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  1. 41 minutes ago, esselunga said:

    I don't know the ban risk either... But there are some functions that could possibly send some telemetry (eg. how many frenzies you got in a race, how much you paid for an item in the shop and so on) that could be manipulated too, but I don't have much time rigth now to check them out (I don't even know if those functions are actually called).

    Many things regarding log for in race.

    Same thing, don't have the time to go through entire dump to do "everything possible".

  2. 5 hours ago, esselunga said:

     Yeah I did this funny thing in the freetime :S


    Nicely done.

    Actually add frenzy stuff to our script right now.

    Plan to add more too. Just ban risk unknown for these.


    I look to troll multiplayer at some point when I find something good for it

  3. On 1/12/2020 at 1:23 AM, jcbmarqz said:

    How did you managed to hack this game using Frida?

    After reading you comment I decided to give it a try but it was completely fruitless. This is what I tried:

    I downloaded the base.apk and de-compiled it using jadx. Soon realized the code is obfuscated and there was no actual game logic on the java classes, those classes only handle communication with some API for purchases, authentication, etc.

    After realizing this is a unity3d game I opted to use a more ad hoc tool and found a unity3d game decompiler called devx unity unpacker. I learned that the compiled C# code is usually located at "/assets/bin/Data/Managed" but I didn't find the source code only "SymbolMap" files that I don't know how to use.

    Can you share any clues on how you managed to use frida to get 100% frezy?

    Can also use traditional il2cpp dumper from github...

    Not as straight forward as typical il2cpp games though.

  4. Search dword


    Edit 500,000 to whatever you want your gold limit to be.

    Then you can edit prices to negative and reach your new limit.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Yotchuco said:

    I could not find values for coins. Searching results nothing.

    In the market same thing, not able to find value for "real cash" and gold. =(


    The only thing i found was health value. And it is not permanent because it restores to original value after level up. 

    Want me to check coins?

  6. 3 hours ago, AirWalk1800 said:

    Can you please write a simple guide of how can I do that please @NoFear ?

    I thought currency is server sided because it changes back whenever I try to change it but even offline it changes back.

    I tried the noob methods like finding the values and simply editing them but it's not working with anything like prices/rewards/currency nothing.

    Please senpai, help me ! 

    Star rating reverts on restart. But everything you buy stays.

    And currency modified stays too.



  7. 39 minutes ago, Wargammer1337 said:

    Tried running the script but it says that the script failed. Tried multiple emulators such as Bluestacks and Memu, same results. 

    It's old script. No idea if it still works.

  8. 2 hours ago, esselunga said:

    That's basically what badcase script does 😛

    I don't think there is much left to do...
    Any item becomes a top tier item for every race?
    Have the possibility to use the gold mario / gold kart / other assets in normal races?
    Change the camera angle?


    Honestly their is LOTS possible. Depends on user preference. Can modify the attributes of every item. 


    Funny price choice's... 😉

  9. 2 hours ago, esselunga said:



    Script will have these features added eventually and a few other features too. Lots to go through by myself. The dump contains a lot. Many aspects of this game easily modified...


  10. 1 hour ago, AtomicBomb said:

    The script aint working, it asking me to login to nintendo account that first time used when tun this script? Its first time Iuse this script. 

    Contact badcase on telegram

  11. 50 minutes ago, AtomicBomb said:

    I found The The trick for unlimited coin, also in racing I change some value above the coin value. Some of them change other things, like I finished the race place 8 while I was at first place 😂Now I need to wait till I have 10 tickets. 

    In race coins isn't the same. Different Encryption entirely.

  12. 2 minutes ago, AtomicBomb said:

    What is xor value for 0? Previuse one in this thread aint working, Tried both normal and encrypted. 

    Would be gratefull if you could help me with The value for 0 for ticket or a metod to find it. 

    Not that easy anymore. 

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