer search , but you guys will get the hint what I am talking about.


    The 1 pointer you managed to find yourself.

    Find other nearby values that are unique to that location.

    Then you do group search. Offset to pointer from one of the values in group search.

  16. 57 minutes ago, AKRAMRAZA said:

    @Enyby I already the pointer for my desired value , but when I search that pointer it gives out 1200 values which are all the same.How do I get my value then ??

    1200 pointers... Heh.

    Find a unique group search nearby to one of the pointers that doesn't change each launch. 

  17. 7 hours ago, Bogejula said:


    Thanks alot, btw how you found? You start with fuzzy or just make random number,cz i've been search float 80;20::5 but didnt make it.. Dont know must add four 0 behind..

    Thats more important to know Hahaha.. 

    Find the cost. Then followed pointers to find it.

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